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to godliness, the promise of this life, and that to come ;

and will withhold no good thing from them that walk uprightly? Will not such a Gospel, such a covenant, such promises of love, assure me that he loveth me, while I consent to his covenant terms?

6. Shall I not easily believe that he will love me, who hath loved me while I was his enemy, and called me home when I went astray, and mercifully received me when I returned ? Who hath given me a life full of precious mercies, and so many experiences of his love as I have enjoyed, who hath so often signified his love to my conscience ; so often heard my prayers in distress, and hath made all my life, notwithstanding my sins, a continual wonder of his mer. cies. O unthankful soul, if all this will not persuade thee of the love of him that gave it! I that can do little good to any one, yet have abundance of friends and hearers, who easily believe that I would do them good, were it in my power ; and never fear that I should do them harm. And shall it be harder to me to think well of Infinite Love and Goodness, than for my neighbours to trust me, and think well of such a wretch as I? O what abundance of love. tokens have I yet to show, which were sent me from heaven, to persuade me of my Father's love and care !

7. Shall I not easily believe and trust His love, who hath promised me eternal glory with his Son, and with all his holy ones in heaven ! Who hath given me there, a great Intercessor to prepare heaven for me, and me for it; and there to appear for me before God. Who hath already

brought many millions of blessed souls to that glory who were once as bad and as low as I am: And who hath given me already the seal, the pledge, the earnest and the firstfruits of that felicity!

Therefore, O my soul, if men will not know thee ;-if hated of all men for the cause of Christ and righteousness ;-if thine uprightness be imputed to thee as an odious crime; if thou be judged by the blind malignant world, according to its gall and interest ; if friends misunderstand thee; if faction, and every evil cause which thou disownest, do revile thee, and rise up against thee; it is enough, it is absolutely enough, that thou art known of God. God is all : And all is nothing that is against him, or without him. If God be for thee, who shall be against thee? How long hath he kept thee safe in the midst of dangers; and given thee peace in the midst of furious rage and wars ? He hath known how to bring thee out of trouble, and to give thee tolerable ease; while thou hast carried about thee night and day, the usual causes of continual torment! “ His loving kindness is better than life,” (Psal. lxiii. 3.) but thou hast had a long unexpected life, through his loving kind

“ In his favour is life,” (Psal. xxx.) and life thou hast had by and with his favour. Notwithstanding thy sin while thou canst truly say thou lovest him, he hath promised,

" that all shall work together for thy good,” (Rom. viii. 28.) and he hath long made good that promise. Only ask thyself again and again, as Christ did


Peter, whether indeed thou love him? And then take his love as thy full, and sure, and everlasting portion, which will never fail thee, though flesh and heart do fail : “ For thou shalt dwell in God, and God in thee now and for evermore. Amen. (1 John iv. 12, 15, 16.)



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