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Railroad Companies—act to incorporate the Mendham
and Chester, 523
act to incorporate the Newark and Clinton
Horse Car, 588
act to revive charter of Rocky Hill, 620
supplement to act to incorporate Hoboken and
Weehawken, 630
act to incorporate the Belleville Horse, 677
act to facilitate foreclosure of mortgages given
by the New York and Erie, 604

Religious societies—act relative to title of land conveyed

to the minister, &c., of the True Reformed
Protestant Dutch Church of New York, 40
to change name of St. Stephens Church at Mill-
burn, 42
extending provisions of act to congregations of
Jews, 51
to change name of Anti Pedo Baptist Society
of Salem, - 105
Mount Zion Church at Trenton authorized to
sell land, 133
Methodist Church at High Point authorized to
sell land, 136
Methodist Church at Moorestown authorized to
sell land, 160
supplement to charter of St. Michaels Church
at Trenton, 210
to authorize sale of building by trustees of the
Methodist Episcopal Church at Millbrook, 418
to authorize sale of Baptist Church at Jeffer-

son village, 568
Roads—act of eighteen hundred and fifty-nine not to
have effect in certain counties, 211
in Camden county—act relative to, 242
act of eighteen hundred and fifty-nine not to
be in force in Somerset county, 264

supplement to act relating to, 554
- Page
Roads—further supplement to act concerning, 601
act concerning turnpike, 627

Rocky Hill Railroad Company—act to revive charter of, 620

Salem Creek and Woodstown Canal Company—act to
incorporate the, 374
supplement to act to incorporate city of, 555
Schools—act relative to district number seven, Inde-
pendence, Warren county, 52
act relative to district number three, Freehold,
Monmouth county, - 78
act defining what shall be considered vacancies
in board of trustees of, 94
act relative to taxes in Monroe township, Cam-
den county, for purposes of, 156
act relative to taxes in Mantua township, Glou-
cester county, for purposes of, ib.
act, relative to sale of school house and lot at
Millstone, o 356
act relative to school district number three, in
Union township, Camden county, 423
act to authorize sale of academy lot in Morris-
town, 457
act to enable inhabitants of South Dennis
school district to raise money, 583

supplement to act concerning school districts, 617
act relative to, in Bloomfield, Essex county, 665

Sheep—supplement to act for preservation of, 359
Somerville and Easton Railroad Company—supplement
to act to incorporate, 157
St. Stephens Church at Millburn—act relative to, 42
St. Michaels Church at Trenton—supplement to act to
incorporate, 210
State Prison—act relative to salary of keeper of, 400

appropriation for extension of, 600
State Prison—appropriation for library of, 669
Standard Mutual Life Insurance Company—supplement
to act to incorporate, 692
Stephenson Richard—act to confirm acknowledgment of
deeds by, - 39
Stoe Creek—owners of land authorized to erect dykes,
&c., 420
Streets in Newton township, Camden county—act to re-
gulate streets in, 625
to the charter of the Plainfield Mutual Assu-
rance Fire Company, 4
to charter of Northern Railroad Company, 15
to the charter of the city of Newark, 35
to charter of Lambertville Iron Company, 44
to charter of Resolution Fire Company, 45

to charter of Trenton City Bridge Company, 46
to charter of the Deckertown and Newton Turn-

pike Company, 74
to charter of Freehold and Smithville Turnpike
Company, 80
to charter of Pleasantville and Atlantic Turn-
pike Company, 81
to charter of Hoboken and Hudson River Turn-
pike Company, ib.
to act authorizing companies for erection of .
buildings for lyceums, libraries, &c., 96
to act to create the county of Union, 97
to charter of the Belvidere and Bridgeville Rail-
road Company, 108
to the charter of the city of Newark, 109
to the charter of the Freehold and Jamesburg
Railroad Company, 110
to the law respecting Usury, 111
to charter of the Sussex Mine Railroad Com-
pany, 135

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Supplement—to act relating to public schools 156

to charter of the Central Railroad Company, 157
to act relating to the foreclosure of mortgages, 159
to act for the relief and settlement of the poor, 166
to charter of American Telegraph Company, 168 -
to act relating to town meetings in Westfield

township, 169
to the charter of the Hudson County Mutual
Insurance Company, 171
to the charter of the city of Hudson, 176
to the act relative to town meetings in Atlantic
county, 183
to law for preservation of sheep, 193
to law relating to the trustees of Newark
Academy, 201
to law concerning inns and taverns, 202
to law regulating the incorporated Banks in
this state, 203

to charter Saint Michael's Church at Trenton, 210
to act of eighteen hundred and fifty-nine, con-

cerning roads, 211
to the charter of the Northern Railroad Com-
pany, 212
to the charter of the Hoboken Land and Im-
provement Company, 213
to the charter of the city of Rahway, 230
to the act incorporating Agricultural and Hor-
ticultural Societies, 231
to act respecting roads in Camden county, 242
to act respecting executions and the sale of
personal property, 243
to charter of the city of Newark—relating to
the eleventh ward, 244
to charter of the West Jersey Railroad Com-
pany, 245

to charter of the Hightstown and Perrinesville
Turnpike Company, 254

Supplement to charter of the Millville and Glassboro'
Railroad Company, 255
to charter of the city of Camden, 257
to charter of the Gloucester and Salem Turn-
o pike Company, 260
to act concerning roads, - 264
to act relating to peddlers, &c., 265
to act for incorporation of Manufacturing Com-
panies, 267
to act respecting bridges, , 285
to act respecting commissioners of deeds, 286
to the cattle law, (relating to township of New-
ton, in county of Sussex,) 358
to charter of the Hudson Dry and Wet Dock
Company, 390
to charter of the Jersey City and Bergen Plank
Road Company, 392
to charter of the Jersey City and Bergen Rail-
road Company, 393
to charter of the Bridgeville Water Power, &c.,
Company, 394
to charter of the town of Belvidere, 396
to charter of the city of Rahway, 400
to charter of the Hackensack and Hoboken
Turnpike Company, 407
to charter of the Paterson Savings Bank, 408
to act relative to the Court of Chancery, 409

to act relative to notes, notary publics, &c., 410
to act relative to commissioners of deeds for
other states, - 419
to act relative to School District, number three,
Union township, Camden county, 423
to act to incorporate the Board of Education of
the city of Camden, 424"
to act to incorporate medical societies, &c., 426
to charter of the city of Newark, (relative to
vacancies,) ib.

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