History of North Carolina: From 1584 to 1783

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C.L. Van Noppen, 1908

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Halaman 450 - Whereas, by an address presented to his majesty by both Houses of Parliament, in February last, the American colonies are declared to be in a state of actual rebellion, we conceive that all laws and commissions confirmed by, or derived from, the authority of the king or Parliament, are annulled and vacated, and the former civil constitution of these colonies, for the present, wholly suspended.
Halaman 387 - I, AB, do declare, That I do believe that there is not any transubstantiation in the sacrament of the Lord's supper, or in the elements of bread and wine, at or after the consecration thereof by any person whatsoever.
Halaman 518 - Resolved, That the delegates for this Colony in the Continental Congress be impowered to concur with the delegates of the other Colonies in declaring Independency, and forming foreign alliances, reserving to this Colony the sole and exclusive right of forming a Constitution and laws for this Colony...
Halaman xxviii - This land lay stretching itself to the West, which after we found to be but an island of twenty miles long, and not above six miles broad.
Halaman 452 - Resolves be in full force and virtue until instructions from the general congress of this province, regulating the jurisprudence of this province, shall provide otherwise, or the legislative body of Great Britain resign its unjust and arbitrary pretensions with respect to America.
Halaman 440 - ... his former command and authority, he acting conformably to these regulations. And that every member present of this delegation shall henceforth be a civil officer, viz.: a justice' of the peace in the character of a "committee man...
Halaman 450 - That the Provincial Congress of each Province, under the Direction of the Great Continental Congress, is invested with all legislative and executive Powers within their respective Provinces; and that no other Legislative or Executive does or can exist, at this Time, in any of these Colonies.
Halaman 14 - ... as we entered up the sandy bank, upon a tree in the very brow thereof were curiously carved these fair Roman letters: "CRO." Which letters presently we knew to signify the place where I should find the planters seated, according to a secret token agreed upon between them and me at my last departure from them...
Halaman xxviii - God for our safe arrival! thither, we manned our boats, and went to view the land next adjoyning, and to take possession of the same, in the right of the Queenes most excellent Majestic...
Halaman 451 - That those two select men thus chosen do jointly and together choose from the body of their particular company two persons to act as constables, who may assist them in the execution of their office.

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