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For the firtt Week in April, 1787.


HISTORY of the late WAR in AMERICA.

From the British ANNUAL REGISTER, for 1779. THUS, unhappily, did the second proposal, which could only be excused

commission for the restoration of by levity, or the heat and inexpeace in America, prove as futile in the perience of youth, was rejected by the event as the former. Although it would noble Lord to whom it was addressed, be too much to affirm., that any proposal with the light that it deserved. made by the commissioners, or any cir Whilft New-York, the Jerlies, Penn. cumtances attending their million, could sylvania, and the borders of Connecticut, have been productive of the desired effect, had hitherto endured all the calamities of after the conclusion of the French trea war, it fortuned, that the northern and ties; it would however seem, that no southern, as well as the more interiour thing could have been more untoward colonies, enjoyed no inconsiderable dein point of time, and more subversive of gree of general tranquillity. The early the purposes of their commission, than transactions in the neighbourhood of the sudden retreat from Philadelphia, Boston, the attempt' on Charlestown, which took place almot at the instant of Lord Dunmore's adventures in Virginia, its being opened. However neceffary with the subjugation of the Tories in this measure might have been, consider. North and South Carolina, being the ed in a military view, the disgrace of a principal exceptions to this observation. l'etreat, and the loss of a province, were. The continual petty hoftilities carried, undoubtedly omens very inauspicious to on between the inhabitants of the two ebe opening of a negociation. It has neighbouring weak colonies, of Georgia been publickly faid, however Arange it and East Florida, ferved, however, to must appear) that one of the commision-, keep the rumour of war alive to the ers, at least, was totally unacquainted, southward ; and an expedition undertaeven at the time of their arrival, that ken in the spring of this year by a party this measure was not only intended, but of Americans, conveyed its effects to the chat the orders for its execution actually Misisippi, and afforded no small cause of accompanied their million.

alarm, to the whole new colony of West As if Fortune had designed, that this Florida, which had hitherto been totally commiflion Mould have been distinguish clear of the general tumult. ed in every part of its existence from all o. The expedition was, however, conthers, it was also attended with the fin fined in its present effect to its immedigular circumstance, of a letter from the ate object, which only extended to the Marquis De la Fayette (whole military reduction of the British settlements ia conduct had placed him very high in the that country, which had formerly belong. opinion of the Americans, as well as in ed to a distinguithed Indian nation called their service) to the Earl of Carlisle, Natches; who many years before had challenging that nobleinan, as first com fallen victims to European policy, the missioner, to the field, there to answer whole people having been perfidiously ex. in his own person, and in Gingle combat, terminated by the French. These setfor some harhness of reflection upon the tlements were under the government, conduet of the French court and nation, and considered as a part of West Florida; which had appeared in those publick acts but being too remote for protection, if or instruments, that he and his brethren it could even have been afforded, the inhad iffued in their political capacity. It habitants prcferved their property by is ahmot needless to cbserve, that such surrendering without residance to a Can

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