Miscellaneous Bills: Hearings Before the Committee on Naval Affairs, United States Senate, Seventy-seventh Congress, First Session, on S. 1528, to Authorize the Secretary of the Navy to Acquire Floyd Bennett Airport; S. 1039 (H.R. 3782) Establishing an Officer of Budget and Reports in the Navy Department, S. 1530, Acquisition of Land in Connection with Naval Air Station, Lakehurst, N.J., S. 1133, Exchange of Lands with Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission, S. 373, to Amend Section 45 of the Act of March 4, 1909 (Espionage Act), S. 799, to Prevent the Making of Photographs and Sketches of Naval Reservations, Naval Vessels, and Other Naval Property, H.R. 4305, to Authorize Attendance of Marine Band at Columbus, Ohio, S. 375, Authorizing Postgraduate Instruction of Civilian Employees, May 20, 1941

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1941 - 35 halaman

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