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Corporate name.

Corporate limits.

a majority of those voting on the question, by ballot, deposited in a ballot box specially provided for that purpose, shall vote in favor of issuing such bonds.

SEC. 9. All ačts and parts of ačts in conflict herewith are hereby repealed.

SEC. Io. Whereas, in the opinion of this General Assembly, an emergency exists; therefore, this ačt shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage. Approved April 6, 1885.

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Be it enađed by the General Assembly of the State of
Colorado :


SECTION I. That the inhabitants of the City of Denver, in Arapahoe county, and State of Colorado, be and are hereby constituted a body politic and corporate, by the name and style of “The City of Denver,” and by that name shall have perpetual succession, may sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded in all courts of law and equity, and may have and use a common seal, and alter the same at pleasure.

SEC. 2. Hereafter the corporate limits of “The City of Denver” shall be as follows: Beginning at the northwest corner of the southwest quarter of section twenty-one (21) of township three (3), south of range sixty-eight (68) west; thence east along the east and west center lines of sections twenty-one (21) and twenty-two (22) to east line of se&tion twenty-two ğ. thence north to the north line of the south half of the northwest quarter of seótion twenty-three (23) in said township; thence east along said north line to the northeast corner of the southwest quarter of the northeast quarter of section twenty-four (24); thence south to the south line of section twenty-four (24); thence west along said south line of Sečtion twenty-four (24) to the center of the south line of said section twenty-four (24); thence south along the north and south center line of seótion twenty-five (25) to the south line of said se&tion twenty-five (25); thence west along the south line of section twentyfive (25) to the northeast corner of section thirty-five (35); thence south along the line between sections thirty-five (35) and thirty-six (36) in said township, and along the line between sections one (1) and two (2) to the southeast corner of said section two (2) in township four (4) south, and range sixty-eight (68) west; thence west along the south line of said section two (2) to the northeast corner of section ten (IO) in said last named township; thence south along the east line of said seótion ten (IO) to the southeast corner of said seótion ten (10); thence west along the south line of se&tions nine (9) and ten (IO) of said last named township to an intersection with the present center line of the South Platte river; thence northerly down the center line of the said South Platte river to an interse&tion with the north line of said township four (4) south, in range sixty-eight (68) west; thence east along said line to the southeast corner of seótion thirty-two (32) in township three [3] south, in range sixty-eight (68) west; thence north along the west lines of sections thirty-three (33), twenty-eight (28) and twenty-one (21) to the place of beginning; save and except the northeast quarter of the northeast quarter of section ten (IO) in township four (4), south of range sixty-eight [68] west, “and the southeast quarter of the southeast quarter of section ten (IO) in township four (4), south of range sixty-eight (68) west, which shall not be included in said city.” All of which land included within the aforesaid boundaries is situate in the county of Arapahoe, in the State of Colorado, and the same, together with all additions to said City of Denver now made, is hereby declared to be within the limits of the City of Denver.

SEc. 3. Whenever any territory abutting upon the City of Denver, or upon any addition thereto, shall have been platted by the owner or owners thereof into streets, alleys, blocks and lots, conforming to and corresponding with the adjacent city streets, alleys, blocks and lots, and a

[blocks in formation]

map thereof made showing also the adjoining blocks and lots in the city, and the connecting streets and alleys of the city, and the detailed topography of the platted territory, accompanied by a properly certified abstraćt of title to said territory, showing the title to be in the party or parties represented to be the owners of the land which it is desired to annex to the city; the city council may, upon the petition of all of such owners of said platted territory, by ordinance declare the same to be an addition to the City of Denver; and from thenceforth such territory shall be and become a part of said city, and within the jurisdićtion thereof as effectually as if the same had been annexed by act of the legislature; Provided, That this section shall not apply to any lands upon which any taxes assessed in any town or other municipal corporation are unpaid, nor to the lands of any town or other municipal corporation having a funded corporate debt.

SEc. 4. The several wards of the city, with the boundaries as now defined by ordinance, are established. The number of wards shall not exceed nine until the population of the city shall equal one hundred thousand, and then and thereafter the city council may re-apportion the wards of the city so that there shall be one ward for each ten thousand inhabitants.

SEC. 5. The said city, by the name and style aforesaid, is hereby authorized to acquire and hold all real and personal property, necessary for the public uses of the inhabitants thereof, both within and beyond the limits of the city, and when the same is no longer required for the public use, to sell and convey the same, as may be provided by ordinance. And the city council shall, by ordinance, make all needful rules and regulations for the use of such property.


SECTION I. The legislative power of the City of Denver shall be vested in a city council, consisting of a board of aldermen, to be elečted one from each ward, and a board of supervisors, five in number, to be elected from the city at large.

SEC. 2. The members of said city council shall be elected for two years, and shall receive an annual salary of six hundred dollars each, payable in equal monthly instalments, except that the presidents of the boards of aldermen and supervisors shall each be entitled to an additional compensation of four hundred dollars per annum, payable in monthly instalments; and be exempt from serv- Exempt from ing on juries in the courts of the State during their term of "**** office; and no person, not a citizen of the United States, an inhabitant of the city or ward for which he shall be elected, and for at least one year a taxpayer in the City of Denver, Qualifications. and at least twenty-five years of age, shall be eligible to the office of alderman or supervisor. Provided, That no person who is directly or indireétly interested in any contract with the city, or any department or institution thereof, or who is indebted to the State, city or county for any tax, or who shall have been convićted of malfeasance in office, bribery or other corrupt pračtices, or shall be under a charge or indićtment therefor, shall be qualified to be elected to or shall hold the office of supervisor or alder


SEC. 3. Each board of the city council shall appoint Each board to one of its own members to preside, who shall hold such o position for one year, and until his successor is elected and qualified. The official designation of the member so appointed shall be “president of the board of supervisors,” or “president of the board of aldermen,” as the case may be. Each board shall be the sole judge of the qualifications, election and returns of its own members, and shall have power to determine the rules of its own proceedings, punish its members for disorderly condućt, and, with the concurrence of two-thirds of all members elect, expel a member. A majority of the members elect, of each board, shall constitute a quorum to do business; but a smaller Quorum. number may adjourn from time to time, and may compel the attendance of absent members, in such manner and under such penalties as each board shall provide.

Sec. 4. A journal of the proceedings of each, board solo. of the city council shall be kept, by the city clerk or a "“” deputy city clerk, upon which shall be entered each vote taken in the board by yeas and nays, and no action of either board of the city council, except to adjourn, shall have any force unless a majority of all the members eleēt shall have voted in favor thereof.

Sec. 5. Each board of the city council shall hold a regular meeting once in each month, at the city hall, but solo meet the regular meetings of the two boards shall not be held in the same week. Until otherwise provided by ordinance,

No member to be absent without leave.

40rdinances to be published.


Final passage of bill.

A bill amended and passed must be returned to.

the regular meetings of the board of supervisors shall be on the second Thursday suceeding the first Tuesday of each month, and the regular meetings of the board of aldermen shall be on the first Thursday succeeding said Tuesday.

SEC. 6. If a member of either board shall be absent from any regular meeting without leave, he shall forfeit to the city ten dollars of his compensation for every such absence, and the journal record of the roll call shall be conclusive upon the question of presence or absence. The clerk keeping said journal shall, immediately after each meeting, notify the city auditor of the name of any absentee without leave, who shall dedućt all such forfeitures from the absentees' monthly salary next to be paid.

SEC. 7. The style of the city ordinances shall be: “Be it enacted by the city council of the City of Denver.”

SEc. 8. All ordinances shall, within ten days after they have been passed by the city council, be published in some newspaper in the City of Denver, and of general circulation; and no ordinance shall be in force until such publication has been made.

SEC. 9. No ordinance shall be passed except by bill. Bills may originate in either board, and may be amended or rejećted by the other board. Every bill shall be read at least once in full in each board before a vote is taken on its final passage. No bill shall be considered until the same shall have been reported upon by a committee, unless the board, by a vote of two-thirds of all the members present, shall dispense with such reference and report.

SEC. Io. No bill, introduced in either board of the city council and passed therein, shall be acted upon by the other board until at least two days after its passage by the board in which it originated.

SEC. I 1. When a bill is put upon its final passage in either board, and failing to pass, if a motion is made to reconsider the vote by which it was defeated, the vote upon such motion to reconsider shall be immediately taken, and the subjećt finally disposed of before the board proceeds to any other business.

SEC. 12. If a bill shall be amended and passed, it shall be returned with the amendments to the board in which it originated, and the vote shall be taken upon the bill as

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