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Legislative Practice, Sitgreaves' Manual of-treasurer

authorized to purchase and distribute cer-
tain copies of,

411 Lewis, William-proceedings relative to the escheat of lands of, discontinued,

412 Lumberville Delaware bridge company incorporated 79

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Mantua creek, Great, Gloucester--bridge to be built over authorized,

293 Manual of Legislative Practice, Sitgreaves'--treasurer

authorized to purchase and distribute cer.
tain copies of,

411 Manufacturing company--New Brunswick, an act incorporating,

116 Elizabeth Port, an act incorporating,

128 malleable iron, of Newark, incorporated, 131 Totowa incorporated,

Franklin, of Sussex, supplement to act incor-

Dennisville glass, incorporated,
Elizabethtown silk, incorporated,

Union, of Trenton, incorporated,

patent arms, incorporated,
and navigation company Passaic, incorporated, 284
New Jersey silk, of the county of Warren, in-

Clinton, supplement to act incorporating, 315
Trenton silk, incorporated,

Bridgeton glass, incorporated,

333 Phænix, of Trenton, incorporated,

339 New Jersey, incorporated,

352 Monmouth silk, incorporated,

358 Lambertville, incorporated,

388 Hamburgh, in the county of Sussex, incorporated,

399 Martin, Joseph F. and Sarah Martin, divorced,

60 Marvin, David-certain lands of, authorized to be sold, Maxwell, Louisa---guardian of, authorized to sell real estate,

Meadow---see Lands.
Mechanics and others---act securing payment for their

Jabour and materials extended to the county
of Hunterdon,

and tradesmen's institute in the town of New.
ark, incorporated,



Medford rail road and transportation company incorpo-

Milford Delaware bridge company incorporated,
Mineralogical and geological survey of the state---appro-

priation for
Mining company, Neschanic, of the county of Hunter-

don, incorporated,
Minors' estates---powers of orphans' courts respecting
partition of,

391 Monmouth and Middlesex agricultural rail road and transportation company incorporated,

153 silk manufacturing company incorporated, 358 Moore, Martha---overseers of the poor authorized to sell lands of,

352 Morris county bank---an act to incorporate,

153 and Essex rail road---supplement to charter of, canal and banking company.--act amending their charter,

262 canal.--supplement to act authorizing a rail

road connecting it with the Paterson and

Hudson river rail road,
Morehouse, Elias, deceased---lands of, authorized to be

Mount Holly and Camden rail road and transportation

company incorporated,




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Navigation and manufacturing company, Passaic, incor-

company, Alloway's creek, incorporated, 308
Neschanic mining company, of Hunterdon, incorporated, 181
Newark malleable iron manufacturing company incorpo-

131 banking and insurance company.--charter of, extended,

171 city of, incorporated,

185 state bank---capital increased,

351 Mechanics and Tradesmen's institute incorporated,

365 New Brunswick manufacturing company---an act to incorporate,

116 New Jersey manufacturing company incorporated, 352

turnpike company.--supplement to act incorpo-

395 PEN

Page. Oath of township surveyors of highways to be filed with clerk of county,

95 Obstructions in the river Passaic-authority to remove, 345 Officers of the government of this state—an act for the support of,

25 Oldman's creek—act concerning a body of meadow on, 42 an act relative to fishing therein,

255 Orange bank—supplement to act incorporating, " 239 Orphans' courts—powers of, respecting partition of minors' estates,

396 system, revision of-appropriation for payment

of J. W. Scott for, Overseers of the poor authorized to sell lands of Martha Moore,

382 Overton, Daniel Y. deceased-trustees authorized to sell lands of,

342 Owen Joseph, and Millicent R. Owen, divorced, 66

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Partition of real estate-supplement to acts relating to, 395
Passaic turnpike company--act to incorporate revived, 101

river-an act regulating the fishing therein, 115
and Hackensack bridges—supplement to act in-
corporating stockholders of,

navigation and manufacturing company incor-

river-authority to drain certain flowed lands

and swamps thereon, and to remove obstruc-
tions in the river,

345 Paterson—an act for the establishment of public schools

in the township of,
and Hackensack turnpike company-supple-

ment to act incorporating,
academy--supplement to act for relief of trus-
tees of,

and Hudson river rail road-supplement to

act authorizing its connexion with the Mor

ris canal,
Patent arms manufacturing company incorporated, 259
Paulling's kill in Sussex-swamps and bog meadows on

the branches thereof authorized to be drain-

212 Pension granted to John Kesler,

54 to Abijah Dodd,



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Pension to Samuel Sutphen,
to James Cook,

405 Penitentiary, state-appropriation for completing, 324 prisoners to be removed thereto,

325 number of commissioners for building reduced, 406 Pool, John, deceased-trustees authorized to sell lands

Poor-an act' to relieve,

children-an act relative to a bequest of Uzal

Sayres, deceased, for schooling,
Powell, Henry, deceased_executor authorized to con-

vey lands of,
Prevost, Louis M.--trustee authorized to sell certain

lands in Hunterdon,
Printer of current printing of the legislature appointed,

of minutes of assembly appointed,
of journal of council and joint meeting ap-

of laws appointed,
of law reports appointed,

to give bond to the treasurer,
Princeton, town of--additional powers given to corpora-

• tion,
Public schools in the township of Paterson-an act for


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Rahway-supplement to act incorporating farmers and
mechanics' bank of

river-bridge over, authorized to be built, 240
river--drawbridge authorized to be built over
head waters of,

318 Rail roads--Belvidere and Port Colden incorporated, 6

Medford rail road and transportation company

Bellville rail road and transportation company

supplement to act incorporating Elizabethtown
and Somerville rail road company,

111 Bergen county rail road and transportation company incorporated,

119 Burlington and Mount Holly rail road compa. ny incorporated,

141 Monmouth and Middlesex agricultural rail road

and transportation company incorporated, 158

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Page. Rail Roads-Camden and Woodbury rail road and transportation company incorporated,

204 -
Morris and Essex--supplement to charter of, 223
Belvidere Delaware rail road company incor-

Mount Holly and Camden, incorporated, 245
Woodstown and Bridgeton, incorporated, 270
Camden and Egg Harbor, incorporated, 370
Connecting the Morris Canal and Paterson and

Hudson river--supplement to act incorpo-

Real estate-see Lands.
Rights, chartered, of the Bloomsbury wing dam and

mill company repealed, Reiglesville Delaware Bridge Company, incorporated, 8 Religious societies--supplement to the act incorporating,

Ons 315 Repacking beef and pork---supplement to the act regulating,

234 Rogers, William, deceased---trustees authorized to sell lands of


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Salem, Delaware, and Philadelphia steamboat company,

supplement to act incorporating,

creek---supplement to act authorizing a dam

at head waters of,

silk manufacturing company, incorporated, 362 Salvors.--amount of compensation settled by arbitrators,

and to be paid in money, Sayres, Uzal, deceased---an act relative to a bequest of,

for schooling poor children, Schenck, Abraham C., and Ann W. Schenck ---divorced, Schools, public, in the township of Paterson --an act for

for the establishment of, Scudder, John and Julia Ann Scudder, divorced, Senators of this state in Congress instructed to vote for

expunging a certain resolution from the jour

nal of the Senate of the United States,
instructed to vote against a recharter of the

Bank of the United States,
to sustain the measures of the President in re-

lation to France,

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