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Mississippi River Power Company

Mr. C. W. Kellogg spent the first two weeks of November in the East. Mr. C. A. Sears, general superintendent, made business trips to St. Louis and Chicago the first part of November.

Mr. R. H. Bolster has returned from a ten days' vacation spent in Chicago.

Mr. N. T. Wilcox, sales manager, made an extensive trip to points in the East during the month.

Keokuk Electric Company

Mr. Wm. H. Kennedy, assistant treasurer at Houghton, Michigan, and Mr. Jacobs, from Paducah, called at our office, October 5th.

Saturday, October 6th, the Car Men's Club held its monthly meeting at the Graham Hospital. Miss Mary E. Jackson, superintendent of the hospital, prepared luncheon for the men, and Dr. F. B. Dorsey, Jr., lectured on the X-ray and its application to modern surgery.

The Y. M. C. A. has organized an Indoor Baseball League, in which the Keokuk Electric Company has a team. The "Electrics" played their first game with a team from the employees of Huiskamp Bros. Shoe Factory, and won the game by a score of 34 to 12.

Mr. John Ralph, superintendent of the Houghton Traction Company of Houghton, Michigan, was in Keokuk, October 23rd and 24th.

Effective Friday, October 26th, Mr. Wm. G. Ainsley became superintendent of the Electric Department. Mr. Ainsley was previously superintendent of the gas department. This new appointment is in addition to his former work.

Mr. Roger A. Gordon, solicitor, spent the week ending October 27th, in St. Louis.

Key West, Fla.

Mr. R. G. Carroll, manager, spent several days in Jacksonville and Tampa on business.

Mr. R. E. Mac Williams, formerly with the Dallas Electric Company, has assumed the duties of chief clerk.

A commission from the Navy Department, composed of Rear Admiral J. M. Helm, Captain F. T. Chambers, Lieutenant P. N. L. Bellinger and W. R. Beecher, was on an inspection tour of the Key West Naval Station. The new office building of the Florida East Coast is completed and now occupied. It makes quite an attractive addition to Trumbo.

The Key West Electric Company has been laying new rails on Eaton street preparatory to paving.

The gunboat "Cuba" was in the harbor for several days. While here the officers and men were well entertained.

Work at Fort Taylor and the Naval Hospital is well under way. An eighteen-inch pipe line of fresh water, brought to this city from Dade county, will very shortly appear at the head of the island of Key West. It is estimated that the piping of water from the mainland to this city will cost a million dollars. The United States is paying out $3.85 per thousand gallons of fresh water by condensation, and the Florida

East Coast Railway is paying at the rate of $3.00 per thousand gallons. The cost of fresh water brought here by pipe line will cost not over $1.00 per thousand gallons. As the bulk of the expense will be divided between the East Coast and the Government, the city obligation being the smallest, the City Council and citizens have promised every support to the project. Mrs. S. B. Tuell and infant daughter arrived Wednesday to spend sometime with Mrs. Tuell's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Wardlow.

The city affairs were turned over to the new administration on the 17th of this month. Hon. Allen B. Cleare was elected mayor of this city. Ten new engines have been received by the Florida East Coast Railway and will be placed on their run exclusively in this division, in order to take care of the heavy traffic coming into and going out from the Florida East Coast terminal. Freight and passengers have increased to such a degree at the opening of the winter season that the company found it imperative to place ten of the largest and latest engines in this division at


The Cuban Artillery, ordered to report at the Coast Defense at Key West for instructions in modern warfare, arrived Sunday, November 25th. At the close of three months' course of training the company will return to Cuba and be replaced by another detachment.

Key West responded very generously during the campaign for the Y. M. C. A.

Lowell, Mass.

During the month, Mr. George Campbell, our cashier, left the organization to accept a position with the Middlesex Trust Company.

Miss Annette Girard, clerk in the accounting department, was transferred to cashier's position.

Mr. Harvey Perreault, messenger in the commercial department, has been transferred to accounting department to fill the position of collector. Two more young ladies have been added to the accounting department force, Miss Rita Bernard and Miss Bessie Brundin.

A Roll of Honor bearing the names of the young men from this company now in service has been hung in the main office. The number to date of those already assigned to service is nine. Several more names will be added to the list as soon as their positions have been established.

New London, Conn.

Mr. L. B. Tolman of the new business department has left our em ploy to take a position with the Stone & Webster Engineering Division. The Bridgeport Brass Company is building an extensive addition to its New London Brass & Copper Tube Works, which will be in operation within another month. They are working night and day shifts on Government contracts and expect a steady increase in output for some time to


Paducah, Ky.

Mr. Joseph Jacobs, who has been installing a maintenance schedule, left for the Boston office with his family on November 27th.

At a meeting of the Elec-Trac Club Wednesday, November 27th,


two very interesting talks were given the first by Mr. Albert Karas, a Greek, who has just returned to Paducah after a visit in the old country. He told of the deplorable condition of the Balkan States, and of his trip back to the United States through Africa. The second talk was given by Mr. G. W. Nelson, chief electrician of the U. S. Navy, who is here on recruiting duty. He spoke quite interestingly on the U. S. Navy. Refreshments were served at the meeting.

A. S. Nichols, manager, has been appointed on the Public Affairs Committee of the Rotary Club.

Mr. Nichols addressed the Woman's Club of Paducah on November 15th on the subject of the Great War.

Pensacola, Fla.

Mr. T. J. Hanlon, Jr., has returned from a short trip to Washington, D. C.

With the increase in preparations for the war the Aeronautic Station is steadily growing in size and importance. A large number of student aviators are in training, and new classes are coming in to take the place of those who complete their course. The force at the station now consists of about three thousand men, including civilian workmen, enlisted men and officers.

The Bruce Dry Docks Co. has completed work on the first section of its dry dock and has "taken out" one vessel for repairs. The present capacity is 1,200 tons, to be developed to take vessels of 5000 tons. This plant employs about 150 mechanics and laborers.

Savannah, Ga.

Mr. Harvey H. Horrell having joined the Naval Reserve, his position in the accounting department has been taken by Mr. Clement McCants. Mr. C. L. Hilson has been appointed cashier to succeed Mr. R. E. Thorpe, resigned.

Miss Nell Cleary, Mr. J. A. Keane, Mr. Otis Todd, and Mr. J. G. Swanston, Jr., have entered the accounting department.

Miss Eva M. Storey has entered the commercial department as stenographer.

Mr. John S. Bleecker, manager of the Columbus Railroad Company, was in this city during the early part of November. Mr. Bleecker is president of the Dixie Over-Land Highway Association and was here in connection with the Association.

On November 15th a musical festival was held in the Savannah Theatre under the auspices of the Lutheran Church. More than a passing interest was taken in this festival by members of our organization, owing to the fact that the chorus of 200 voices was under the direction of Mr. E. S. Roberts, commercial agent of this company.

Seattle, Wash.

Federal guards who have been guarding company property at the generating plants at Snoqualmie, Dieringer and Electron, have been withdrawn and have joined their assignments at American Lake. The several properties are now being guarded by deputized civil officers.

Mr. George E. Quinan, engineer of this company, has been appointed a member of the fuel oil committee for the State of Washington, by Alexander Baillie, chairman.

S. A. Hoag, of the sales department, has been appointed a member of the domestic fuel committee, by D. A. Whitcomb, State Fuel Administrator. The committee to which Mr. Hoag has been assigned will investigate the economical use of commercial fuels.

The work of protecting the river bank above the White River dam at Buckley, where the old pile bulkhead has failed, is still in progress and will continue until high water prevents further work. About 400 feet of the bank has been protected with brush matrices, weighted down with concrete slabs held together with steel cable.

Material for the installation of the third unit and pipe line at White River is arriving very nearly on schedule and the work is progressing in a satisfactory way. Thirty-two of the sixty-four lengths of the penstock are on the ground and nine of them, beginning at the upper end, are in place. Work preparatory to receiving and installing a 10,000 K. W. steam turbine, two 473 H. P. boilers, chain grates for sixteen boilers and coal and ash handling equipment at Georgetown is in progress. A large part of the chain grate material has been received.

Preparation is being made at Georgetown for the storage of from 10,000 to 20,000 tons of coal.

Plans for the installation of a pulverized coal plant at Western avenue are about completed; most of the equipment is on order and the two pulverizing mills are on the ground.

The installation of a 600 H. P. boiler at Western avenue is progressing. The 500 K. W. motor-generator for use on the Edison system has been installed and placed in operation in the northwest corner of the basement of the Electric Building.

The first of two 10,000 KVA transformers has been cut in on the bus at Jefferson street.

Tampa, Fla.

The Tampa Terminal Company, a subsidiary company of the Seaboard Air Line Railway, has donated to the Government eight acres of land on Seddon Island, which is a part of Tampa. The Government expects to erect a warehouse on this property.

The Board of the U. S. Local Customs Inspectors was established here on November 15th.

Articles of incorporation for the Kissimmee River Railway have been published in the local papers. The company contemplate building a road seven and a quarter miles in the phosphate region of Polk county, connecting with the Seabord Air Line at Walinwa. The principal business office will be located in Tampa.

The construction of the Tampa Southern Railway was scheduled to be begun on December 1st. The terminals will be between this city and the Manatee River Section and will be 74 miles long, opening up a rich agricultural section.

On November 4th, 5th and 6th several members of the Naval Base Sub Commission visited the city and made an investigation of the facilities

offered by Tampa Bay for a naval base, a submarine base and an aeroplane training station. The commission were reported as very favorably impressed; however, no report could be made at this time.

The government commission of six army officers, headed by Lieut. Colonel Edgar, were in Tampa on November 11th inspecting sites for an army aviation base, training school and hydro-aeroplane station.

The local Board of Trade held a successful campaign in November, in which 28 new members were secured.

The city of West Tampa is actively at work improving sanitary and health conditions. Sewer mains are being extended to all parts of the city as rapidly as possible.

Tampa has just closed a very successful Food Conservation Cam


A meeting of the South Atlantic Drug Club was held in Tampa on November 9th and 10th. Delegates and wholesale druggists from North and South Carolina, Georgia and Florida were in attendance.

The rainfall on October 29th was 2.26 inches, the heaviest record during the past twenty-seven years.

The installation of 800 feet of double track on Azeele street of the Michigan-Hyde Park Division has been completed. Three turnouts and five electric track switches are being installed throughout the city. One half mile of single track on Twenty-Second street is being protected by two sets of automatic block signals, and trolley guards are being installed over three railroad crossings.

The Engineering Division have completed the installation of the AllisChalmers 7500 K. W. turbine at the West Jackson street station.

During the month we installed a large electric sign for the Majestic Hotel, which makes an attractive addition to the Lafayette street ornamental lighting.

We have closed a contract with the Tampa Dock Company and have installed eighteen flood lights for the illumination of their shipyard grounds.

Mr. H. H. Hunt, district manager, spent several days in Tampa during the month of November.

Mrs. J. C. Woodsome and her daughter Martha have returned from a visit to Maine and Massachusetts.

Mr. F. E. Fletcher, assistant to the manager, attended the convention of the Southeastern Section of the National Electric Light Association, held in Birmingham, Alabama, on October 24th, 25th and 26th. Mr. Fletcher also visited the Army Training Camp at Atlanta.

Mr. George H. Wygant, commercial agent, has been elected second vice president of the South Eastern Section of the N. E. L. A.

Mr. G. A. Webb, formerly superintendent of transportation, has been appointed traffic manager.

Mr. W. M. Bird, formerly assistant superintendent of transportation, has been appointed superintendent of transportation.

Mr. Arthur E. Blankenship, formerly of the accounting department,

has gone to Keokuk, Iowa, as treasurer of the Hotel Iowa.

Mr. Charles Bolton, formerly of the auditing department of the

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