The Cornhill Magazine, Volume 19;Volume 66

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William Makepeace Thackeray
Smith, Elder., 1892

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Halaman 77 - Lawn as white as driven snow; Cyprus black as e'er was crow ; Gloves as sweet as damask roses ; Masks for faces and for noses ; Bugle bracelet, necklace-amber, Perfume for a lady's chamber : Golden quoifs, and stomachers, For my lads to give their dears Pins, and poking-sticks of steel ; What maids lack from head to heel. Come, buy of me, come : come buy, come buy ; Buy lads, or else your lasses cry. Come, buy, &c.
Halaman 80 - Nothing can tend more to bring the whole system into disrepute and disgust with him, than to see with his own eyes and hear with his own ears the effect it has upon the people.
Halaman 88 - If there is one thing more certain than another, it is that, as the popular element increases, that government recedes from aristocracy and monarchy toward republicanism.
Halaman 314 - REMEDY, to denote which he coined the word CHLORODYNE. Dr. Browne is the SOLE INVENTOR, and, as the composition of Chlorodyne cannot possibly be discovered by Analysis (organic substances defying elimination), and since the formula has never been published, it is evident that any statement to the effect that a compound is identical with Dr.
Halaman 249 - t is something; we may stand Where he in English earth is laid, And from his ashes may be made The violet of his native land.
Halaman 80 - She is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life, besides being fabulously rich, absolutely independent and rather eccentric.
Halaman 314 - Dysentery, Spasms, Cramps, Neuralgia, the Vomiting of Pregnancy, and as a general sedative, that have occurred under our personal observation during many years. In Choleraic Diarrhoea, and even in the more terrible forms of Cholera itself, we have witnessed its surprisingly controlling power.
Halaman 461 - ... properly for the place; or lastly, if she liked it better, as my wife had then an opportunity of recommending her to the family of one of the first of our nobility, she undertook to get her a creditable place in it where she would receive no less than 8 or 10 a year wages, with other advantages.
Halaman 466 - Beside it rose the grim old watch tower, formerly a lighthouse. Passing down a side street I found myself before the present Dessein's, formerly Quillacq's, and which is quite as old as was the old Dessein. A quaint house it is too, with rather stately, faded chambers, and a grand stair with banisters of flowing design, which ascend to the right and left. A worthy old French lady, Madame Dessein, still presided, and is glad to talk with the sympathetic stranger of the glory of her mansion, of \feu...
Halaman 314 - ... in every Anglo-Indian home. The other brands, we are happy to say, are now relegated to the native bazaars, and, judging from their sale, we fancy their sojourn there will be but evanescent. We could multiply instances ad...

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