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Farmers of Illinois: A second volume of the Transactions of your state society is before you; and the editor has no hesitation in pronouncing the work a good one. Much of the matter is of a highly scientific character, not common to similar official publications. The reports of awarding committees, statements of competitors for premiums, &c., are not without interest to the general reader; but the premium treatises, and more extended: voluntary communications of men of thought and science, make up

the bulk and the practical value of the work; and all are confidently commended to the attention of those into whose hands it may chance to fall. .

Special rotice is not intended; but while thanking the liberal contributors of our own state, the editor may be permittted a word of gratulation in regard to the much-needed paper on our Grasses, and the complete catalogue of Illinois plants, by that excellent western botanist, I. A. LAPHAM, of Milwaukee. The former, every inquiring farmer and grazier will appreciate, and the latter supplies a record of our rich native flora, of much importance to science, and which each succeeding season was rendering more difficult of accomplishment.

An admirable catalogue of plants found in the vicinity of Peoria was also presented by Dr. FREDERICK BRENDEL, which was necessarily deferred to the general list above named; as were several other papers, on different subjects, and for equally good reasons.

Soine errors of the types will doubtless be discovered, for which the editor is not responsible, as he has had no opportunity to correct proof; nor can he make a table of errata without the manuscript, which was forwarded to Springfield early in April.

The illustrations and general mechanical execution of the work are highly creditable to all concerned. Indeed, very few public documents can be found better printed; and in addition to the faithful performance of this duty, the state printer and his courteous assistant, Mr. S. G. NESBITT, have helped, in other ways, to increase the usefulness of the volume, and lessen the anxieties of an absent editor.

Truly your friend,


September 28th, 1857.



C. W. WEBSTER, President, Salem, Marion Co.



1st District-II. CAPRON,..

Alden, McIIenry Co. 20

Lewis ELLSWORTH,. Naperville, Du Page Co. 3d

J. E. McCLUN, Bloomington, McLean Co. 4th J. II. STIPP,...

... Canton, Fulton Co. 5th

J. W. SINGLETON,.. .Quincy, Adams Co. 6th

A. B. MCCONNELL Springfield, Sangamon Co. 7th

WILLIAM KILE....... Paris, Edgar Co. Sth

S. A. BUCKMASTER, ..... Alton, Madison Co. 9th

IIawkins S. OSBORN,... Pinckneyville, Perry Co. Pul. Warren, Recording Secry,.... Jacksonville, Morgan Co. SIMEON FRANCIS, Corres. Secry,. Springfield, Sangamon Co.' JOIN WILLIAMS, Treasurer,. II. C. JOINS, Ex-President,.. Decatur, Macon Co. J. N. Brown, Ex-President, ....... Berlin, Sangamon Co.



A GENERAL ACT for the incorporation of county agricultural societies. Section 1. Be it enacted by the people of the state of Illinois, represented in the General Assembly, That an agricultural society may be formed in any county of the state, by the voluntary association of any number of legal voters of the same—not less than twenty—who may meet and organize for that purpose, under a constitution and by-laws of their own construction, which they may alter and amend at pleasure ; the use and benefit of the same to be alike free to every citizen of the county who is disposed to associate with them under the constitution and by-laws so provided, and in accordance with this act, upon such terms as may be provided.

$ 2. Each county society thus organized may thereupon be constituted a body corporate and politic, under an appropriate name; which name, together with that of the president, secretary and treasurer, shall be recorded on the books of the county clerk of the county wherein said society is located; whereupon said society shall be deemed legally constituted, and under this name shall be capable of contracting and being contracted with, suing and being sued, pleading and being impleaded, in all courts of law and equity in this state; and in said county shall have power to sue for and collect all gratuitous subscriptions which are or may be made to such society; and may have a common seal, which they may change at pleasure; and may, in their corporate name, acquire, by purchase or otherwise, and hold real estate, for the use and to promote the objects of the society, not exceeding in quantity, at any time, five hundred acres.

$ 3. Any person who shall, without the permission of the oficers of the corporation, enter within any inclosure which may be used by such corporation for an agricultural or mechanical fair, and any person guilty of disorderly conduct, or such as may interrupt or be prejudicial to the interests of said fair, show or exhibition, whether inside the inclosure for the same, or at any distance within two hundred yards of such inclosure, shall be liable to immediate arrest, and to the payment of five dollars to the association, to be recoverable at suit of said corporation, in action for debt, before any justice of the peace or other court in this state.

§ 4. The provisions of the third section of this act are hereby made applicable and legally available to all agricultural societies within the state, whether incorporated or unincorporated, and which desire to take the benefit of the same.

§ 5. This act to be in force from and after its passage. APPROVED Feb. 8, 1857.

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