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An act for the relief of the heirs and next of kin of John
G. Leake, deceased,

385 An act to authorize a trustee to sell the real estate of Alexander Kirkpatrick, junior, deceased,

386 An act to relieve the poor,

387 An act to dissolve the marriage contract between Joba

Cross and Mary, his wife, of the county of Essex,
An act to incorporate the Lambertville Manufacturing

383 An act making a further appropriation for the prosecu

tion of the Geological and Mineralogical Survey of the State,

390 An act to raise the sum of forty thousand dollars for the

year one thousand eight hundred and thirty-six, 391 A further supplement to the act entitled "An act to in

corporate the New Jersey Turnpike Company," 395 An act supplementary to the several acts relating to the partition of real estate,

ib. A supplement to the act entitled "An act for the sup

port of the government of this state," passed the eleventh day of November, eighteen hundred and thirty. five,

397 A supplement to the act entitled "An act for the relief

of the trustees of the Paterson Academy," passed November twenty-three, eighteen hundred and twentytwo,

ib. A further supplement to an act entitled "An act to au

thorize the construction of a Rail Road connecting the Morris Canal with the Paterson and Hudson River Rail Road,” passed the third day of February, eighteen hundred and thirty-one,

398 An act incorporating the Hamburg Manufacturing Company, in the county of Sussex,

399 An act for the relief of Samuel Sutphen, of the county of Somerset,

402 An act to defray incidental charges,

403 An act for the relief of James Cook, of the county of Morris,

405 An act relative to the commissioners appointed to superintend the building of the new State Penitentiary,



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Appointing Joseph Justice to print the bills and current

printing of boih Houses,



Page. Appointing Joseph C. Potts engrossing clerk,

29 Instructing Senators in Congress to vote for expunging

a resolution of the Senate of the United States from their journal, and to vote against a re-charter of the Bank of the United States,

ib. Appointing printers of the Journal of Council, Minutes of Assembly, Laws, Law Reports, and Chancery Reports,

30 Authorizing rooms in the state house to be fitted for Court of Chancery and Executive Offices,

407 Approving the course of the Government of the United States in relation to our difficulties with France, and instructing Senators on the subject,

ib. Requesting an appropriation from Congress for a survey of Cape May Roads and the erection of a light-house

409 Remunerating sufferers by the fire at the State Prison, 410 Authorizing the purchase and distribution of Sitgreaves'

Manual of Legislative Practice, Directing payment to Joseph W. Scott, Esq., for revising Orphans' Court system,

ib. Directing discontinuance of proceedings in relation to escheat of lands of William Lewis,


and pier,





ACADEMY, Paterson-supplement to act for relief of trus-
tees of,

Ackerman, John P. deceased-trustees authorized to sell
lands of,

Administrators of David M. Shotwell, deceased, autho-
rized to fulfil a certain contract,

of Jacob Concklin, deceased-authorized to

convey certain lands to George M. Law-

Agin, Andrew, deceased-guardian of heirs authorized
to sell lands of,

Allaire, James P.-guardians of certain minor children
authorized to convey lands to him,

Alloway's creek navigation company, incorporated, 308
Angus, James and Ann Angus, divorced,

Appropriation--for the support of government,

for the payment of incidental charges, 27, 403
for the instruction of indigent blind persons,

for completion of the State Penitentiary, 324
for the prosecution of the geological and mine-
ralogical survey of the state,

for additional salary to judges of supreme

desired of Congress to survey Cape May Roads
and erect a light-house and pier,

for remuneration of sufferers by fire at State

of money to pay J. W. Scott, Esq., for revision
of Orphans' Court system,

Arms, patent, manufacturing company, incorporated, 259
Aspinall, Frederick and Phebe Aspinall, divorced, 377
Ayres, Enos---commissioners appointed to divide lands




Page Bank of the United States-Senators instructed to vote against a recharter of,

30 of Morris county, incorporated,

153 and insurance company of Newark—supplement to act incorporating,

171 Farmers and mechanics', of Rahway-supplement to act incorporating,

173 Orange-supplement to act incorporating, 239 Morris canal and banking company-act incorporating amended,

262 additional tax imposed on capital of banks, 341

state bank at Newark-capital increased, 351 Barnegat bay—act regulating fishing therein repealed, 225 Beef and pork-supplement to act regulating the repacking of,

234 Bellville rail road and transportation company incorporated.

102 Belvidere and Port Colden rail road and transportation company incorporated,

60 Delaware rail road company incorporated, 226 Bergen county rail road and transportation company incorporated,

119 Blackwell, Elijah, jr.--authorized to fulfil a contract with John M. Young,

53 Blind persons, indigent-provision for the instruction of, 305 Blooinsbury wing dam and mill company-certain chartered rights thereof repealed,

24 Bonnel, Silvanus, deceased-authority to sell real estate of,

59 Bordentown water company-supplement to act incorporating,

283 Bridgeton glass manufacturing company incorporated, 333 Bridges-Reiglesville Delaware bridge company incorporated,

8 Lumberville Delaware bridge company incorporated,

79 over Passaic and lackensack--supplement to

the act incorporating stockholders of, 179 draw-authorized to be built over Rahway river,

240 at Crown Point, Great Mantua creek, authorized to be built.

293 Milford Delaware bridge company incorporated,

299 draw-authorized to be built over head waters of Rahway,


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