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Abjuration, Oath of, 1715-1716,

Harrison, Miss M. L., 140.

Hine, Charles G., 95.
Artists, Notes on American, by the Hoffman, Samuel V., 22, 95.
late William Kelby, 24-31, 63-67,

Pell, Howland, 94.
97-103, 131-135.

Taintor, Mrs. Charles N., 23.
Ballot Box used in New York City Thomas, Dr. William S., 23.
prior to 1870, presented, 61.

Timpson, Lawrence, 61.
Bank for Savings, note concerning

Trenchard, Edward, 23.
its establishment, 19.

Wilbour, Victor, 95.
Baumgardt, B. R., lectures, 22.

Duane, James, manuscript volume
Bolton, Reginald Pelham, articles of, presented, 140.

on Field Exploration Work, 15-19, Dyckman Farm, New York City

Exploration work on, 15-19.
Lectures, 94.

Egyptian Collection, Mrs. Williams'
Calver, William L., lectures, 136. articles on the, 1-7, 41-51, 71-81.
Colden, Cadwallader, papers of pub-

Field Exploration Committee, re-
lished, 22.

ports, 15-19, 82-88.
Connecticut, Colonial Grenadier

Visits Constitution Island, 96.
Cap, deposited, 140.

Flags, Arms and Trophies, 1745-
Cow-Boy, early mention of, 130.

1898, Catalogue of Exhibition of,
Decatur, Admiral Stephen, relics of,


Hale, Nathan, note concerning his
Documents from the Archives of the

execution, 19.
A proposed League of Nations in

Havers, Col. Edwin A., lectures, 21.

Hoffman, Samuel V., appointed to
1845, 8-11.
Burgoyne's Instructions to Lt.

the Executive Committee, 136.
Col. Friedrich Baum, 1777,


Stuyvesant Institute Cover
I 2-14
The Oath of Abjuration, 1715-16,

No. 1.

Bronze Figure of Horus in its
Articles of Convention, Bur-

original mold, 4, 6, 7.
goyne's Surrender to Gates, Signatures to a proposed League

of Nations in 1845, 9.
Letter of Wm. Barge, 1772, 93.

Ice Creepers, 16.

Buttons of the 17th British Regi-
Andreini, Joseph M., 23.

ment, 17.
Avery, Samuel P., 23.

New York University, Cover
Baldwin, Miss Elizabeth R., 140.

No. 2.
Baldwin, Miss Margaret B., 140.

Figures of Egyptian Gods, 44,
Barck, Oscar T., 95.

46, 72, 73, 75, 78, 80.
Brown, Robert M., 61.

Distinguished Americans at a
Child, Edmund B., 140.

meeting of the N. Y. Historical
Dean, George H., 61.

Society, 52, 53.
Dodge, Francis P., 140.

Flag carried at the siege of Louis-
Dunsmore, John Ward, 23.

burg, 1745, 55.
Garrison, Miss Grace A., 23.

New York Historical Society,
Greenwood, Miss Mary M., 95.

2nd Ave., Cover No. 3.


View from the Old Fort at Rich-

mond, S. I., 83.
Map of the Old Fort at Rich-

mond, S. I., 86-87.
Button of the King's Own Regi-

ment, 88.
Articles of Convention, Surrender

of Burgoyne, 90-91.
Advanced Prices at Rondout,

1863, 94.
Portrait of Egbert Benson, 98.
New York Historical Society,

Central Park West, Cover No.

Liberty Pole of 1770, 108.
Stamp Act poster 1765, III.
Repeal of Stamp Act, broadside,

Broadside signed "Brutus” 1770,

Proclamation of Whitehead Hicks,

1770, 120.
Sons of Liberty broadsides, 123.

John Singleton Copley, 132.
Insignias of War, collection of, 95.

fers, Le Roy, lectures, 94.
» Kelby, William, Notes on American

Artists, 24-31, 63-67, 97-103, 131-

King Albert I of the Belgians, let-

ter of, 138.
Lectures before the Society:
Marvels of Modern Photography,

Experiences of Lt. Harold B.

Willis of the Lafayette Escad-

rille, 21.
The Historical Background of the

Great War, 22.
Royal Châteaux of France, 22.
Fifth Avenue in Peace and War,

Mansions of Upper Manhattan,

National Wonders of the United

States and Canada, 94.
The Work of the Field Explora-

tion Committee, 136.

The Place of the New York His-

torical Society, in the Growth
of American Interest in Egyp-

tology, 136.
Lefferts, Charles M., painting Re-

volutionary Military costumes,

Leisler, Hester, portrait of, pre-

sented, 140.
Liberty Pole on the Commons,

Liberty Pole of to-day, proposed as

a memorial, 127-130.
Members Elected:

Adams, Frederick B., 21.
Albert I., King of the Belgians, 138.
Anderson, P. Chauncey, 138.
Bacon, Francis M., Jr., 62.
Ballard, Edward L., 138.
Bangs, Francis S., 21.
Barck, Oscar T., 138.
Barton, C. Vanderbilt, 138.
Beatty, W. Gedney, 21.
Berens, Dr. Conrad, Jr., 138.
Bishop, Mrs. Francis C., 62.
Bissell, Pelham St. George, 138.
Boardman, Mrs. Lansdale, 62
Camp, Edward B., 21.
Cardinal Mercier, 138.
Chase, George Thorndike, Jr.,

Cravath, Paul D., 21.
Cross, George D., 138.
Dean, Miss Florence, 21.
DeBary, Adolphe, 138.
Delano, Moreau, 21.
DeWolf, W. Ashley, 138.
Dwight, Mrs. Frederick, 21.
Endicott, Robert, 21.
Everett, Mrs. A. Leo, 138.
Hamilton, W. Pierson, 21.
Harrison, William H., 138.
Holland, Ernest S., 21.
Isbell, Orland S., 21.
Iselin, Mrs. Columbus O’D., 62.
Jackson, Miss Margaret A., 62.
Jones, DeWitt Clinton, 62.
Kilroe, Edwin Patrick, 21.


King, Rufus, 62.
King, Mrs. Rufus, 62.
McNear, Harrison A., 138.
Miller, Harry I., 138.
Miller, Mrs. Harry I., 138.
Norwood, Miss Catherine, 138.
Parish, Henry, 62.
Pershing, John J., 138.
Sabin, Mrs. Charles H., 62.
Satterlee, Ernest Knight, 62.
Sloane, Henry T., 21.
Smith, H. A. Hammond, 62.
Stillman, Miss Elizabeth G., 94.
Stillwell, Lewis B., 138.
Taylor, Harry A., 138.
Taylor, Miss Hazel M., 138.
Taylor, John B., 138.
Timpson, Lawrence, 62.
Townsend, James B., 138.
Turnbull, William, 62.
Warren, Charles Elliot, 138.
Winthrop, Frederic, 21.

Wohlhagen, William C., 138.
Mercier, Cardinal, letter from, 139.
Murray, Robert, portrait of, pre-

sented, 61.
Astor, Viscount (Wm. Waldorf),

Betts, George W., 96.
Cheesman, T. Mattock, M.D.,

Cooper, Theodore, 97.
Crum, Frederick H., 21.
Emmet, Thomas Addis, M.D.,

Frye, Jed, 21.
Gardiner, Gen. Asa Bird, 61.
Gawtry, Harrison E., 21.
Harris, William H., 137.
Hoffman, Charles F., 97.
Hunter, Frederick W., 21.
Isham, Charles, 61.
Johnston, John Henry, 21.
Langdon, Woodbury G., 61.
Lawton, Mrs. James M., 97.
Loewy, Benno, 96.
May, Calvin S., M.D., 61.
Page, Edward D., 20.

Raven, Anton A., 20.
Roosevelt, Theodore, 20.
Russell, Archibald D., 137.
Schermerhorn, Frederic A., 61.
Stuyvesant, Augustus Van Horne,

Tenney, Charles H., 61.
Thompson, Charles G., 137.
Van Rensselaer, Augustus C., 97.

Werner, Adolph, 97.
New York City, Manhattan Market

Views of, presented, 140.
New York City, View of, 1796 pre-

sented, 140.
New York Historical Society:
Notes of the Society, 20-22, 61,

94-96, 136-140.
Library Notes, 22-23.
Exhibitions, 22, 54, 94, 136.
Field Exploration Committee, 15,

82, 96.
Officers elected, 106, 136.

Sunday Opening, 137.
Pershing, John J., letter from, 139.
Revolutionary Drum, 95.
Revolutionary Military Costumes,

painted by Charles M. Lefferts,

Roosevelt, Theodore, memorial min-

ute, 20, books from his library on

exhibition, 136.
Song Ballads, exhibition of, 60.
Sons of the Revolution, join with

New York Historical Society in

Liberty Pole Memorial, 128-129.
Stuyvesant, Gov. Peter, portrait of,

painted, 62.
Ulmann, Albert, lectures, 22.
War Insignias, collection of, 95.
War of 1861-65, posters on exhi-

bition, 94.

War Posters, collection of, 140.
Williams, Mrs. Grant, articles on

the Egyptian Collection, 1-7, 41-
51, 71-81.

Lectures, 136.
Willis, Lt. Harold B., lectures, 21.
Worstell, Miss Mary V., lectures,




During the last few months the majority of the small amulets, scarab-seals, glass inlays and some articles of personal adornment belonging to the Abbott, the Edwin Smith, and the Anderson Collections have been catalogued. The glass inlays are especially rare pieces; most of them were cast in open molds, being composed of both translucent and opaque glass, of various shades of blue, violet, green, red and yellow. Many pieces are multi-colored and it is interesting to study the difficult technical process of combining the colors. A few pieces are of cut glass and one, a little seated figure, has a collar separately made of mosaic glass with a pattern of daisies of marvellously delicate design. Each flower is only about one and one-half millimeters in diameter, yet consists of a yellow center and sixteen white petals separated by fine threads of black glass. All this material has still to pass through the hands of the repairer, Mr. Hoffmann, and to be photographed for publication, but it can probably be made available to the public within the present year.

The Society may be interested in a preliminary description of an object soon to be placed on exhibition which is apparently unique. This is an ancient mold still containing the bronze figure cast in it. Its appearance, as it came down from Dr. Abbott's day, is shown in Figs. I and 2 and it was thus described in the Abbott catalogue: “927. Figure of Horus, curiously made of bronze and gypsum, in a stooping position, as if from age. From Sakkarah.” The figure does represent Horus. Enough of it can be seen even in Fig. I to suggest that it is of the type, very popular in the last few centuries before Christ, in which the god is represented as a little nude child, seated—the form of Horus called Harpocrates. Around his neck in this figure is suspended an amulet such as Egyptian babies wore for their protection. The side-lock characteristic of children and given to this child-god is of especially luxuriant growth. The arms are held close to the body; the legs are


Figs. I and 2. A BRONZE FIGURE OF HORUS IN ITS ORIGINAL MOLD The face and breast had been partially freed from the mold in antiquity, but are obscured by the efflorescence of the bronze disease. Ht., m. 0.135.

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