A Treatise on the Law and Practice of Foreclosing Mortgages: On Real Property and of Remedies Collateral Thereto, with Forms

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Williamson law book Company, 1889 - 1154 halaman

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Halaman 242 - Any person who is liable to the plaintiff for the payment of the debt secured by the mortgage may be made a defendant in the action; and if he has appeared or has been personally served with the summons, the final judgment may award payment by him of the residue of the debt remaining unsatisfied, after a sale of the mortgaged property, and the application of the proceeds, pursuant to the directions contained therein.
Halaman 1012 - York, on the day of , 18 , at the opening of the court on that day, or as soon thereafter as counsel can be heard...
Halaman 214 - A conveyance upon a sale, made pursuant to a final judgment, in an action to foreclose a mortgage upon real property, vests in the purchaser the same estate, only, that would have vested in the mortgagee, if the equity of redemption had been foreclosed. Such a conveyance is as valid, as if it was executed by the mortgagor and mortgagee, and is an entire bar against each of them...
Halaman 509 - ... or possession of a particular estate is affirmed in the deed, either in express terms or by necessary implication, the grantor and all persons in privity with him shall be estopped from ever afterwards denying that he was so seized and possessed at the time he made the conveyance. The estoppel works upon the estate, and binds an after-acquired title as between parties and privies.
Halaman 155 - A person whose conveyance or incumbrance is subsequently executed or subsequently recorded is bound by all proceedings taken in the action after the filing of the notice, to the same extent as if he was a party to the action.
Halaman 295 - State, that he has departed therefrom, with intent to defraud his creditors, or to avoid the service of a summons, or keeps himself concealed therein with the like intent...
Halaman 82 - All persons having an Interest In the subject of the action and In obtaining the relief demanded...
Halaman 798 - A mortgage of real property shall not be deemed a conveyance, whatever its terms, so as to enable the owner of the mortgage to recover possession of the real property without a foreclosure and sale.
Halaman 83 - Any person may be made a defendant who has or claims an interest in the controversy adverse to the plaintiff, or who is a necessary party to a complete determination or settlement of the question involved therein.
Halaman 786 - In an action by a mortgagee for the foreclosure of his mortgage, and sale of the mortgaged property, where it appears that the mortgaged property is in danger of being lost, removed, or materially injured, or that the condition of the mortgage has not been performed, and that the property is probably insufficient to discharge the mortgage debt.

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