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Halaman 13 - Department of Defense, Department of the Army, Department of the Navy, Department of the Air Force...
Halaman 204 - Defense, the Secretary of the Navy, the Chief of Naval Operations and the Commandant of the Marine Corps, we have a multitude of initiatives well underway to make our infrastructure more effective and less costly.
Halaman 49 - Agriculture; the activities of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the Department of Commerce...
Halaman 352 - NAVAL WORKING FUND The Naval Working Fund was established in 1924 to account for advances received by the Navy for the cost of material or services furnished to other Government agencies, foreign governments and private parties.
Halaman 520 - ... devoting a great portion of our managerial skills to this endeavor. I believe our request this year represents the results of a vastly improved budget formulation process and accurately portrays our requirements. The momentous transition in the Army simply cannot be accommodated with less than we are requesting.
Halaman 47 - ... million is included to support aviation personnel travel, force commands, and resources for the provisioning of aircraft repair parts for fleet marine air wings. The ship forces program provides for the operating and maintenance expenses of Active fleet ships. An amount of $830 million is requested, a decrease of $36.3 million from fiscal year 1972.
Halaman 499 - Mr. Chairman and Members of the Committee, it is an honor to appear before this Committee to report on the Army's posture and to express once again the Army's appreciation for the continuing interest and support of the Congress during a period in which great demands have been placed upon us.
Halaman 514 - In the majority of cases, the technicians to be hired during fiscal year 1973 will also be military members of the units they serve. Thus, the technician program provides support to units while on both Reserve duty and active duty for training, and during both peacetime and mobilization/deployment.
Halaman 48 - Intelligence including Mapping, Charting and Geodesy; Communications; Oceanography and Weather programs and Special Support Activities. These special functional programs are performed in response to national security tasking and to provide specific specialized information and services required for fleet operations. The fiscal year 1973 request of $313.6 million for these programs is $17.5 million above the fiscal year 1972 level of $296.1 million.

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