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smoke and din of battle, it was the genius of Napoleon, which enabled him to see where one or two bold and rapid movements would secure the advantage; but it was his decision of character which enabled him to profit to the full by the discovery. To be decisive on important occasions, one must keep cool. The Duke of Wellington's calmness never forsook him, even in the most trying emergencies. At sea, one terrible night, the captain of the vessel rus to the Duke, who was preparing for bed, and announced that the vessel would soon sink. “Then I shall not take off my boots,” the imperturbable hero of Waterloo responded as he paused in his preparations for sleep. There is need for this coolness of manner and decision of action in all lines of business. The surgeon, brought face to face with a sudden complication in the case beneath his knife; the lawyer, surprised by the springing of the trap which his wily opponent had prepared for him; the merchant, apprised of a turn in his enterprises that threatens immediate disaster-all are called upon to exercise this quality, and in thousands of cases the dullest man in a company has obtained the prize simply because he grasped it while others were revolving in their minds what they had better do in order to secure it.

NEVER DESPAIR. Columbus was the son of a weaver, and a weaver himself. Oliver Cromwell was the son of a brewer. Howard an apprentice to a grocer. Benjamin Franklin, a journeyman printer. Claude Lorraine was bred up a pastry cook. Moliére was the son of a tapestry maker. Cervantes served as a common soldier. Homer was a beggar. Demosthenes was the son of a cutler. Terence was a slave. Daniel De Foe was a hosier, and the son of a butcher. Whitefield, son of an inn-keeper. Sir Cloudesley Shovel, rear-admiral of England, was an apprentice to a shoemaker, and afterwards a cabin boy. Bishop Prideaux worked in the kitchen at Exeter College, Oxford. Cardinal Woolsey was the son of a butcher. Ferguson was a shepherd. William Hogarth was but an apprentice to an engraver of pewter pots. Dr. Mountain was the son of a beggar. Virgil, son of a porter. Horace, of a shop-keeper.

TALENT AND FACT. To excel others is a proof of talent; to know when to conceal superiority is the fruit of tact. Further comparisons of these qualities have been thus set forth by a recent English writer:

Talent is something, but tact everything. Talent is power-tact is skill; talent is weight -tact is momentum; talent knows what to dotact kuows how to do it; talent makes a man respectable-tact will make a man respected; talent is wealth--tact is ready money. For all practical purposes of life, tact carries it against talent-ten to one. Talent makes the world wonder that it gets on no faster-tact excites astonishment that it gets on so fast; and the seeret is that it has no weight to carry; it makes no false steps-it hits the right nail on the head-it loses no time-it takes all hints-and by keeping its eye on the weather-cock, is ready to take advantage of every wind that blows. It has the air of commonplace, aud all the force and powers of genius. It can change sides with hey-presto movement and be at all points of the compass, while talent is ponderously and learnedly shifting a single point. Talent calculates clearly, reasons logically, makes out a case as clear as daylight, utters its oracles with all the weight of justice and reason. Tact refutes without contradicting, puzzles the profound with profundity, and without wit outwits the wise. Setting them together on a race for popu

larity, pen in hand, and tact will distance talent by half the course. Talent brings to market that which is wanted; tact produces that which is wished for. Talent instructs; tact enlightens. Talent leads where no man follows; tact follows where humor leads. Talent is pleased that it ought to have succeeded; tact is delighted that it has succeeded. Talent toils for a posterity that will never repay it; tact throws away no pains, but catches the drift of the passing hour. Talent builds for eternity, tact on short lease, and gets good interest. Talent is certainly a very fine thing to talk about, a very good thing to be proud of, a very glorious eminence to look down from; but tact is useful, portable, applicable, always marketable; it is the talent of talents, the availableness of resources, the applicability of power, the eye of discrimination, the right hand of intellect.

PARTING COUNSELS. Keep good company or none. Never be idle. If your hands cannot be usefully employed, attend to the cultivation of your mind. Always speak the truth. Make few promises. Live up to your engagements. Keep your own secrets, if you have any. When you speak to a person look him in the face. Good compaụy and good conversation are the very sinews of virtue. Good character is above all things else. Your character cannot be essentially injured except by your own acts. If one speak evil of you, let your life be such that none will believe him. Drink no kind of intoxicating liquors. Always live, misfortune excepted, within your income. When you retire to bed, think over what you have been doing during the day. Make no haste to be rich if you would prosper. Small and steady gains give competency with tranquility of mind. Never play at any kind of game of chance. Avoid temptation through fear that you may not be able to withstand it. Never run into debt, unless you see a way to get out again. Never borrow if you can possibly avoid it. Never speak evil of any one. Be just before you are generous. Keep yourself innocent if you would be happy. Save when you are young to spend when you are old. Never think that which you do for religion is time or money mispent. Read some portion of your Bible every day. Often think of death, and your accountability to God, your creator,


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Almighty Dollar," 165.
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Blood, The, 393, Functions of, 393.
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Blouses, 352.
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The Largest, 122; The Sibyllinc, 127;
Sizes of, 185

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Boxing-Day, 353.
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Branding, 297.
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Sighs, 329, 332,
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Broadcloth, To Clean, 394, 435.
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Prehistoric, 377
Bul-bul, The Turkish, 110.
Bulgaria, Kingdom of, 367.
Bulgarian Atrocities, 195, 298.

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