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In 1 vol. 24mo. containing above 400 pages, cloth

extra, gilt label, price 18. 6d. CALVIN'S INSTITUTES of the CHRISTIAN

RELIGION, with brief and sound Answers to the Objections of Adversaries. Put into Latin, in a condensed form, by that Reverend and Godly Divine, Master W. LAWNE, A. D. 1563 ; faithfully translated into English by C. FETHERSTONE, A. D. 1586. “Those who take an interest in controversial divi. nity might spend is. 6d. to worse purpose than in ascertaining, at the fountain head, what Calvinism really is.”-CARISTIAN ADVOCATE, June, 1837.

In 1 vol. 12mo. containing nearly 400 pages of

closely printed letter-press, cloth extra, gilt

label, price 3s. CLAUDE'S ESSAY on the COMPOSITION

of A SERMON, with Helps to the various modes of Composition in 100 Skeletons, being the Subjects of Sermons preached before the University. By the Rev. CHARLES SIMEON, M. A., Fellow of King's College, Cambridge. “Although got up in a way highly creditable to the publisher, and containing above 350 pages of closely printed letter-press, its price does not put it beyond the reach of students. however scanty their means ; or of the serious and devout, however humble. We doabt not, therefore, that it will have a very extensive me."-CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE, June 5, 1837.

In one vol. 24mo. price 1s. 6d. BAXTER'S (RICHARD) CERTAINTY of

the WORLD OF SPIRITS, together with Dr. COTTON MATHER'S WONDERS of the INVISIBLE WORLD. 24mo. cloth bds.

Poole's DIALOGUES.-Price 1s. 6d.

The only complete Edition. А DIALOGUE BETWEEN a POPISH

PRIEST and an ENGLISH PROTESTANT; with a Blow at the Root of the Romish Church and a demonstration of the Nullity of the Romish Faith. By MATTHEW Poole, M. A. Author of the Synopsis Criticorum, &c., &c. 32mo. cloth bds.

This is generally and rightly considered the most powerful and convincing work which has yet appeared against the Roman Catholics. This Edition has a valuable appendix containing all the passages referred to in the Authors other work on the same subject : which is not inserted in any other Edition.


COURSES on OUR LORD'S SERMON on the MOUNT; together with Fifteen Sermons on Original Sin—Grace-Faith—The New Birth-Witness of the Spirit—Sin in Believers -Christian Perfection-Enthusiasm-Bigotry

-A Catholic Spirit, &c. &c. The volume before us is published at 28. 6d. and yet it contain Mr. Wesley's best practical sermons, and nearly one-half of those which have been before published at the high priee of 158."-LONDON Dis.


POPE'S ESSAY ON MAN, with a Critical

Essay by Dr. Aikin. 18mo. cloth 18.
Trade Edition."

“ Best

Price One Shilling and Sixpence. SIMEON's (Rev.Ch.) REDEEMER'S DAYS

OF HUMILIATION; or, the SORROWS OF THE Son of God, in Nine Sermons ; with the CHRISTIAN IN COMPLETE ARMOUR, in Ten Sermons ; discovering all the arts and machinations of Satan—exhorting Christians to fight the good fight of Faith -to withstand the wiles of the devil, and to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked. Royal 32mo. gilt edges. By the Author of the Skeletons.

Three Shillings and Sixpence. PLATO'S DIVINE DIALOGUES ; together

with the APOLOGY OF SOCRATES. Translated from the Original; with Dissertations and Notes. By M. DACIER. Portraits, 12mo., cloth bds.

“ For richness and beauty of imagination, no philosophic writer, ancient or modern, is comparable to Plato, the scenery and circumstances of many of his Dialogues are beautifully painted, a variety of personages are exhibited to us, and we are introduced into a real conversation, often supported with much life and spirit. We are always entertained, and left with a strong impression of the sublimity of the author's gepius."-DR. BLAIR's Rhetoric.

One Shilling and Sixpence. THE SACRED HARP of AMERICAN POE.

TRY, comprising the best devotional pieces of the American Poets to the present time. Royal 32mo. gilt edges. Frontispiece and Vignette.

“ This little volume of transatlantic poetry contains many pieces of the highest order; and are not un. worthy of being classed with the best devotional productions of our own country.”

One Shilling and Sixpence. MACGOWAN'S INFERNAL CONFER

ENCE, or, Dialogue of Devils, on the follies and vices which abound in the civil and religious world. Royal 32mo., cloth bds.

“This is the most interesting work of this popular author; the prevailing follies and vices of mankind are delineated and exposed with a masterly hand: and whilst we are amused with the spirit and point of the Dialogue, our failings are corrected, and our minds improved."

Two Shillings.
KING'S (Sir Peter) INQUIRY into the Con-

stitution, Discipline, Unity, Worship, and
Ceremonies of the Primitive Church for the
First Three Centuries. Royal 32mo cloth bds.

“ The works of this author contain a large portion of valuable and accurate learning. The original authorities are always consulted, and quoted, and great candour and impartiality are invariably displayed. Few authors are more worthy of being consulted on various points of early ecclesiastical history."-ORME'S BIBLIOTHECA BIBLICA.

Two Shillings and Sixpence. WOLFF'S (J. F.) MANUAL OF HEBREW

GRAMMAR, with Points; or, a concise Introduction to the Holy Tongue, so arranged as to facilitate the task of learning it, and in the absence of a Master to enable the Student to acquire it by himself. 8vo. cloth bds.

“ We feel great pleasure in recommending this Manual to every person desirous of studying Hebrew, as a work from which they may derive the greatest advantage at the smallest expense of time, it is a perfect self instructor in the Hebrew Language.”

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