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His office is to take care of all the officers and servants (excepting those

belonging to the Queen's bedchamber, who are under the Groom of the Stole) belonging to the Queen's chambers, who are sworn in their places by him. He hatń the oversight of the officers of the wardrobes at all Her Majesty's houses ; and of removing wardrobes or beds; of tents, revels, music, comedians, and, what is not common in other nations, although a layman, he hath oversight of the Queen's chaplains, and of all the heralds, physicians, apothecaries, fc. It is his place to inspect into the charges of coronations, marriages, public entries, cavalcades, funerals, and into all furniture for and in the parliament houses and rooms of addresses to the Queen.

Lord Chamberlain.

1879, May 7, Earl of Mount Edgcumbe.


1874, March 2, Viscount Barrington.

Lords in Waiting. 1859,

Viscount Torrington. 1866, July 13, Viscount Hawarden.

Lord Bagot.
1874, March 2, Earl of Dunmore.

Earl of Roden.
Lord de Ros.
Lord Elphinstone.

Lord Henniker.
1876, Oct. 1, Lord Sackville. (Extra.)

Grooms in Waiting.
Colonel Hon. Augustus Liddell.
Hon. Sir Charles Augustus Murray. (Extra.)

Lieut.-General Sir Francis H. Seymour. (Extra.)
1868, Jan. 24, Lord F. H. Kerr, R.N.
1872, Oct. 1, Lieut.- Colonel W. G. Stirling, R.A. (Extra.)
1874, March 2, Donald Cameron of Lochiel, esq.
1874, May 26, Vice-Admiral Sir John-E. Commerell, R.N., V.C.

John-Francis Campbell, of Islay, esq. 1876, Feb. 24, Lieut.-Colonel Hon. C.-H. Lindsay. 1876, Oct. 1, Major C.-E. Phipps.

Lieut.-Col. W.-H.-F. Cavendish. (Extra.)
Lieut.-Colonel A.-F. Pickard, V.C.
Captain F. Edwards. (Extra.)

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Mistress of the Robes. 1874, Mar. 2, Duchess of Wellington.

Ladies of the Bedchamber. 1851, July 15, Dowager Marchioness of Ely. 1854, May 24, Dowager Duchess of Athole.

June 30, Lady Churchill. 1864, Oct. 1, Lady Waterpark. 1865, Jan. 13, Duchess of Roxburghe.

Dowager Countess of Mount Edgecumbe. (Extra.) 1867, Oct. 29, Viscountess Clifden. (Extra.)

Viscountess Jocelyn. (Extra.)
1872, July 17, Countess of Mayo. (Extra.)
1872, Dec. 31, Countess of Erroll.
1873, Jan. 7, Countess of Gainsborough. (Extra.)
1878, July 25, Lady Southampton.

Countess of Caledon. (Extra.)
Lady Abercromby.

Women of the Bedchamber. 1855, Nov. 10, Viscountess Chewton.

Dec. 9, Hon. Lady Gordon. 1856, June 10, Lady Codrington. 1859, May 14, Lady Sarah-Élizabeth Lindsay. 1866, May 25, Hon. Mrs. Robert Bruce.

Lady E.-P. Biddulph. (Extra.) 1870, April 16, Hon. Mrs. Grey. (Extra.)

Mrs. Pratt. (Extra.)
1874, Nov. 6, Hon. Flora-Clementina-Isabella Macdonald.

Hon. Mrs. Ferguson.
Hon. Horatia-Charlotte Stopford.

Maids of Honour. 1847, Jan. 21, Hon. Caroline-Fanny Cavendish. 1855, Nov. 10, Hon. Emily Cathcart. 1862, March 3, Hon. Harriet-Lepel Phipps.

Hon. Mary-Louisa Lascelles. 1870, Oct. 16, Hon. Mary-Emma Pitt. 1872, April 19, Hon. Frances-Mary Drummond. 1874, Nov. 6, Hon. Evelyn-Cecilia Paget. 1876, Feb. 12, Hon. Ethel-Henrietta-Mary Cadogan. • (Extra.)

Hon. Amy-G. Lambart.


Hath the charge of all the Queen's stables and horses. Also power over

equerries and pages, footmen, grooms, farriers, smiths, saddlers, and all other trades auy way relating to ths stables. He has the privilege of applying to his own use one coachman, four footmen, and six grooms, in the Queen's pay, and wearing the Queen's livery. In any solemn cavalcade he rides next behind the Queen.

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1874, March 2, Lord Skelmersdale


Holds his post by letters patent durante bene placito. By the stat. 21

Henry VIII. he is to attend the Queen's person, to manage the debates in council, to propose matters from the Queen at the council, and to report to the Queen the Resolutions thereupon.


Earl of Chatham. 1801, July 30, Duke of Portland. 1805, Jan. 12, Viscount Sidmouth.

July 10, Marquess Camden. 1806, Feb. 19, Earl Fitzwilliam.

Oct. 8, Viscount Sidmouth. 1807, Mar. 26, Marquess Camden. 1812, April 8, Viscount Sidmouth.

June 18, Earl of Harrowby. 1827, Aug. 17, Duke of Portland. 1828, Jan. 26, Earl Bathurst. 1830, Nov. 22, Marquess of Lansdowne. 1834, Dec. 15, Earl of Rosslyn. 1835, April 18, Marquess of Landsdowne. 1841, Sept. 3, Lord Wharncliffe. 1845, Dec. 29, Duke of Buccleuch. 1846, July 6, Marquess of Lansdowne. 1852, Feb. 27, Earl of Lonsdale.

Dec. 28, Earl Granville. 1854, June 10, Lord John Russell. 1855, Feb. 8, Earl Granville. 1858, Feb. 26, Marquess of Salisbury. 1859, June 18, Earl Granville. 1866, July 6, Duke of Buckingham. 1868, Dec. 9, Marquess of Ripon. 1873, Aug. 9, Lord Aberdare. 1874, Mar. 2, Duke of Richmond and Gordon.


So called from his having the Privy Seal in his custody, which he must not put

to any grant without warrant under the Queen's signet. This seal is used to all charters, grants, and pardons, signed by the Queen, before they come to the Great Seal.


Earl of Westmoreland. 1806, Feb. 5, Viscount Sidmouth.

Oct. 15, Lord Holland. 1807, Mar. 25, Earl of Westmoreland. 1827, May 1, Duke of Portland.

July 23, Earl of Carlisle. 1828, Jan. 26, Lord Ellenborough. 1829, June 10, Earl of Rosslyn. 1830, Nov. 22, Lord Durham. 1833,

Viscount Goderich. 1834, June 5, Earl of Carlisle.

July 30, Earl of Mulgrave.

Dec. 15, Lord Wharncliffe. 1835, April 18, Lord Duncannon. 1839, Oct. 16, Earl of Clarendon. 1841, Sept. 8, Duke of Buckingham. 1842, Feb. 1, Duke of Buccleuch. 1845, Dec. 29, Earl of Haddington. 1846, July 6, Earl of Minto. 1852, Feb. 27, Marquess of Salisbury.

Dec. 28, Duke of Argyll. 1855, Dec. 7, Earl of Harrowby. 1857, Dec. 27, Marquess of Clanricarde. 1858, Feb. 26, Earl of Hardwicke. 1859, June 18, Duke of Argyll. 1866, July 6, Earl of Malmesbury. 1868, Dec. 9, Lord Kimberley. 1870, July 6, Viscount Halifax. 1874, Mar. 2, Earl of Malmesbury.

Earl of Beaconsfield. 1878,

Duke of Northumberland.


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