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H.R.H. the Prince of Wales.
H.R.H. the Duke of Edinburgh.
H.R.H. the Duke of Connaught.
H.R.H. the Prince Leopold.
H.R.H. the Duke of Cambridge.
The Archbishop of Canterbury.
The Archbishop of York.
Duke of Somerset.
Duke of Richmond and Gordon,

(Lord Pres.)
Duke of Beaufort.
Duke of St. Albans.
Duke of Marlborough, (Lord Lieut.)
Duke of Buccleuch.
Duke of Argyll.
Duke of Northumberland, (Pri. Seal.)
Duke of Wellington.
Duke of Buckingham & Chandos
Duke of Abercorn.
Duke of Devonshire.
Marquis of Salisbury, (For. Sec.)
Marquis of Donegal.
Marquis of Exeter.
Marquis of Ailesbury.
Marquis of Normanby.
Marquis of Ripon.
Marquis of Hertford, (Ld. Cham.)
Marquis of Lorne.
Marquis of Hartington.
Earl of Bessborough.
Earl of Derby.
Earl of Devon.
Earl of Sandwich.
Earl of Tankerville.
Earl Cowper.
Earl Spencer.
Earl of Carnarvon.
Earl of Malmesbury.
Earl of Cork and Orrery.
Earl of Wilton.
Earl Grey.
Earl of Harrowby.
Earl of Bradford, (M. Horse.)
Earl of Kenmare.
Earl of St. Germans.
Earl Granville.

Earl of Ducie.
Earl of Strafford
Earl Cowlev.
Earl of Kimberley.
Earl of Dufferin.
Earl of Hardwicke, (Buck Hounds.)
Earl of Ilchester.
Earl Beauchamp.
Earl Percy
Earl Sydney.
Earl of Northbrook.
Earl of Beaconsfield, (Premier.)
Earl of Redesdale.
Earl Cairns, (Lord Chancellor.)
Earl of Coventry,
Earl of Mount Edgcumbe.
Viscount Falkland.
Viscount Monck.
Viscount Stratford de Redcliffe.
Viscount Eversley.
Viscount Bury.
Viscount Halifax.
Viscount Barrington.
Viscount Sandon, (B. Trade.)
Viscount Cardwell.
Viscount Cranbrook, (Sec. India.)
Bishop of London.
Lord Selborne.
Lord Aberdare.
Lord Colville of Culross.
Lord Napier and Ettrick.
Lord Kinnaird.
Lord Forester.
Lord de Tabley.
Lord Bloomfield.
Lord Lyons.
Lord Belper.
Lord Ebury.
Lord Hatherley.
Lord Penzance.
Lord Howard of Glossop.
Lord Blachford.
Lord Poltimore.
Lord Wolverton.
Lord Moncreiff.
Lord Coleridge.

Lord Cottesloe.

Sir Robert Porrett Collier. Lord Emly.

Sir Wm. Thomas Knollys! Lord Carlingiórd.

Sir James Hannen. Lord Hammond.

Sir John Barnard Byles. Lord Hampton.

Sir Henry Bartle Edwd. Frere. Lord Winmarleigh.

Sir George Jessel. Lord Monson.

Sir Samuel Martin. Lord Skelmersdale.

Sir Henry S. Keating. Lord Blackburn.

Sir Richard Baggallay. Lord Norton.

Sir Richard Couch. Lord John J. R. Manners,(P.M.Gen.)

Sir J. B. Karslake. Lord Robert Montugu.

Sir Augustus Paget. Lord Otho Augustus Fitzgerald.

Sir H. C. Montgomery. Lord Claude Hainilton.

Sir G. W. Bramwell. Lord Clarence Paget.

Sir W. B. Brett. Lord Augustus Loftus.

Sir R. P. Amphlett. Lord Odo William Russell.

Sir Austen Henry Layard. Lord Richard Grosvenor.

Sir Henry Cotton. Lord Henry Somerset.

Sir J. M. Macleod. Lord Henry Lennox.

Sir Robert Lush. Lord Henry Thynne.

Sir John Mellor. Lord G. Hamilton, (Vice Pres.)

Sir J. A. Macdonald. Hon. Henry B. W. Brand, (Spkr.) Hon. Sir C. A. Murray. Sir Stafford Henry Northcote,(Exch.)

Hon. Wm. F. Cowper-Temple. Sir George Grey.

Hon. Edward Pleydell Bouverie. Sir Alex. J. E. Cockburn.

Hon. Charles Pelham Villiers. Sir Robert Peel.

Hon. Sir Henry George Elliot. Sir Joseph Napier.

Hon. James A. Stuart Wortley. Sir James Fergusson.

Hon. Gerard J. Noel, (P. Works.) Sir William Heathcote.

Hon. F. A. Stanley, (Sec. War.) Sir Michael E. Hicks Beach. (S. Col.)

Hon. A. H. Thesiger. Sir John C. Dalrymple Hay.

William Ewart Gladstone. Sir David Dundas.

Thomas Milner Gibson. Sir Geo. Hamilton Seymour.

Richard More O'Ferrall. Sir Lawrence Peel.

Spencer Horatio Walpole. Sir John M'Neill.

Joseph Warner Henley. Sir William Erle.

Robert A. C. N. Nisbet Hamilton. Sir James William Colvile.

William Beresford. Sir William Hutt.

John Parker.
Sir Andrew Buchanan.

Robert Lowe.
Sir Edwd. Vaughan Williams. John Robert Mowbray.
Sir Fitzroy Kelly.

John Inglis.
Sir Richard Torin Kindersley.

Thomas Emerson Headlam. Sir Wm. R. S. V. Fitzgerald.

William Nathaniel Massey. Sir Robert Phillimore.

George Joachim Göschen. Sir Frederick Peel.

Stephen Cave. Sir William Milbourne James.

Henry James Baillie. Sir Barnes Peacock.

Thomas Edward Taylor (D. Lane.) Sir George Mellish.

John Bright. Sir Edward Thornton.

Hugh Culling Eardley Childers. Sir Montague Edward Smith.

William Edward Forster. Sir Edward Lugard.

James Stansfeld.

Acton Smee Ayrton.
James Anthony Lawson.
Montague Bernard.
John George Dodson.
George Young.
Peter Erle.
Edw. H. Knatchbull-Hugessen.
William Edward Baxter.
William Patrick Adam.

Lyon Playfair.
Richard Assheton Cross (Home Sec.)
George Sclater-Booth (Loc. Gov.)
John Gellibrand Hubbard.
G. A. Caven. Bentinck, (Judge Adv.)
W. Watson, (Lord Advocate.)
W. H. Smith, (Admiralty.)
Edward Gibson.
James Lowther, (Sec. Ireland.)


House of LORDS.

The Lord Chancellor.

Two Lords of Appeal in Ordinary. Lord Blackburn.

| Lord And such Peers as are holding or have held the Offices of Lord Chancellor, paid Judge of the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, or Judge of one of the Superior Courts of Great Britain or Ireland.

Earl Cairns (Lord Chancellor.) Lord Chelmsford.
Sir A. J. E. Cockburn, Bart.

Lord Hatherley.
Lord Coleridge.

Lord Selborne.
Sir Fitzroy Kelly.

Lord Penzance.
Sir G. Jessel (Master of the Rolls.) Sir W. Erle.
Sir W. M. James.

Sir H. S. Keating.
Sir G. Mellish.

Sir R. T. Kindersley. Sir J. W. Colvile, Bart.

Sir S. Martin. Sir Barnes Peacock.

Sir E. V. Williams. Sir Montagu Smith.

Sir R. Baggallay. Sir Robert Collier.

And the two Lords of Appeal in Sir James Hannen.

Sir R. J. Phillimore.

Court of Appeal.
The Lord Chancellor.

Sir W. M. James.

Sir G. Mellish. The Lords Chief Justices.

Sir R. Baggallay. The Master of the Rolls.

Sir W. B. Brett. Lords Justices. The Lord Chief Baron.

Sir G. W. Bramwell.
Sir H. Cotton.

Hon. A. H.Thesiger.
Chancery Division.

Common Pleas Division.
Earl Cairns (Lord Chancellor.) Lord Coleridge, (L.C.J.)
Sir G. Jessel (Master of the Rolls.) Sir W. R. Grove.
Sir Richard Malins

Hon. G. Denman.

Vice Sir James Bacon.

Sir N. Lindley.

Sir Charles Hall.

Sir H. C. Lopes.
Sir Edward Fry, Judge.
Queen's Bench Division.

Exchequer Division.
Sir A J.E. Cockburn, Bart. (L.C.J.) Sir Fitzroy Kelly,(L.C.B.)
Sir Robert Lush.

Sir C. E. Pollock.

Barons. Sir W. V. Field.

Sir J. W. Huddleston. Sir Henry Manisty.

Sir H. Hawkins.

! Sir C. Bowen.

Sir J. F. Stephen.


Probate, Divorce, and Admiralty Division. Sir James Hannen.

| Sir Robert J. Phillimore.



+++ By an Order in Council, dated 25th August, 1851, the incomes of the Archbishops and Bishops of England and Wales are regulated; the amount is annexed to the name of the various Sees.


Canterbury.-[€.15,000.) 1805, Feb. 2, Charles-Manners Sutton, D.D. (From Norwich.) 1828, Aug. 4, William Howley, D.D.

(From London.) 1948, Feb. 22, John-Bird Sumner, D.D.

(From Chester.) 1862, Oct. 20, Thomas-Charles Longley, D.D. (From York.) 1868, Nov. 26, Archibald-Campbell Tait, D.D. (From London.)

York. -[€.10,000.] 1776, William Markham, D.D.

(From Chester.) 1807, Dec. 1, Hon. Edward-Venables Vernon, LL.D. (From Carlisle.) 1817, Nov. 17, Thomas Musgrave, D.D.

(From Hereford.) 1860, June 4, Thomas-Charles Longley, D.D. (From Durham.) 1862, Dec. 6, Williain Thompson, D.D.

(From Gloucester.)


Bangor.—[£.4000.] 1800, April 5, William Cleaver, D.D. 1806, Dec. 13, John Randolph, D.D. 1809, Aug. 12, Henry-William Majendie, D.D. 1830, Oct. 10, Christopher Bethell, D.D. 1859, May 14, James-Colquhoun Campbell, D.D.

(From Chester.) (From Oxford.) (From Chester.) (From Exeter.)

Bath and Wells.-[€.5000.] 1802, April 17, Richard Beadon, D.D.

(From Gloucester.) 1824, May 8, George-Henry Law, D.D.

(From Chester.) 1845, Oct. 14, Richard Bagot, D.D.

(From Oxford.) 1854, May 31, Robert-John Eden.

(From Sodor and Man.) [Resignell September 1869.] 1869, Dec. 21, Lord Arthur-Charles Hervey, D.D.

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