Instincts and Emotions: Should They Be Suppressed Or Harnessed?

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Cosimo, Inc., 1 Des 2005 - 184 halaman
Surely the man or woman who lacks strong sexual emotions should seriously hesitate before getting married to one who possesses such. For this reason alone we should to-day honour the "bachelor girl" and encourage those to remain single who have not the sex urge. -from "Instinct to Propagate" How can we explain the troubling rebellion of youth? What vital characteristic did primitive tribes lack that led to their downfall? What was the real cause of the Dark Ages? This singular book has the answer-a wild disregard for controlling and directing human instinct and emotion-and a surfeit of remedies for ensuring the proper targeting of natural desires both base and elevated. (One of his surprising conclusions: churches should advertise more.) A peculiar amalgam of old-fashioned attitudes and crisp, "modern" practicality-the author himself called this a "business man's commentary on the Ten Commandments"-this is a curious relic of the struggles of the early 20th century to confront the massive cultural changes sweeping society. American entrepreneur, statistician, and author ROGER WARD BABSON (1875-1967) founded Massachusetts' Babson College, in 1919, and the state's Gravity Research Foundation in 1948. A prolific writer who explored a wide variety of topics; his books include Fundamentals of Prosperity, The Future of the Churches, Religion and Business, and Gravity: Our Enemy No. 1.

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Should Instincts and Emotions Be Suppressed? _
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Primitive Instincts and Emotions
Instinct to Worship
Instinct to Be Natural
Instinct tor Reverence
Instinct for Leisure
Instinct for Knowledge
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Spirit Greater Than Law
Emotions and Health
What History Teaches about In stincts and Emotions
Measuring Instincts and Emotions

Instinct for SelfPreservation
Instinct to Propagate
My Religion
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