The Elements of Railroad Engineering

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J. Wiley & Sons, Incorporated, 1913 - 405 halaman

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Halaman 70 - It is: 2 wh Safe load s + 1 in which w is the weight of the hammer in pounds, h is the fall in feet, and 5 the penetration of the pile in inches under the last blow. The arbitrary constant 1, added to s, is to allow for the settling of the earth around the pile between blows ; where the blows are rapid, as in the steam driver, the arbitrary constant may be reduced to fa.
Halaman 143 - The percentage of the cylinder power which appears as a stress in the drawbar diminishes with increase of speed. At 40 revolutions per minute, the maximum is 94 and the minimum 77; at 280 revolutions per minute, the maximum is 87 and the minimum 62. 22. The loss of power between the cylinder and drawbar is greatly affected by the character of the lubricant.
Halaman 142 - Contrary to a common assumption, the results show that when forced to maximum power, the large boilers delivered as much steam per unit area of heating surface as the small ones. 2. At maximum power, a majority of the boilers tested delivered 12 or more pounds of steam per square foot of heating surface per hour; two delivered more than 14 pounds, and one, the second in point of size, delivered 16.3 pounds.
Halaman 248 - Technically known as indirect carriers by air, they are perhaps better described as the middle men in air freight transportation. Not only do they develop traffic for the air carriers, but they act as traffic representa-tives for the shipper, offering all the interim services from the door of the consignor to the door of the con-signee.
Halaman 138 - ... describing a stationary steam plant. The horse-power produced by any steam engine during a given period equals the work done in the cylinders per minute divided by 33,000. The work done equals the product of the mean effective pressure per square inch on the piston, the area of the piston in square inches, the length of the stroke in feet, and the number of single strokes in one minute; the first two factors giving total pressure and the last two distance through which that pressure acts. Expressed...
Halaman 143 - ... 10 per cent., while the best compound shows a saving over the poorest simple which is not far from 40 per cent. It should be remembered, however, that the conditions of the tests, which provide for the continuous operation of the locomotives at constant speed and load throughout the period covered by the observations, are all favorable to the compound.
Halaman 142 - The compound locomotives tested, using saturated steam, consumed from 18.6 to 27 pounds of steam per indicated horsepower hour. Aided by a superheater, the minimum consumption is reduced to 16.6 pounds of superheated steam per hour.
Halaman 231 - Locomotives. 74. Water for Yard Locomotives. 75. Lubricants for Yard Locomotives. 76. Other Supplies for Yard Locomotives. 77. Operating Joint Yards and Terminals — Dr.
Halaman 26 - ... physical treatment of the metal. Rails are known by the weight per lineal yard of one rail. A 60 pound rail weighs 60 pounds per lineal yard and has about 6 square inches in its cross section. The rail is divided into head, web and flange; and in the Am. Soc. CE section, 42 per cent of the section is in the head, 21 per cent in the web, and 37 per cent in the flange whatever the weight. The principal features of this section are the proportions of the metal in the three parts, the equality of...
Halaman 209 - Weighing and car-service associations 65. Coal and ore docks 66. Station supplies and expenses 67. Yardmasters and their clerks 68. Yard conductors and brakemen 69. Yard switch and signal tenders 70. Yard supplies and expenses 71. Yard enginemen 72. Enginehouse expenses — Yard 73. Fuel for yard locomotives 74. Water for yard locomotives 75. Lubricants for yard locomotives 76. Other supplies for yard locomotives 77.

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