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Damage recov purpose; and all damages recovered in such ačtion, after

too dedućting the necessary charges in prosecuting the same,

!..." " shall be the property of the minor, and shall be applied and appropriated to his use by the person who shall recover the same, under the direction of the county court, and shall be paid to the minor, if a male, at the age of twenty-one years, and if a female, at the age of eighteen years, or at the time of his or her marriage within that age.

When minor SEC. 18. If such ačtion is not brought during the nav commence - - - action. minority of such apprentice, he may commence such action

in his own name at any time within two years after he becomes of age, and not after.

SEC. 19. If any such apprentice shall be guilty of any gross misbehavior or refusal to do his duty, or wilful neglećt thereof, his master may make his complaint to the county court of the county in which he resides, setting forth the circumstances of the case, to which complaint shall be attached a citation, signed by the clerk or judge of the court, requiring the apprentice and all persons who have covenanted on his behalf, to appear and answer to such complaint, a copy of which complaint and citation shall be served on them in the usual manner of serving civil proCeSS.

of . SEC. 20. The court shall proceed to hear and deter

... mine the cause with or without a jury, and after a full

jury. hearing of the parties, or of the complainant alone if the adverse party shall neglect to appear after due notice, the court may render judgment or decree, that the master be discharged from the contract of apprenticeship or service, and for costs of the suit; such costs to be recovered of the parent or guardian of the minor, if there be any, who signed the indenture, and execution therefor be issued accordingly; and if there be no parent or guardian liable for such costs, execution may be issued therefor against such minor, or the amount thereof may be recovered in an action against him after he shall arrive at full age; and any minor discharged as aforesaid may be bound out anew ; Provided, That nothing in this section shall be construed to authorize any judgment against any superintendent of the poor of any county who may have signed any indenture in his official capacity, or his successor in such office.

Liabilities of par- SEC. 21. The parties to such indenture, except a superties to indenture. . - intendent of the poor and his successors, shall also be liable to the master in an action on the indenture, for the breach of any covenant on their part therein contained, committed before the master was so discharged from such indenture. SEC. 22. It shall not be lawful for any master to remove jor an apprentice out of this state. Whenever any master ofter to remove, an apprentice shall wish to remove out of this state, or to “ quit his trade or business, he shall appear with his appren- or tice before the county court of the proper county, and if the to Song court be satisfied that the master has done justice to the said" apprentice for the time he has had charge of the same, such court shall have power to dissolve the indenture upon such terms as may be just, and again bind him or order him to be bound, if necessary, to some other person.

SEC. 23. The provisions of this ačt shall apply as well to mistresses, female guardians, apprentices and wards, respectively, as to masters, male guardians, apprentices and wards.

SEC. 24. Nothing contained in this act shall prevent or affect the right of a father by the common law, to assign or contraćt for the services of his children, for the term of their minority or any part thereof.

SEC. 25. All acts and parts of ačts inconsistent with the provisions of this ačt are hereby repealed.

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Be it enađed by the General Assembly of the State of
Colorado :

SECTION I. There shall be and hereby is appropriated out of any moneys in the treasury not otherwise appro

priated, the sum of one thousand dollars, for the use of Stephen Decatur for moneys expended by him for the state of Colorado while acting as centennial commissioner for the state, in the year 1876.

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Be it enađed by the General Assembly of the State of Colorado: SECTION I. That for the purpose of paying the outstanding indebtedness of the state insane asylum, incurred in the completion of the buildings and furnishing the same; providing the same with water works, sewerage, gas mains and fixtures and boilers, there is hereby appropriated out of any moneys in the state treasury, not otherwise appropriated, the sum of twenty-seven thousand dollars.

SEC. 2. For the purpose of providing furniture for the new ward, and for the maintenance and support of the state insane asylum, including the salaries of officers and employés, and for insuring the buildings and furniture of said institution for the years A. D. 1885 and A. D. 1886, there is hereby appropriated out of any moneys in the state treasury, not otherwise appropriated, the sum of sixteen thousand ($16,OOO) dollars, which said sum shall be expended under the direétion and control of the superintendent and commissioners of said asylum, that is to say, the sum of forty-three thousand ($43,OOO) dollars, is appropriated for all said purposes for said years, to wit: Thirty-five thousand five hundred ($35,500) dollars for the year 1885, and seven thousand five hundred ($7,500) dollars for the year 1886.

SEC. 3. Said appropriation shall be used exclusively for the purposes aforesaid, and the auditor is hereby authorized to draw his warrants for the payment of the same upon vouchers certified by the president of the board of commissioners, and attested by the secretary thereof.

SEC. 4. Whereas, in the opinion of this General Assembly, an emergency exists; therefore, this ačt shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage.

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Be it enađed by the General Assemó/y of the State of
Colorado :

SECTION I. There is hereby appropriated out of any on. money in the state treasury belonging to the internal of improvement fund, the sum of twenty-five thousand dollars,"" or so much thereof as may be necessary for the purpose of constructing a State bridge across Grand river, at or near the point where the old government road crosses said river, near the mouth of the Gunnison river; Provided, That said appropriation of twenty-five thousand dollars shall not be shall not be used used until the county of Mesa contributes fifteen thousand" dollars required in addition hereto, to cover the entire expenses of building said bridge, abutments, piers, necessary pilings and approaches.

SEC. 2. The Governor and the State Engineer of this Board of conState, with the chairman of the board of county commis-“ ioners of Mesa county, shall be and hereby are made a board for the purpose of constructing such bridge.

Board to advertise for bids.

State engineer and board of county commissioners to certify to the compleotion.

SEC. 3. It is hereby made the duty of said board, as soon as this act takes effect, to advertise for and secure plans and specifications for the construction of such bridge.

SEC. 4. Upon the adoption of proper plans and specifications, for the construction of a wagon bridge, as aforesaid, it shall be the duty of such board to advertise for bids in accordance therewith, and thereupon they shall let the contraćt thereof to the lowest responsible bidder.

SEC. 5. Such State bridge, when construćted, shall be a public highway, and free to the use of all persons.

SEG. 6. When construćted, it shall be the duty of the county of Mesa to keep such bridge in repair at its own expense.

SEC. 7. Upon the completion of said bridge according to contraćt, and the payment by the county of Mesa of the sum of fifteen thousand ($15,000) dollars on said contraćt, those fačts being certified to by the State Engineer and the board of county commissioners of said Mesa county, the Auditor of the State is hereby authorized to draw warrants for the amount appropriated by se&tion one of this act, or so much thereof as may be necessary for the purpose of paying the amount due on said contračt.

SEC. 8. This act shall not take effeót or be in force until

the sum of fifteen thousand ($15,000) dollars, specified in

sećtion one of this act, shall have been raised and made

available by the county of Mesa for the purpose above set forth.

Approved April 6, 1885.

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