The Westminster Theological Wordbook of the Bible

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Donald E. Gowan
Westminster John Knox Press, 1 Jan 2003 - 551 halaman

Key theological and ethical words of the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible are explained by an outstanding group of biblical scholars in this wordbook. The articles deal with groups of related words, drawing the reader into the meanings of the original Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek words. The book will be useful for lay readers of the Bible, university and seminary students, and pastors, adding depth to their understandings of hundreds of important terms, such as "justice," "Son of Man," "resurrection," and "kingdom of God."


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Great reference tool

Ulasan Pengguna  - Mr love background -

I purchased it a sale price and it was worth every penny, but for my purposes I'm not sure full price would have been as full as value. It all depends on why you are getting it in the first place. No doubt, it is comprehensive and well done. I think it is great. Baca ulasan lengkap

Good To Have, But Not a Must

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I must be honest. I was very disappointed in this product. The book examines words in the Bible, but there is no exposition and no identification of the actual words used. For instance, the text will ... Baca ulasan lengkap

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Donald E. Gowan is Robert Cleveland Holland Professor Emeritus of Old Testament at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is a minister in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and has authored several books on the Old Testament, including Theology in Exodus and Theology of the Prophetic Books.

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