People of Virtue: Reconfiguring Religion, Power and Moral Order in Cambodia Today

Sampul Depan
Alexandra Kent, David Porter Chandler
NIAS Press, 2008 - 323 halaman

Much attention has been given to the "killing fields" of Cambodia, far less to how the country can recover and heal itself after such an experience. Crucial to this process has been the formation of a new moral order in Cambodia and hence the revival of religion in the country. However, this process requires that the representatives of religion and of morality do have credibility and moral authority, something that may be called into question by their past and present involvement in hegemonic political and secular affairs.

The importance of this volume, therefore, is not only that it contributes to the new interest in religion in Cambodia but also because it places the religious revival in a nuanced social, cultural and political context and shows how Cambodia pursues order in large part through reference to her past.It also addresses major questions of interest to a global audience. These include such topics as how a community may be repaired after violent conflict, how religion and politics are interwoven and how moral order and historical change impact upon one another.

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The Scope and Limitations of Political Participation
Index 319
Modernism and Morality in the Colonial Era
Truth Representation and the Politics of Memory after
WatPreah Thammalanka and the Legend ofLok Ta Nen
The Recovery of the King
Between Forests and Families a remembered past life
Buddhist Practice in Rural Kandal Province
Reconstructing Buddhist Temple Buildings an analysis
The Absence of Elders Chaos and moral order in the aftermath
The Moral Geology of the Present Structuring morality
in front of him
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