Mayday, I'm Fallen: Survival Strategies for Christians

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Tate Publishing, 2008 - 312 halaman
Because of the Fall and Original Sin, Christians inevitably face all kinds of spiritual trouble, similar to the life-threatening tragedies that firefighters daily battle. Author and Fire Chief Ross Chadwick names Christianity as extremely hazardous and dangerous, where Christians daily face risky situations that threaten their very spiritual survival and thus begs the question, 'When we get into trouble, how will we survive the raging fires?' Mayday, I'm Fallen offers ten practical tips for spiritual survival modeled after common firefighting safety tactics. Not only do these tips aid the Christian in survival, but they also offer vital information on being a true disciple of Christ. Stop scraping by on your own. When life gets tough yell out, 'Mayday, I'm Fallen, ' to your loving Savior, waiting to bring you back to safe standing

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Mayday Im Fallen
Stay Oriented
Know Understand Your Enemy
Be Prepared
Stay Oriented
Monitor Conditions
Stay Low
Stay On The Line
Stay Together
Stay Calm
Stay Oriented
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