Annual Report of the Railroad Commissioner of the State of Virginia

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R.F. Walker, Superintendent Public Printing, 1887

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Halaman xi - and give evidence touching the matter in question ; and any failure to obey such order of the court may be punished by such court as a contempt thereof. The claim that any such testimony or evidence may tend to criminate the person giving such evidence shall not excuse such witness from testifying; but such evidence or
Halaman vii - carriers engaged in the transportation of passengers or property wholly by railroad, or partly by railroad and partly by water when both are used, under a common control, management, or arrangement, for a continuous carriage or shipment, from one State or Territory of the United States, or the District of Columbia, to any other State or Territory of the
Halaman xi - the production of books, papers, and documents under the provisions of this section. And any of the circuit courts of the United States within the jurisdiction of which such inquiry is carried on may, in case of contumacy or refusal to
Halaman xxi - canal company or other common carrier, chartered by or doing business in this State, shall make or give any undue or unreasonable preference or advantage to or in favor of any particular person or company, or any particular description of traffic in any respect whatever; nor shall any such company
Halaman xviii - of the substitute bill, among other things, provides that nothing in this act contained shall in any way abridge or alter the remedies now existing at common law or by statute, but that the provisions of this act are in addition to such remedies, with a proviso that no pending litigation shall in any way be affected by this act. Section
Halaman xii - not be used against such person on the trial of any criminal proceeding. SEC. 13. That any person, firm, corporation, or association, or any mercantile, agricultural, or manufacturing society, or any body politic or municipal organization complaining of anything done or omitted to be
Halaman x - 9. That any person or persons claiming to be damaged by any common carrier, subject to the provisions of this act, may either make complaint to the commission as hereinafter provided for, or may bring suit in his or their own behalf for the recovery of the damages
Halaman xxx - in the rates of fare for transporting freight or passengers, or any change in the mode of operating the road and conducting its business, is reasonable and expedient in order to promote the security, convenience 'and accommodation of the public, he shall give information in writing to the corporation of the
Halaman xvi - as well as freight. The bill of the House was limited to the regulation of such transportation on railroads. The bill as reported provides for the regulation of the transportation of property partly by railroad and partly by water, when both are used under a common control, management, or arrangement, for a continuous carriage or shipment from one State or Territory of the United States,
Halaman xv - or to or from fairs and expositions for exhibition thereat, or the issuance of mileage, excursion, or commutation passenger tickets; nothing in this act shall be construed to prohibit any common carrier from giving reduced rates to ministers of religion ; nothing in this act shall be construed

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