The New York Historical Society Quarterly Bulletin, Volume 3-5

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New York Historical Society., 1919

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Halaman 47 - God and a soldier, all men do adore, In time of war, and not before; When the war is over, and all things righted, God is forgotten, and the soldier slighted.
Halaman 49 - They Consider no place so proper for it, as that on which the other pole Stood, But if Contrary to all Expectation the Corporation Should not be disposed to Give leave to have it Raised there, We humbly Conceive that they Cannot have any objection to its being...
Halaman 49 - Bergh's, near St. Paul's Church, a small distance from where the two roads meet, which we have reason to suppose will, next to the other place, be most acceptable. If the Board should not think proper to grant liberty for its erection on either of the above places — as in that case no monument...

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