Miscellaneous Bills: Hearing Before the Committee on Naval Affairs, United States Senate, Seventy-eighth Congress, Second Session, on S. 1910, Presentation of Medals to Members of U.S. Antarctic Expedition of 1939-41; S. 1985, Amending Act Authorizing Temporary Appointment Or Advancement of Personnel of Navy and Marine Corps; S. 2056, Lease of Lands in San Diego County, State of California; S. 2063, to Provide for Settlement of Claims for Damages Caused by Service Personnel Or Civilian Employees[sic] Incident to Non-combat Activities of the Naval Establishment; S. 2067, Exchange of Lands Between City of East Port, Maine, and the United States, for Roadway Easement; S. 2068, to Amend Act to Extend Time for Examinations of Monthly Accounts Covering Expenditures by Disbursing Officers of the U.S. Marine Corps, So as to Extend Time for Examinations of Monthly Accounts of Disbursing Officers and Special Disbursing Agents of the Navy and Coast Guard; S. 2073, Convey Easement to Oahu Railway & Land Co. for Railway Purposes in Certain Lands at Hallway, T.H.; S 2132, for the Relief of Ensign Frederick Matthews McCord, USNR; S. 2133, Transfer of Lands Within Colonial National Historical Park, Yorktown, Va., to the Secretary of the Navy; S. 2179, Reimbursement for Property Lost in Fire at N.A.A.F., Astoria, Oreg.; S. 2180, Reimbursement for Property Lost in Explosion at Naval Mine Depot, Yorktown, Va; S. 2181, Convey Land for Highway Purposes Within U.S.N. Ordnance Plant to City of Canton, Ohio; S.2194, Authorizing Appropriations for Additional Ordnance Manufacturing and Production Facilities; S. 2195, Removing Limitation on Total Personnel of the Naval Reserve Officers' Training Corps; November 22, 1944

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1944 - 39 halaman

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