Steamship Conference/dual Rate Bill: Hearings Before the Merchant Marine and Fisheries Subcommittee of the Committee on Commerce, United States Senate, Eighty-seventh Congress, First Session, on H.R. 6775, an Act to Amend the Shipping Act, 1916, as Amended, to Provide for the Operation of Steamship Conferences, Bagian 2

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1961
Considers H.R. 6775, to amend the Shipping Act of 1916 to allow merchant marine shipping conference exemptions from antitrust regulations.

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Halaman 596 - The Commission shall disapprove any rate or charge filed by a common carrier by water in the foreign commerce of the United States or conference of carriers which, after hearing, it finds to be so unreasonably high or low as to be detrimental to the commerce of the United States.
Halaman 539 - ... carrier refund or remit in any manner or by any device any portion of the rates, fares, and charges so specified, nor extend to any shipper or person any privileges or facilities in the transportation of passengers or property, except such as are specified in such tariffs: Provided, That wherever the word 'carrier' occurs in this Act it shall be held to mean 'common carrier.
Halaman 269 - The jurisdiction of the nation within its own territory is necessarily exclusive and absolute. It is susceptible of no limitation not imposed by itself. Any restriction upon it, deriving validity from an external source, would imply a diminution of its sovereignty to the extent of the restriction, and an investment of that sovereignty to the same extent in that power which could impose such restriction. All exceptions, therefore, to the full and complete power of a nation within its own territories,...
Halaman 736 - Act to protect trade and commerce against unlawful restraints and monopolies," and amendments and Acts supplementary thereto, and the provisions of sections 73 to 77, both inclusive, of the Act approved August 27, 1894, entitled "An Act to reduce taxation, to provide revenue for the Government, and for other purposes," and amendments and Acts supplementary thereto.
Halaman 539 - No common carrier by motor vehicle shall charge or demand or collect or receive a greater or less or different compensation for transportation or for any service in connection therewith between the points enumerated in such tariff than the rates, fares, and charges specified in the tariffs in effect at the time...
Halaman 495 - ... shall contain the classification of freight in force, and shall also state separately all terminal charges, storage charges, icing charges, and all other charges which the Commission may require, all privileges or facilities granted or allowed and any rules or regulations which in any wise change, affect, or determine any part or the aggregate of such aforesaid rates, fares, and charges, or the value of the service rendered to the passenger, shipper, or consignee.
Halaman 635 - Embassy presents its compliments to the Department of State and has the honor to refer to the Embassy's aide memoire, dated July 6, 1965.
Halaman 489 - SEC. 15. That every common carrier by water, or other person subject to this Act, shall file immediately with the Commission a true copy, or, if oral, a true and complete memorandum, of every agreement with another such carrier or other person subject to this Act...
Halaman 218 - Between the territories of the high contracting parties there shall be freedom of commerce and navigation. The nationals of each of the high contracting parties equally with those of the most favored nation, shall have liberty freely to come with their vessels and cargoes to all places, ports and waters of every kind within the territorial limits of the other which are or may be open to foreign...
Halaman 499 - Whoever willfully falsifies, destroys, mutilates, or alters any such report, account, record, rate, charge, or memorandum, or willfully files a false report, account, record, rate, charge, or memorandum shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and subject upon conviction to a fine of not more than $1,000, or imprisonment for not more than one year, or to both such fine and imprisonment.

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