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I beg the favour of your procuring at the public expence, and for the public use, the paper (not Wright's) considered as federal from the 1 of March to this time. I hear that there are many things therein that require to be explained on the part of Government. It appears by the paper I gave you that about 110,000 acres of Land was supposed by the Comm", of 1787 to have been taken up under the Penns within the 17 townships. The Office opened in the old purchase July 1, 1784, and in the new purchase (north of Tawandee and west of the N. E. Branch of Susque*. in May, 1785. It would be useful to obtain from the Connecticut people a list of the Warrants that are laid, as they conceive, upon Lands in the Seventeen townships. The Warrantees names, the dates and the quantities, both in the Warrant and return would be useful. It would be well to get it in every township, where it may be found practicable, merely as useful general information. It is probable that Judge Wells might give or get it.

Wright, Hollinback, Beach, Bowman, &o., who have been purchasing Pennsylvania rights, might avoid or even frustrate it. But I should think Franklin, Jenkins, Lord Butler, Gore and Wells, and others who have taken little or nothing under Pennsylvania rights, would be likely to possess such information now; it would be well to draw it out of them at once; they probably have papers on the Subject. It appears that the rights prior to 1783 are about of the townships; all the rich flats or bottoms on the east side and on the west above Tawandee are taken by old rights, so that the remainder in the old purchase must be generally.

The Susquehanna Company did not include Iron, coal and other Mines in these papers purporting to be grants. I hurry this off for fear of losing the Conveyance. Y". respect., humble Servant,

TENCH COXE. The Commissioners.

Lancaster, June 16, 1861. Gentlemen :

I learned with pleasure to-day that you had been able to proceed last Wednesday. A great deal of uneasiness is given here by a report that one Thayer, who has sold 100,000 acres of Land as in the Connecticut Claim, has been released from Bail and Consequences at the last Luzerne Court; it will be useful toobtain a precise knowledge of the Case.

Misrepresentations have been made of some offer of Cu! Horn to compromise the Business of the Claim within the Intension, which I am sure he had no authority to do, and would never think of offering without Authority. I wish a Copy of his letter and his Message thro' M'. Hollenback, Jr., could be got and sent.

I am getting the Statement into Lycoming, Wayne, &., but I think the Copies in the 2 papers of Wilkesbarre will be the most useful and important. I hope you have succeeded to get them to insert them. I sent you a Complete Copy, and desired another to be sent from Philadelphia, and now send you a third.

20 persons have been applying here to find out the Pennsylvaniania owners of Land on Tyoga heads, I believe with Sincerity; but we are not to trust to anything but explicit written Submissions.

This goes by a person bound to Tyoga point; he does not stay long, so that I am forced to conclude myself, Gent!.

Y". Mo. Ob'. Servant,


Board of Property of Pennsa., June 6, 1801.

Present, Tench Coxe, Secretary of the Land Office, Samuel Cochran, S. G., Timothy Matlack, M. Rolls.

On Sundry connecticut Settlers Submissions. It appears from a letter and endorsements of Nathan Palmer, Esq., prothonotary of Luzerne, and otherwise that had been delivered at his Office, and subsequently to the last day of December, 1800, that sundry like submissions had been received through other Channels, but that for want of timely transmission by the Subinittees, or for want of timely execution by them, the Submissions had not reached the Land Office until after the last Day of December aforesaid ; Whereupon, the Board are of opinion that the acceptance of all Submissions be suspended, which have not been actually received at the Land Office before the first day of January, 1801; the 5th Section of the act of April 4th, 1800, requiring that the Claimants should make application at the Land Office before that day.

A true Copy,

TENCH COXE, Secretary of the L. Office.

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Land Office of Pennsa., June 24, 1801. Gentlemen :

It was necessary to pass under the View of the Board of property sundry cases of Submission, who had not actually placed their Instruments of Submissions in their Office before the first day of January, 1801; they were variously circumstanced as to dates ; receipt here by post after December, by the prothonotary of Luzerne, before and after 31 Dec., 1801, &, &-., but they all were under one Circumstance, that of not being in this Office on or before the 31 Dec., 1800. They appeared to the Board incapable of being accepted, but they deemed it best not to take order preremptorily. The Subinissions may, if they see proper, make application upon the Subject. It will be well to let your Clerk make a Copy of the above Act of the Board and insert in a Newspaper or put it up in your Office or both. It can be mentioned to M'. Palmer from whom the greater part of them were received.

I have sent you by 2 or 3 Channels complete Copies of the Statement of the 25th May, and many others have gone to Lycoming, Sunbury, Easton, Philadelphia, Bethlehem, Allentown, &*c., to be forwarded also to our different Counties, to N. Jersey, N. York, Connecticut and Havre de Grace.

M'. Jacob Hart took some for you. The paper here has published the Evidence No. 1 to 22. I shall be glad to learn what symptoms appear from the publication.

It is a very astonishing thing that these people will still publish that they have “a grant" froin Connecticut; in that repect the statement must be useful. The falsity that the Pennsylvanians are seeking to Compromise is very scandalous and gross. The letter of Hogdon and E. Tighlman in behalf of the Land holders is in a very firm Spirit.

We shall be glad to know what appears to be the disposition of the late Connecticut from their Conversations and professions; What from the proceedings, Unequivocal acts. It will be very useful to ascertain as far as possible the views and ideas of the people of the 17 townships, and those without, whether the latter seein tenacious, bold, threatning or the reverse.

I should much like to know hy draught the Land within the 17 townships covered by Pennsylva rights later than the decree of Trenton, or by unleased rights of any age and the owners, gen' value, &ra.

There are some rights for land on the West of the N. E. Branch of Susquhanna, above Tawandee, and below the N. York line, which being laid before 1785, when the Office opened for that place, will be of doubtful validity. I speak thus because I am interested in some rights in 1785 that interfere with them, and in my private capacity I deem the opposing rights invalid there. I shall not sit in the Case, being interested. A right of the Mari quis of Lansdown, Gaskill and Hurst interferes in one or two places with us.

If you could procure a Copy of the general tax advertisement and send hither, it would be useful. Do they tax'the Unsettled, unimproved land, claimed by Connecticut people? Few or none of the Connecticut people have taken the oath of single Claim as under Connecticut and not under Pennsylvania and Connecticut. It is said a Number have purchased both titles.

I hope it may be in your power to give early attention to the Lands of M?. Charles Stewart, M'. Robert Wilson, &ca. ; they expected it when they furnished the Map.

We have not our vacant seat filled at the Board, that I mean of the late M'. Muhlenberg. But we have three on the Spot who make a legal Board ; the place will be filled this Week I think.

I shall be particularly glad to hear of anything relative to your Business, which promises a great progress towards an end this Year. The Matter should be as far as possible Concluded this Season ; delays always dangerous; have been particularly so in this Case.

I am, Gentlemen,
Y'. mos. Ob'. Servant,



Lancaster, June 26, 1801. ' Thomas Cooper, Esq'.

Dear Sir: I have received your two favors of the 13th and 16 h. June; this I think is my third letter to the Commissioners or you. We have had Kinney and Baldwin's resolutions, on which I think you pass a just Judgment; they have been republished by Dickson here and Duane in Phila. ; perhaps by others. I sent them to the Coinm's. It is a most unhappy thing to see those persons make a public declaration that they have "a grant" from Connecticut and that the Pennylvanian are disposed to Compromise in order that the deception of the farmers may be kept up.

The letters I sent your were by private hands, except one by post.

The people should be taught that your Business is to do everything that the laws authorize and require to be done in relation to the Connecticut Claim within the 17 townships, and no where else, and that there is no ground to say that the Assembly will do anything more. I perceive that yon are taking pains to shew them the true state, Course and prospects of the Business. It is all necessary from the ingenuity and Activity that was exercised. I am doing what I can to give the New Eng. land States Correct views of the injuries and deceptions which have been passed upon thein for this purpose. I have covered Copies of the Statement to a great number of Considerable men in all the States north of us. The Gozernors, Senators & Representatives, Judges, Members of the State legislatures, Lawyers, Landed men, &c., the Attorney general of the United States, and every other public Man from N. England, from Washington to Massachussets are served with Copies. I have sent large parcels to Co! Pickering, Doctor and Joseph Priestly, Mess". Kidd, Donnell and Hepburn, D. Smith, D. Levy, W. Montgomery, Byers, W. Gray, Wm. Ellis, W. and 8. M°Clay, Evan Owens, N. Beach, Adlum, Caton, the Carsons, G. Palmer, Strouds, Horsefield, Hodgdon, Drinker, Strawbridge, Francis, E. Tighlman and every other person I can think of, who from interest or situation can be of use in circulating the pamphlets or supporting or explaining our title. I have got a few to the heads of Tyoga, the Mouth of it, Salem, Exeter, Kingston, Wilkesbarre, Wayne, &ca., and shall continue to distribute them. I shall be glad of your opinion, whether a publication of 3,000 of them at 200 Dollars would not be useful; my idea would be to put them into every hand we could reach in the 42 degree east of Allegheny river; there might be a few additions

M". Dickson has published all the papers, and N. 1 to N. 22, which gives 500 Copies of that important part; but these go chiefly among the Republicans in Chester, Lancaster, Dauphin, York, Adams, Franklin and Cumberland, and among the printers in various states,

I think it unnecessary to justify the State in the ground she may be compelled to take, that all America should know this Affair; I have therefore sent soine copies to Washington, Del. aware, Maryland, N. Jersey, and have a promise from Duane to publish the paper in 3 or 4 Aurora's which go through Vir. ginia, the Carolinas, Georgia, Kentucky and Tennessee. I rely much upon the influence of shame on the public people of Connecticut, for checking all further proceeding in such a transaction.

I shall be glad to receive a Copy of the renunciation of the Joint title. I am of opinion that if a man has held both he can not renounce one to bring himself within the Law. Be pleased

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