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GUY WELLS. Sub. 889. Oath filed.

Claims to northermost half of Lot No. 28.

Springfield List Set to Amos Draper. Bond 12th Sept., 1786.

Amos Draper to Warham Kingsley with penalty to make a Deed for said Lot.

See deposition filed of Guy Wells, Zachariah Price and Thomas Lewis, that a Deed was duly made and that the same is lost and cannot be found. Deed 26 of May, 1787. Con: £50.

Warham Kingsley to Joseph Bostwick & Mary Lewis twothirds to Bostwick & one-third to Mary Lewis. Deed 7 Sep!., 1788. Con: £33.

Joseph Bostwick to Zachariah Price for half of said Lot, lying in the following boundaries Viz: E. on the Town line, 8. on Gordon's Land, W. on the common Land, N. on Land formerly Joseph Tyler's but now belonging to Thomas Lewis & Jared Tyler & Sherman Buck. Deed 5 Dec., 1793. Con.

Zachariah Price & Ruth his wife for the Northera half of said Lot to Claimant as described above.

Sub. 884. Oath filed.

Claims | part of Lot No. 29, also 100 acres of Lot No. 28.
Claim for part of lot No. 29.

See the title of Elijah Shoemaker in the Commissioners'
Book of titles in Springfield (former Board) as to the right of
Samuel Gordon and his conveyance to said Shoemaker.
Deed 30 June, 1800. Con : 100 Dis.

Elijah Shoemaker and his mother, Jane Blanchard, to Claimant for one-third of Lot No. 29, being that part that the said Reuben is now in possession off (Ackley being in possession of the other two-thirds

Claim for 100 acres of Lot No. 28.
Springfield List Set to Amos Draper.

See the title of Guy Wells last page for the title into Mary
Deed 27 Feb., 1790. Con : £18. 15.

Mary Lewis and Thomas Lewis to claimant for one-sixth part of this Lot to be divided according to Quality and Quantity.

See the title of Guy Wells on last page for another part of this lot into Joseph Bostwick,

See deposition of claimant filed that he has made diligent Search for a Deed from Joseph Bostwick to Samuel Prince.

See deposition filed of Thomas Lewis that there was a Deed. from Joseph Bostwick to Samuel Prince.

See Certificate of Thomas Graham, recorder of Luzerne county, that there is no Such Deed on record. Deed 30 Feb., 1791. Con : £12.

Samuel Prince to Abigail Wells, wife of Claimant, for onefourth of two-thirds of one Right of Land lying in Springfield.

THOMAS LEWIS. Sub. 885. Oath filed.

Claims lot No. 27 and part of 28. Surveyed together by Westerly and Numbered on the Draft 27 and contains 306 as. 59 ps. and Allowance.

Claim for Lot No. 27.
Springfield List Set to Ephraim Tyler.

See the depositions of Thomas Lewis, Nathan Kingsley and Joseph Elliott filed, that Ephraim Tyler conveyed this lot to Warham Kingsley about the year 1806, Which Deed is lost and after diligent Search cannot be found.

See Certificate filed that there is no such Deed on Record from Ephraim Tyler to Warham Kingsly from Thomas Graham, Recorder of Luzerne County. Deed 12 Jan., 1789. Con : £150.

Warham Kingsly to Thomas Lewis, William S. Buck and Jared Tyrrell in equal Moieties, Viz, one-half to Thomas Lewis and the other half to Buck and Tyrrell. Deed 26 Nov., 1790. Con: £20.

William S. Buck and his Wife Berintha to claimant for his fouith of said Lot.

Deed 16 March, 1807. Con: £15 L. M.

Jared Terrell to William S. Buck for one quarter of a Lot or Share of Land in Springfield, the same I bought in partnership with Said Buck and Thomas Lewis. Deed Sep'., 1792. Con: £30.

William S. Buck and his wife Berintha to claimant for the last mentioned fourth part of said Lot.

Sub. 999. Oath filed.

Job Terrill by his Atts M. Miner York, claims 100 acres of Lot No. 7, also about 75 acres & 75 perches, being part of his division among the heirs of Amos York, dec., of Lands given them by Manasseth Miner, the father of Lucretia the widow of the said Amos York, Also about 25 acres of the Lot Joseph Town's Mill stands on. Claim for 100 acres of lot No. 7. Springfield list Set to William Churchill. Deed 31 ()ct'., 1793. Con: £31 L. M.

William Churchill to Job Terrill.

Power of Attorney Job Terrill to M. Miner York to do what was needfull.

Claim for 75 as. 75 p8

See in the Title of M. Miner York in the former Commissioners' Book of titles in Springfield, how this title originated, and the consentable division among the heirs of Amos York of the property given them by their Grandfather, Manasseth Miner, in which the Land here claimed was part of what was set off to Job Terrill and Kesiah his wife.


Claims lots No. 14 & 15.
Springfield list Drawn by Benjamin Budd.

See the deposition of John Budd filed that his father Benjamin Budd made a Deed to Parshall Terry of his Lands in Springfield, he does not recollect the Nos but believes it was for lots No. 14 & 15, and the half of another lot that was drawn by his Father. That deponant delivered the Deed to Jonathan Terry the claimant to be delivered to his father Parshall Terry. See deposition filed of John Horton that about 12 years ago he saw a Deed in the possession of Parshall Terry for two lots and a half of Land in Springfield, the same lots whereon the said Parshall Terry now lives and where his Son Jonathan lives.

See also the deposition of Parshall Terry filed that the Deeds froin Benjamin Budd to him was burnt in the House of Nathan Terry when that House was burnt.

See Certificate filed of Thomas Graham, recorder of Luzerne County, That there is no Deed on Record in his Office from Benjamin Budd to Parshall Terry. Deed 20 July, 1807. Con: Love & Good Will.

Parshall Terry to Jonathan Terry the Claimant for these two Lots.

Sub. 888. Oath filed.
Claims that half of Lot No. 16 joining on the River.

See the title of Jonathan Terry for this title into Parshall
Deed 18 Nov., 1807. Con: Agree' made 29 June, 1798.

Parshall Terry to Claimant for the equal Moiety of said lot No. 16 joining on the River.


Claims part of Lot No. 24 within the following boundaries, Beginning at a certain Stake & Stones at the South east corner of said Lot, thence running West about 56 rods to a cer. tain Stake and Stones, Thence running northerly to a Stake on the Hill, towards the Town line, and as far on that course as the Town line shall extend, Thence running Easterly as far as said lot extends, Thence running Southeasterly to the first mentioned bounds. Spingfield List -Drawn by Nathan Denison.

See in the former Commissioners' Book of Springfield titles in the title of Abigail Dodge for a Deed from Nathan Denison to Abigail Dodge for lot No. 24. Deed Jan. 20, 1808. Con: £33.

Abigail Dodge to Oliva Crawford for a part of Lot No. 24 bounded Easterly on the undivided Land, Southerly on the Susquehanna River, Westerly on Humphrey Brown, Northerly on undivided Land.


Sub. 984. Oath filed.

Claims Lots No. 20 & 21.
Springfield list-Drawn by Perrin Ross, both lots.
Deed 21 May, 1777. Con: £200.

Perrin Ross to Justus Gaylord.
Deed 19 Aug, 1799. Con: Good Will &o.

Justus Gaylord to his Son Chancy Gaylord for lot No. 20.
Deed 27 Dec'., 1802. Con: $300.

Chancy Gaylrod to Benjamin Crawford for Lot No. 20.

Office copy filed of the Orders of the Orphans' Court to Jonathan Terry to Sell the Land of Benjamin Crawford, deceased. Deed 3 Aug., 1805. Con: 294 Dls.

Jonathan Terry as Administrator of Benja. Crawford, deca, to Justus Gaylord, jun'., for Lot No. 20. Deed July 4ch, 1807. Con: 300 Dls.

Justus Gaylord, jun'., to claimant for Lot No. 20. Deed 24 Sep., 1807. Con: 200 DIs.

Justus Gaylord to claimant for Lot No. 21.

HUMPHREY BROWN. Sub. 960. Oath filed. Claims Lot No. 49, half of No: 47 and parts of lots No. 48 & 50. Claim for Joot No. 47. Springfield List Set to Elihu Williams.

See the title of Darius Williams in the former Commissioners' book of titles of Plyinouth, for Darius Williams' title to his father's rights. Deed 24 Nov., 1807. Con : 25 Dollars.

Darius Williams to Humphrey Brown for all his right to a lot being the same lot that Josiah Ives and Lucy his wife Deeded to claiinant.

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