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the poor,


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5 Now, for the comfortless

Psalm 14. Dixit insipiens. troubles' sake of the needy, and because of the deep sighing of THE fool hath said in his

heart, There is no God. 6 I will up, saith the LORD, 2 They are corrupt, and and will help every one from become abominable in their him that swelleth against him, doings; there is none that doeth and will set him at rest. good, no not one.

ng The words of the LORD 3 The LORD looked down are pure words, even as the from heaven upon the children silver which from the earth is of men, to see if there were tried, and purified seven times any that would understand, and in the fire.

seek after God: 8 Thou shalt keep them, 4 But they are all gone out O Lord; thou shalt preserve of the way, they are altogether him from this generation for become abominable ; there is

none that doeth good, no not 9 The ungodly walk on every one. side : when they are exalted, 5 Their 'hroat is an open the children of men are put to sepulchre ; with their tongues rebuke.

have they deceived: the poison

of asps is under their lips. Psalm 13. Usque quo, Domine ?

6 Their mouth is full of HOW long wilt thou forget cursing and bitterness; their me, O LORD; for ever ? how feet are swift to shed blood. long wilt thou hide thy face g Destruction and unhappifrom me ?

ness is in their ways, and the 2 How long shall I seek way of peace have they not counsel in my soul, and be so known; there is no fear of God vexed in my heart? How long before their eyes. shall mine enemies triumph 8 Have they no knowledge, over me ?

that they are all such workers 3 Consider, and hear me, of mischief, eating up my peoO LORD my God; lighten ple as it were bread, and call mine eyes, that I sleep not in not upon the LORD ? death;

9 There were they brought 4 Lest mine enemy say, I in great fear, even where no have prevailed against him : for fear was; for God is in the if I be cast down, they that generation of the righteous. trouble me will rejoice at it. 10 As for you, ye have made

5 But my trust is in thy a mock at the counsel of the mercy, and my heart is joyful poor; because he putteth his in thy salvation.

trust in the LORD. · 6 I will sing of the LORD, 11 Who shall give salvation because he hath dealt so loving- unto Israel out of Sion? When ly with me; yea, I will praise the LORD turneth the captivity the name of the LORD most of his people, then shall Jacob Highest.

rejoice, and Israel shall be glad

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THE THIRD DAY. and of my cup; thou shalt

maintain my lot.

7 The lot is fallen unto me Psalm 15. Domine, quis habitabit?

in a fair ground; yea, I have a LORD, who shall dwell in goodly heritage. thy, tabernacle? or who shall 8 I will thank the LORD for rest upon thy holy hill ? giving me warning ; my reins

2 Even he that leadeth an un- | also chasten me in the night corrupt life, and doeth the thing season. which is right, and speaketh the

9 I have set God always truth from his heart:

before me ; for he is on my right 3 He that hath used no deceit hand, therefore I shall not fall. in his tongue, nor done evil to 10 Wherefore my heart was his neighbour, and hath not glad, and my glory rejoiced ; slandered his neighbour : my flesh also shall rest in hope.

4 He that setteth not by 11 For why? thou shalt not himself, but is lowly in his own leave my soul in hell ; neither eyes, and maketh much of them shalt thou suffer thy holy One that fear the LORD:

to see corruption. 5 He that sweareth unto his 12 Thou shalt show me the neighbour, and disappointeth path of life : in thy presence is him not, though it were to his the fulness of joy, and at thy own hindrance :

right hand there is pleasure for 6 He that hath not given his evermore. money upon usury, nor taken

Psalm 17. Eraudi, Domine. reward against the innocent:

Whoso doeth these things HEAR the right, O LORD, shall never fall.

consider my complaint, and

hearken unto my prayer, that Psalm 16. Conserva me, Domine.

goeth not out of feigned lips. PRESERVE me, O GOD ; 2 Let my sentence for in thee have I put my trust. forth from thy presence, and let

2 O my soul, thou hast said thine eyes look upon the thing unto the LORD, Thou art my that is equal. God; my goods are nothing 3 Thou hast proved and unto thee.

visited mine heart in the night 3 All my delight is upon the season; thou hast tried me, and saints that are in the earth, and shalt find no wickedness in me; upon such as excel in virtue. for I am utterly purposed that

4 But they that run after my mouth shall not offend. another god shall have great

4 Because of men's works trouble.

that are done against the words 5 Their drink-offerings of of thy lips, I have kept me blood will I not offer, neither from the ways of the destroyer. make mention of their names 5 O hold thou up my goings within my lips.

in thy paths, that my footsteps 6 The Lord himself is the slip not. portion of mine inheritance, 6 I have called upon thee,


O God, for thou shalt hear me : stony rock, and my defence, incline thine ear to me, and my Saviour, my God, and my hearken unto my words. might, in whom I will trust;

7 Show thy marvellous loving my buckler, the horn also of my kindness, thou that art the salvation, and my refuge. Saviour of them which put their 2 I will call upon the LORD, trust in thee, from such as resist which is worthy to be praised; thy hand.

so shall I be safe from mine 8 Keep me as the apple of enemies. an eye; hide me under the 3 The sorrows of death shadow of thy wings,

compassed me, and the over9 From the ungodly, that flowings of ungodliness made trouble me; mine enemies com- me afraid. pass me round about, to take 4 The pains of hell came away my soul.

about me; the snares of death 10 They are inclosed in their overtook me. own fat, and their mouth speak- 5 In my trouble I will call eth proud things.

upon the LORD, and complain 11 They lie waiting in our unto my God; way on every side, turning their 6 So shall he hear


voice eyes down to the ground. out of his holy temple, and my

12 Like as a lion that is complaint shall come before greedy of his prey, and as it him; it shall enter even into were a lion's whelp lurking in his ears. secret places.

7 The earth trembled and 13 Up, LORD, disappoint him, quaked, the very foundations and cast him down ; deliver my also of the hills shook, and were soul from the ungodly, which removed, because he is a sword of thine :

wroth. 14 From the men of thy 8 There went a smoke out in hand, O Lord, from the men I his presence, and a consuming say, and from the evil world; fire out of his mouth, so that which have their portion in this coals were kindled at it. life, whose bellies thou fillest 9 He bowed the heavens also, with thy hid treasure.

and came down, and it was 15 They have children at dark under his feet. their desire, and leave the rest of 10 He rode upon the Chetheir substance for their babes. rubim, and did fly; he came

16 But as for me, I will flying upon the wings of the behold thy presence in right-wind. eousness ; and when I awake up ;

11 He made darkness a secret after thy likeness, I shall be place, his pavilion round about satisfied with it.


him with dark water, and thick clouds to cover him.

12 At the brightness of his PSALM 18. Diligam te, Domine.

presence his clouds removed ; I WILL love thee, O LORD, hailstones and coals of fire. my strength. The Lord is my 13 The LORD also thundered



out of heaven, and the Highest| 25 With the holy thou shalt gave his thunder; hail-stones be holy, and with a perfect man and coals of fire.

thou shalt be perfect. 14 He sent out his arrows, 26 With the clean thou shalt and scattered them; he cast be clean, and with the froward forth lightnings, and destroyed thou shalt learn frowardness. them.

27 For thou shalt save the 15 The springs of waters were people that are in adversity, seen, and the foundations of the and shalt bring down the high round world were discovered looks of the proud. at thy chiding, O LORD, at the 28 Thou also shalt light my blasting of the breath of thy candle; the LORD my God displeasure.

shall make my darkness to be 16 He shall send down from light. on high to fetch me, and shall 29 For in thee I shall distake me out of many waters. comfit an host of men, and with

17 He shall deliver me from the help of my God I shall leap my strongest enemy, and from over the wall. them which hate me ; for they 30 The way of God are too mighty for me. undefiled way; the word of the

18 They prevented me in the LORD also is tried in the fire : day of my trouble; but the he is the defender of all them LORD was my upholder. that put their trust in him.

19 He brought me forth also 31 For who is God, but the into a place of liberty; he LORD ?

who hath any brought me forth, even because strength, except our God? he had a favour unto me.

32 It is God that girdeth 20 The LORD shall reward me with strength of war, and me after my righteous dealing, maketh my way perfect. according to the cleanness of 33 He maketh my feet like my hands shall he recompense harts' feet, and setteth me up

on high. 21 Because I have kept the 34 He teacheth mine hands ways of the LORD, and have not to fight, and mine arms shall forsaken my God, as the wicked break even a bow of steel. doth.

35 Thou hast given me the 22 For I have an eye unto defence of thy salvation; thy all his laws, and will not cast right hand also shall hold me out his commandments from up, and thy loving correction

shall make me great. 23 I was also uncorrupt

36 Thou shalt make room before him, and eschewed mine enough under me for to go, that own wickedness.

my footsteps shall not slide. 24 Therefore shall the LORD 37 I will follow upon mine reward me after my righteous enemies, and overtake them ; dealing, and according unto neither will I turn again till I the cleanness of my hands in have destroyed them. his eye-sight.

38 I will smite them, that




they shall not be able to stand, | 51 Great prosperity giveth but fall under my feet. he unto his king, and showeth

39 Thou hast girded me with loving kindness unto David, his strength unto the battle; thou anointed, and unto his seed for shalt throw down mine enemies evermore. under me.

40 Thou hast made mine enemies also to turn their backs

THE FOURTH DAY. upon me, and I shall destroy

MORNING PRAYER. them that hate me.

Psalm 19. Cæli enarrant. 41 They shall cry, but there shall be none to help them ; THE heavens declare the yea, even unto the LORD shall glory of God; and the firmathey cry, but he shall not hear ment showeth his handy work. them.

2 One day telleth another ; 42 I will beat them as small and one night certifieth another. as the dust before the wind : I 3 There is neither speech will cast them out as the clay nor language; but their voices in the streets.

are heard among them. 43 Thou shalt deliver me 4 Their sound is gone out from the strivings of the people, into all lands; and their words and thou shalt make me the into the ends of the world. head of the heathen.

5 In them hath he set a taber. 44 A people whom I have nacle for the sun; which cometh not known shall serve me. forth as a bridegroom out of

45 As soon as they hear of his chamber, and rejoiceth as a me, they shall obey me; but giant to run his course. the strange children shall dis- 6 It goeth forth from the semble with me.

uttermost part of the heaven, 46 The strange children shall and runneth about unto the end fail, and be afraid out of their of it again; and there is nothing prisons.

hid from the heat thereof. 47 The LORD liveth ; and 7 The law of the LORD is an blessed be my strong helper, undefiled law, converting the and praised be the God of my soul; the testimony of the LORD salvation :

is sure, and giveth wisdom unto 48 Even the God that seeth the simple. that I be avenged, and subdueth 8 The statutes of the LORD the people unto me.

are right, and rejoice the heart; 49 It is he that delivereth the commandment of the LORD me from my cruel enemies, is pure, and giveth light unto and setteth me up above mine the eyes. adversaries : thou shalt rid me 9 The fear of the LORD is from the wicked man.

clean, and endureth for ever; 50 For this cause will I give the judgments of the Lord are thanks unto thee, O LORD, true, and righteous altogether. among the Gentiles, and sing 10 More to be desired are praises unto thy name.

they than gold, yea, than much

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