Les recueils de jurisprudence du Québec, publiés par le Barreau de Québec: Cour supérieure, Volume 1

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Halaman 278 - Church by one archbishop, and eight bishops ; and the Presbyterian Church of Canada, in connection with the Church of Scotland, by annual synods, presided over by moderators.
Halaman 82 - Les aliments ne sont accordés que dans la proportion du besoin de celui qui les réclame, et de la fortune de celui qui les doit.
Halaman 234 - Prothonotary, receives the depositions in writing, and under oath of Witnesses competent to give evidence, and these depositions remain affixed to the original Will, together with the judgment, if it have been rendered out of Court, or a certified copy of it, if it have been rendered in Court; parties interested may then obtain certified copies of the Will, the proof, and the judgment, which copies are authentic, and give effect to the Will until it is set aside upon contestation.
Halaman 237 - Toute personne pourra se faire délivrer, par les dépositaires des registres de l'état civil , des extraits de ces registres. Les extraits délivrés conformes aux registres , et légalisés par le président du tribunal de première instance, ou par le juge qui le remplacera , feront foi jusqu'à inscription de faux.
Halaman 80 - When a physician knows that a person whom he is called to visit is infected with small-pox, diphtheria, scarlet fever or any other disease dangerous to public health, he shall immediately give notice thereof to the selectmen or board of health of the town ; and if he refuses or neglects to give such notice he shall forfeit for each offence not less than fifty nor more than two hundred dollars.
Halaman 234 - Holograph Wills and those made in the form derived from the laws of England, must be presented for probate to the Court exercising superior original jurisdiction in the District in which the deceased had his domicile, or, if he had none, in the...
Halaman 111 - Subject to the provisions of this act — (1) Where a cheque is not presented for payment within a reasonable time of its issue, and the drawer or the person on whose account it is drawn had the right at the time of such presentment as between him and the banker to have the cheque paid and suffers actual damage through the delay, he is discharged to the extent of such damage, that is to say, to the extent to which such drawer or person is a creditor of such banker to a larger amount than he would...
Halaman 332 - Canada, to be made and levied of their goods and chattels lands and tenements respectively, to the use of our said Lady the Queen, her heirs and successors, if he the said A. B.
Halaman 81 - ... without having such house room or part of a house and all articles therein liable to retain infection, disinfected to the satisfaction of a legally qualified medical practitioner, as testified by a certificate signed by him, shall be liable to a penalty not exceeding twenty pounds.
Halaman 73 - now settled by the overwhelming weight of authority that a child is held, so far as he is personally concerned, only to the exercise of such care and discretion as is reasonably to be expected from children of his age.

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