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AN ACT to authorise David Marvin of the county of Es.

sex, to sell certain lands therein mentioned.

WHEREAS it hath been represented to the legislature, that

David Marvin of the county of Essex, became the purchaser of a farm and plantation in the vilage of Bellville in Preamble. said county, on which he now resides, and conveyed the same to his children, being five in number, three of whom are now minors under twenty-one years of age : AND WHEREAS, it hath been further represented, that an advantageous offer hath been made for the purchase of the said farm, and which all the persons interested in the same, believe would be greatly to their advantage to accept—Therefore,

on in the became lature, that undbeing five resides, and of Bellville hins

Sec. 1. BE IT ENACTED. by the Council and General Assembly of this State, and it is hereby enacted by the author. ity of the same, That David Marvin of the said county of Es. D. Marvin au. sex, be, and he is hereby fully authorised to sell and convey thorised to sell the three-fifths of the farm or plantation aforesaid, on which

which certain lands the said David Marvin now resides in the village of Belleville, in the said county, belonging to Mary Marvin, Mary Ann N. Marvin and William H. Marvin, minor children of the said David Marvin, and to execute to the purshaser and purchasers thereof, a title in fee simple for the same.

SEC. 2. And be it enacted, That the said David Marvin

shall secure the purchase money for the said three-fifths of Proceeds of the aforesaid land, for the benefit of the aforesaid minor chilcured by bond are

j dren, by bond and mortgage, to be held in trust for the said and mortgage. minor children, in such form as shall be approved by the Or

phans' Court of the county of Essex.

Passed, October 30, 1835.

AN ACT for the relief of Trinity Church, at Newark.


WHEREAS, by the charter of Trinity Church, at Newark, in

the county of Essex, and state of New Jersey, granted in the reign of George II. king of Great Britain, and recorded at Perth Amboy, the tenth February, A. D. seventeen hundred and forty-six, certain inhabitants of Newark, Second River, New Barbadoes Neck, and Acquackanonk, were incorporated by the name and style of “ The Rector, Church Wardens and Vestrymen of Trinity Church, at Newark, elected and chosen according to the canons of the church of England, as by law established," and therein and thereby it was provided, among other things, that there should be two church wardens and ten Vestrymen annually elected, in manner and form as thereinafter expressed; and that one of the church Wardens, and five of the Vestrymen of said corporation, should be elected and chosen, out of the congregation of said church, living and residing at New Barbadoes Neck, or to the northward of said rtver :-AND WHEREAS, certain real estate, and other property, has been held and enjoyed by the said corporation, at Newark and at Belleville; and a chapel to said Trinity Church has been erected on certain lands at the last mentioned place, which is regularly attended by the said inhabitants of Second River, New Barbadoes Neck, and Acquackanonk: AND WHEREAS, it was agreed between the respective congregations, to apply to the legislature of this state, for the separate incorporation of the said congregation at Belleville, with suitable provisions for the government and protection of title to their property; now therefore.


Sec. 1. BE IT ENACTED by the Council and General Assembly of this State and it is hereby enacted by the authority of the same, That so much of the said charter of Trinity Church ward. Church at Newark, as requires one of the said church War- ens and vestry.

s men to be e. dens and five of said Vestrymen to be elected from such of lecte the congregation as may be living and residing at New Barbadoes Neck, Second River, and Acquackanonk, or to the northward of said brook or river, be, and the same is hereby repealed; and that the same be elected from the congregation at Newark, in the manner provided in said charter for the residue of the present term of office, and continue forever thereafter so to be elected from the said congregation at Newark, any thing in the said charter in any wise to the contrary notwithstanding.

Sec. 2. And be it enacted, That the congregation now at- Congreoation tending at Belleville chapel aforesaid, be authorised to be- authorised to come incorporated, under the existing laws of this state, for be incorpora. incorporating religious societies worshiping according to the customs and usages of the Protestant Episcopal Church; and thereupon the said congregations at Newark and Belleville, be deemed and declared to be, separate and distinct corporate bodies. Sec. 3. And be it enacted, That the title to all the property

Settlement of and estate belonging to said Trinity Church, situate, lying, and being in the village of Belleville, shall be vested in the ty. said congregation at Belleville, that may be incorporated as aforesaid; and that the title to all other, the property of said Trinity Church, of whatever nature or kind soever, shall be and remain vested in the congregation of Trinity Church at Newark, the same to be held by, and under their respective charters or acts of incorporation. Sec. 4. And be it enacted, That all and every matter, act,

Part of charter and thing required by the said charter of Trinity Church, inconsistent with the purview and intent of this act, be, and “

ind repealed. the same is hereby repealed.

Passed, November 4, 1835.

title to


A SUPPLEMENT to an act, entitled “ An act to author.

ize the sale of the Wood and timber standing on certain real estate of Peter Drummond, of the county of Monmouth, a lunatic,” passed the twenty-sixth day of February, A. D. eighteen hundred and thirty-five.

Edmund hereby enencil and

Sec. I. BE IT ENACTED by the Council and General Assembly of this State, and it is hereby enacted by the authority

of the same, That Edmund Throckmorton and Edmund T. Guardians of Williams, guardians of said lunatic, be, and they are hereby P: Drummond authorised and empowored to make sale, at public vendue, to authorised to sell timber.

the highest bidder, of such, and so much of the wood and timber standing, lying, or being upon the said lands, belonging to the said lunatic, as in the opinion of the said guardians, may be necessary to pay off and satisfy the debts of said lunatic, giving the same notice of sales as is required in the first section of the act to which this is a supplement; and if at such sale or sales, any surplus moneys shall be raised, more than are sufficient to pay off and satisfy said debts of said lunatic, then such surplus moneys, after deducting the costs aud charges incident to such sale or sales, shall be invested in some safe securities, drawing interest, under the direction of the Orphans' Court of said county of Monmouth, for the use and benefit of said lunatic and his estate: Provi

ded nevertheless, that before said guardians make sale as a. Proviso.

foresaid, they give bond to the governor of this state, and his successors in office, in such sum, and with such security, as the Orphans' Court of said county may direct and approve.

Passed, November 5, 1835.

AN ACT to appoint Commissioners to make partition of the

Real Estate of Enos Ayres, late of Middlesex county, deceased.

WHEREAS, it has been represented to the legislature, by

the petition of Jacob T. B. Skillman, and Rachel his wife,

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