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Susquehanna River called Lot No. 52. Beginning at a Basswood Tree on the bank of said River, marked, Thence S. 45 W. adjoining Lands belonging to Henry V. Champin, Esquire, 571 rods to a black Birch, marked with the aforesaid Number. Thence S. 45 E. 40 rods to a Hemlock Tree, Thence N. 45 E. 600 rods to a marked Hemlock on the River Bank, Thence up the said River to the place of Beginning, supposed to contain about 150 Acres more or less, reserving to myself out of the above described half Lot a piece of Land five rods in breadth, lines parrallel of and from the East corner of said half Lot, running from where the Road is Occupied to the aforesaid Lot on which I now live.

JONATHAN STEVENS. Sub. 926. Oath filed.

Claims lots No. 42, 46 & half of No. 52. Braintrim List-Drawn by Jonathan Stevens.

Of Lot No. 52 he has sold half to Ely Cloud. See his title last page.

Sub. 908.

Claims Lot No. 45.
Braintrim List-Drawn by George Dorrance.

See his title to the Estate of George Dorrance, Dec., in the former Commissioners' Books of Titles in Kingston & Northmoreland.


Town Committee, Claims for said Township Lots No. 3, 37 & 44 as public Lots of said Township.

Braintrim List Set down as Public Lots.

See Certificate filed of Asa Stevens, Moderator, and Josiah Fassett, Clk., P. T., Stating that at a meeting of the Proprietors of the Township of Braintrim, held the 29th day of 1807.

It was voted that Joshua Keenny and Josiah Fassett be appointed a Town Committee to apply for the public Land in the aforesaid Township and make out title to the same to the Commissioners under the Act of April 4th, 1799, and the Sup. pleinents thereto. Certificate dated August 291, 1807.

ISAAC LACY. Sub. 951. Oath filed.

Claims lot No. 40. Braintrim old List Drawn to Solomon Avery, but under the Township list of Settlers set to Claimant.



Claims the Undivided or Proprietary Land belonging to Lot No. 33 being the undivided Land belonging to a Lot drawn by Amos York.

See the Title of M. Miner York in the former Commissioners' book of titles in Springfield. Deed 22 March, 1805. Con: 10 Dis.

M. Miner York to James Elsworth for the Share of undivided Land belonging to No. 33. Deed 22 March, 1805. Con: 6 Dls.

James Elsworth to Thomas Wigton for the above described Land. Deed 13 May, 1805. Con; 20 Dis.

Thomas Wigton to Matthias Hollenback for the above described Land.

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Sub. 880. Oath filed.

Claims the undivided Land belonging to lot or right No. 22 & 30.

Springtield List. Rights No. 22 & 30 Drawn by Elisha Blackman. Deed 3 Jan., 1798. Con ; 100 Dls.

Elisha Blackman to Claimant for all his undivided Land in the Township of Springfield be the same more or less.


Sub. 941. Oath filed.

Claims lots No. 8 & 9 in said Town and the undivided Land belonging to these two rights with the Island called Wyalusing Island. Springfield List-Both numbers Drawn by Benjamin Eaton.

Office Copy filed. Benjamin Eaton to Isaac Benjamins for one lot containing 300 Acres of Land in a district that was laid out by Jeremiah Ross and Lieut. Wells on the South side of the Susquehanna River opposite Wyalusing, and is known by Hick's possession, also one other Lot on Wyalusing joining Eastward on William Dunn, &c., containing 450 Acres and a half right so called. Deed dated 31 August, 1787. Con: New York Currency.

Office copy filed. Isaac Benjamins and his wife A bigail Benjamins to Jonas Ingham for Lot No. 8 with the Island called Wyalusing Island. Deed dated 4 September, 1789. Con: Among other Lands £400. Deed 1 Aug., 1793. Con: £45.

Isaac Benjamins and Abigail Benjamins to Jonas Ingham for lot No. 9 to contain 300 acres more or less. Deed 24th October, 1794. Con: £166.10.

Jonas Ingham to Joseph Ingham for Lots No. 8 & 9 with the Island called Wyalusing Island and Improvements, &c.


Claims 50 acres of Lot No. 47.
Springfield List-Drawn by Elihu Williams.

See the Title of Humphrey Brown, page-, and the Title of Daniel Brown, page -, for the title into Daniel Brown

Office copy filed. Daniel Brown to James Hinds for one certain Lot or piece of Land being part of Lot No. 47. Beginning at a Stake in the New Road leading from Daniel Brown's to Joseph Stalford's, upon the line between lots Lots No. 47 & 48, thence as the New road now runs 51 rods to a Stake on the north side of the Road, Thence N. 62 W. again Beginning at the beginning corner, running N. 60 W. both these courses to extend far enough buck from said Road to include fifty Acres of Land, being part of Lot No. 47 which is the very piece of Land the said Hinds is now in possession of. Deed 19 Ap., 1805. Con: £41.50.

James Wheeler, Sheriff, as the Property of James Hinds to Thomas Wright for a Tract of of Land, Situate in the Township of Springfield, Adjoining Lands of Gideon Baldwin, Northerly, on Lands of Daniel Brown, Southerly, containing 50 Acres more or less.

JOHN TAYLOR. Sub. 330.

Claims 4 of Lot No. 48.

See his Title in the former Commissioners' Book of Titles, Springfield.


Claims the Undivided Land belonging to right No. 37 and half the right to No. 18, for himself and in trust for Sylvester Dana & the Heirs of Azael Dana, deced

Springfield List, Right No 37, Drawn by Anderson Dana and No. 18 Drawn by Anderson Dana & -- Hatch half claimed by Dana.


In trust for William Smith, in right of his wife Esther. Claims about 52 Acres of lot No. 32.

See the titles of M. Miner York in the former Commissioners' book of Titles of Springfield in which this was set off by consentable Partition by the Heirs of Amos York to Esther York, now interinarried with William Smith.

DANIEL BROWN. Sub. 957. Oath filed.

Claims Lot No. 45 and part of No. 47 & half of Lot No. 50.

Claim for Lot No. 45.
Springfield List-Drawn as a School Lot.

See in the former Commissioners' Book of Titles of Springfield, That this lot was exchanged by the Town for Lot No. 36. Deed 8 Jan., 1794. Con: £200.

Oliver Dodge, Justus Gaylord & Zachariah Price, Town Com.
mittee of Springfield, to Gideon Baldwin.
Deed 1 June, 1796. Con: £150.
Gideon Bald win to Claimant for this Lot.

Claim for part of Lot No. 47.
Springfield List-Drawn by Elishu Williams.

See the title of Humphrey Brown, page 157.
Deed 15th Feb”, 1794. Con: £6.

Humphrey Brown to claimant for one-half of this Lot, out of which he has Sold 50 acres. See the claim of Thomas Wright, page 147.

Claim for one-half of Lot No. 50 undivided. Springfield List --Drawn by Bartholomew Weeks.

See the title of John Taylor in the former Commissioners' book of titles of Springfield, for the Heirs of Bartholomew


Deed 18 Nov. 1795. Con: £15.

Nathan & Elizabeth Waller, Thomas Weeks and Abigail Davidson to claimant for three -sixth parts of this Lot.

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