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Jonathan Stevens, For Edmond Crane, Applied for part of lot No. 45. This lot appears was originally the right of Ezekiel Peirce and by him was transfered to Winchester Mathewson the 7th Nov., 1774, and the said Mathewson sold two hundred acres on the centre road to Sylvanus Mathewson, Noy'. 26th, 1776. Sylvanus assigned all his right to Edmond Crane, 27th March, 1779, and Edmond by an instrument of writing the 224 July, 1799, Quit claims the one-half to Jonathan Stevens, and authorises the said Stevens to negociate for the other half; the said Stevens by his instructions to the Commissioners commutes for one hundred & fifty acres. Which the Commissie establish to him and Crane in lot No. 45 on the centre road.

The remaining part of the lot, (viz): 175 As. 35. Ps., appeared to be vested in the heirs of Winchester Mathewson, which is claimed by Nehemiah Ide. To establish his claim he introduces the deposition of Abraham Dutcher, who married a daughter of Winchester Mathewson, and also the deposition of Almon Church, which go to shew that Elisha Mathewson, Administrator on the estate of Winchester Mathewson, assigned to Abraham Dutcher one whole lot in Bedford as the portion of Dutcher's wife in the said Mathewson's estate. 150 acres is adjudged to Crane & the remainder to Nehemiah Ide; and also is adjudged to Ide 100 acres on the west end of lot No. 44 which appears to be vested in the heirs of Winchester Mathewson, to make up said Dutcher's right, and the remainder, (viz) : 238 As. 84% Ps. to the heirs of Winchester Mathewson, as applied for by John Peirce in their behalf. Sarah Dutcher to be excepted and Sylvanus Mathewson,

Monday, 27th Augst. Surveyor run Ide & Brown's division lines, M. Smith attended the other Commissioners, classing & valuing the lands and makeing out Certificates.

Tuesday, Augst 28th. Surveyor engaged in drafting Commissioners all engaged in filling up certificates and entering them in class book.

Wednesday, Augst 29th. . This day compared Certificates with Class book. Indorsed them, settled up the accounts, and each one after takeing an affectionate adieu, set out for their respective homes.

The Pennsylvania claimants to lands in the Township of Bedford, Luzerne County, not having submitted their titles to the land, and draughts of survey duly authenticated to the Commissioners (either before or after the same had been certified to the Connecticut claiinants), for the purpose of having their said lands resurveyed, classed, valued and certified, as is by law directed

The Commissioners being unanimously of opinion that the law left it altogether optional with the Pennsylvania claimant to comply with its provisions or not, in the first or second instant, and by not having applied the law made their election; therefore no measures were or could be taken by the Commissioners respecting them.

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(From a large mass of correspondence in the Land Department we have gleaned the documents printed herewith. They are of various dates. It may be stated in this connection that there are many valuable papers in existence relating to Wyoming affairs, which it is sincerely hoped the State will direct the printing An important letter book belonging to the Department has not been found. )

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