Night and morning, by the author of 'Rienzi'.

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Halaman 183 - ... with set teeth — with closed eyes — he moved on — he gained the parapet — he stood safe on the opposite side. And now, straining his eyes across, he saw through the open casement into the chamber he had just quitted. Gawtrey was still standing against the door to the principal staircase, for that of %the two was the weaker and the more as'sailed. Presently the explosion of a firearm was heard ; they had shot through the panel.
Halaman 211 - ... first time, you look through the glass of science upon one ghastly globule in the waters that heave around, that fill up with their succulence the pores of earth, that moisten every atom subject to your eyes or handled by your touch, you are startled and dismayed; you say, mentally, "Can such things be? I . never dreamed of this before ! I thought what was invisible to me was non-existent in itself, — I will remember this dread experiment.
Halaman 184 - Morton sprung to his feet and looked below. He saw on the rugged stones, far down, a dark, formless, motionless mass — the strong man of passion and levity — the giant who had played with life and soul, as an infant with the baubles that it prizes and breaks — was what the...

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