Forgotten 666: The Untold Story

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AuthorHouse, 2001 - 152 halaman
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A little girl hides in the corner as she watches her father beat and rape her mother.She cries in shame as her innocence is stolen. Her misery follows her into adulthood as she is abused by many men, harassed for months by a woman who wanted her to be a lesbian,she found herself covered in blood fighting for her life! Can you imagine the hopelessness that must have flooded her mind? You could never know how she felt unless you were faced with such a horrifying life. My name is Ginger Burch Dudley, The woman who struggled in life for years was me.In here for a purpose you'll read the story of how pain was turned into a purpose.I have always had a hard life .It started as a child, from the time I was born.

I did not have a normal childhood, seeing and hearing the things that a normal child would not see or hear. And why I trusted a person like Melissa Cooksey, that turned my life into a living hell, and she almost murdered me.

I am here by the grace of God; I am here for a purpose.

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