Journal of the Canadian Bankers' Association, Volume 2

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Canadian Bankers' Association., 1895

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Halaman 68 - Rink as security for the payment on or before the day of , of the said advance, together with interest thereon at the rate of per cent.
Halaman 544 - The company shall not be bound to see to the execution of any trust, whether express, implied, or constructive, to which any of the said shares may be subject...
Halaman 354 - ... led by an invisible hand to promote an end which was no part of his intention. Nor is it always the worse for the society that it was no part of it.
Halaman 118 - ... thereof, .promising the payment of money to any person or persons, his. her or their order, or to bearer...
Halaman 197 - The only trades which it seems possible for a jointstock company to carry on successfully, without an exclusive privilege, are those, of which all the operations are capable of being reduced to what is called a routine, or to such an uniformity of method as admits of little or no variation.
Halaman 184 - Government Securities . . Promissory Notes or Bills of other Banks Balances due from other Banks Notes and Bills Discounted, or other Debts due to the Corporation, not included under the foregoing heads, and exclusive of Debts abandoned us bad ...., Total Average Assets Amount of Bill Income Tax 13.
Halaman 487 - The case of our banks is very similar ; they enjoy in common the exclusive right of making a paper currency for the people of the State, and by the same rule should in common be answerable for that paper.
Halaman 62 - Brownsville, may be withdrawn from warehouse for immediate exportation, without payment of duties, to ports and places in Mexico, by land or water, or partly by land and partly by water, or by such routes as may be designated by the Secretary of the Treasury.
Halaman 536 - ... to secure the payment of any bill, note or debt, unless such bill, note or debt is negotiated or contracted at the time of the acquisition thereof by the bank, or upon the written promise or agreement that such warehouse receipt or bill of lading or security will be given to the bank.
Halaman 491 - ... with interest thereon, at the rate of per cent per annum, from the day of...

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