Look Inside of Me!

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Xulon Press, 2007 - 152 halaman
Timothy Wiebe suffered as a teen from low self-esteem, drug dependence, and feelings of hopelessness. In "Look Inside of Me," discover how anyone can have abundance of life, joy, love, and happiness by inviting the Holy Spirit to search and direct your life. Learn the secret of deep intimacy with Jesus Christ. This is not a "how to" or a "7 steps" book. Learn to see and know what God sees in you, and the plans He has for you. Within these pages you'll find the answer for thoughts of unworthiness and find God's love revealed to you as never before. Timothy Wiebe along with his wife Rebekah are Senior Pastors of Harvest Assembly of God Church in Georgetown, Texas. They have served in full time ministry together since 1984 in various facets of ministry. Timothy and Rebekah have taken the gospel across the US, and to other parts of the world, singing and preaching revivals and tent meetings. Timothy began testifying and preaching the Word of God at the age of 16 after a life changing encounter with the Lord. Timothy is a graduate of Berean University. The message that burns strongest on his heart is that God longs to have intimate fellowship with anyone who will call on Him, that Jesus took our sins, and longs to bring people into covenant relationship with Him. The message here is that through the power and presence of the Holy Spirit, people from any type of background can live victoriously, with joy and with great peace. Timothy's messages of hope and deliverance can be heard via the Internet, by going to www.harvestchurchaog.org and clicking on "Online Sermons."

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