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[AMERICA-Connecticut, July 27, 1753–

Several hundred people of this Colony have agreed to purchase a large tract of Land of the Six Nations of Indians of the Susquehanna, about 300 leagues to the Westward, lying within the bounds of their Charter, to settle upon it, Expecting that it will be in a short time a distinct Government. -- London Magazine for 1753.]


WINDHAM, JULY 18, 1753. Articles of agree' made and Settled between us the subscribers, Inhabis of his Majesty's English Colony of Conn' in New Eng,-being Memorialists to the general Assembly of so Colony at their Sessions in May last, for the title of g Colony to a certain tract of Land lying on Susquehanna river, at, or near a place called Chiwaumuck, an Island in sd river, to the Subscribers hereunto is as followeth-viz:

That whereas, we being desirous to enlarge his Majesties English Settlm's in North Am', and further to spread Xtianity as also to promote our own temporal Intst, do hereby each of us ('on' and engage for ourselves and for those we any of us repres', by signing for them Each of us to pay to Mr. Jos. Skinner, Jabez Fitch Esq'-- Eliph' Dyar Esq-John Smith Esq-Ezek Pierce Esq MrLemuel Smith and Capt. Robi Dixon, a Committee by us nominted to repair to sa place at Susgah, in order to view gd tract of Land, and to purchase of the Natives there inhabits, their title and Inst to s tract of Land, and to Survey, lay out and receive proper deeds or Conveyance, of g! Land, to and for Each of us in Equal proportions, Each one of ustwo Spanish Mill dollars before Committees going and Sette out on so business, and on their return, upon sa Committees rends their account of their reasonable charges, trouble &, Expenses and transactions in s affair, and of whatever may by them be Expended in purchasing the same; we Each of us oblige ourselves, our heirs &c, to pay Each one his Equal proportion thereof, of what the same shall surm' the sum before pd.; and if the sum advanced as aforesaid shall Exceed what may reasonably be Expended in said business and affair, gd Committee to be accountable to, and refund back to Each Subscriber that shall pay as aforesaid, his Equal prop" of what shall remain not Expenda as aforesaid-

And further we do each of us instruct & order said Committee, to set forth on se Affair & business on or before the 1st day of Sep' next, and use their utmost Endeavors to purchase, Survey, take and receive proper Conveyances, of a tract of land at or near g4 place Called Chiwaumuck, at Susq" aforesaid-or some said place in that County not heretofore granted, pat. ented or conveyd to any person, or persons, corporation, or corporations, in opposition to, or alien from the title of this Colony, and that the extent thereof be not less than about 20


miles one way, and 10 the other, and the money by them Expended not to Exceed 1000£ lawful money---And in order for the true performance of the above written, we have hereunto set and affixed our names, Excluding all right or pretence of right to any benefit or privilege to any thing that may be obtained or procured, if we fail or omit to pay the 2 dis to Suid Committee, before their setting out as aforesaid, but the Same to be void as to us, as if our names were not Subscribed.

Subscribers A
John Abbe 2 dls pd the Journeying Committee
Epaphras Andrews
William Andrews 9 dls pd the Jours Cominittee
Noah Adains
Peter Ayer

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Nathan Booth pd 6.10 to 8. Gray-Sold to Amos Morris and

Certife given
Elisha Booth
Moses Bennett his 2 dls pd to 8. Gray
Ebenezer Bobbins
John Racher 2 dls pd the Jour Committee
Nathaniel Bingham
Joseph Blackman
Jabez Brown
Noah Briggs-his 2 dls. pd to S. Gray
James Bruister
Caleb Bates-his > dls. pd to Capt. J. Fitch
Jonth Baker-pd 2 dls to S. Gray-Sold to Ed. Sumner Junr

Cert given
Jeremiah Backner--pd 2 dls. to Capt. J. Fitch
Ezra Belding 2 dls paid to Journ% Committee
Wm. Buck 2 dls pd to Journs Committee
Ishiel Barnum “ “
Gideon Bingham

William Church
Josiah Curtis
Rob' Crary Jun' 2 dls. pd J. Gray Cert. given
Geo. Crary-1 do]pd to S. Gray, half share--whole afterwards-

2 dls to make whole share Cert. given Beach Cutler Benin Craig i dol. pe S. Gray--half share-1754, Jan 10, rect 2 dls.

for the sd Share. Whole share Cert. given Leonard Cady

Oliver Craig -1 dol. pd S. Gray for share-afterwards pd 2

dls to make whole share Aaron Craig-1 dol. pd S. Gray share 1754 Jan 10 recd 2 dols

for other $ share William Cady Christian Crary-1 dol. pd. S. Gray share--half share bought

afterwards Daniel Cross Jun" Jacob Cady William Crary-1 dol. pd to S. Gray į share Cert. given A bijah Cady-his 2 dls pd. to s. Gray Francis Colgrove · * " Ebenezer Cheney of Stuckbridge--1 dol. pd 8. Gray f share John Cogswell -- his 1 dol pd. to Capt. J. Fitch John Cone-pd 1 dol. to Journ Com. Sold to J. Ackley Giles Churchill 2 als. pd Journ Committee John Colbert 1 dol “ “ Benj. Colwell-- whole share


Eliphalet Dyar Esq. 2 Jls. pd Capt. J. Fitch
Gideon Demsby
Jonathan Dean
William Davison
James Darbe
Barnet Dixon-2 dls. pd S. Gray--Sold to Ezra Dean
Robert Dixon 2 dls. pd Capt. John Fitch
Nathaniel Dean Jun"
Jedediah Darbe
Thos Douglass
David Downing -his 2 dls pd to S. Gray
Reuben Darbe
Phineas Dean
Samuel Dean
Seth Dean
Jo Dixon--his 2 dls. pd to Capt. J. Fitch
John Durrance- 2 dls. pd. S. Gray, Cert. given
Geo Durrance
Rob Dixon-yé 34
James Dixon 2 dls pd. to S. Gray
Robi Dixon-Cordwainer
Wm Darbe
Nath Daniels-2 dls. pd to Jedediah Elderkin
James Douglass
Sam' Durrance-his 2 dis. pd to S. Gray

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