The British Homoeopathic Review, Volume 23

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Halaman 437 - Christ, who, though he was rich, yet for our sakes, became poor, that we through his poverty might be made rich...
Halaman 655 - Hippocrates; when we hear that the leaders of medicine both here and abroad are sceptical of the curative influence of drugs upon disease ; and when we know that experienced practitioners are divided in opinion as to the effects upon the body of the commonest medicines, we cannot doubt that this, the highest department of our art, and one of its chief ends, is in a backward and unsatisfactory condition, and demands, like the question of education, the serious consideration and action of the profession.
Halaman 728 - Do unto others as ye would that they should do unto you " ? That was the doctrine of Lao-tsze.
Halaman 425 - The object of the author has been to present the busy practitioner with a book systematically arranged, burdened with no discussions on vexed questions of pathology, and giving at a glance the salient points of diagnosis and treatment with clearness and brevity.
Halaman 119 - ... The monopoly by homoeopathic practitioners of the use of aconite has aroused a prejudice against it, which has discouraged its employment. Aconite is, however, au antagonist to the fever-process ; it is not applicable in accordance with the so-called law of similars. It is used by these quacks because it is a powerful agent which will produce manifest effects in small doses, that may easily be disguised.
Halaman 630 - Majesty, they would mentally include the health of the Prince and Princess of Wales and the rest of the Royal Family.
Halaman 196 - Hahnemann's way of conducting provings was the following. After he had lectured to his fellow- workers on the rules of proving, he handed them the bottles with the tincture, and when they afterwards brought him their daybooks, he examined every prover carefully about every particular symptom, continually calling attention to the necessary accuracy in expressing the kind of feeling, the point or the locality, the observation and mentioning of everything that influenced their feelings, the time of...
Halaman 264 - May 1, 1879i age, and address of every patient attended, so that, with these documents in our hands, we can verify every statement, and challenge comparison with any member of the allopathic school who can furnish us with similar accurate data. " These returns exhibit an attendance upon 2,010 cases of yellow fever, with a loss of 129 patients, a mortality of 64/IO per cent.
Halaman 122 - When I looked for good, then evil came unto me: and when I waited for light, there came darkness.

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