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Temperance in Sleep, Page 203. Mischiefs of Sloth,
P: 204: Of Recreation, p. 205. Of Apparel, and of the
Ends for which Clothing should be used, p. 208.


Of Duties to our Neighbours; of negative Justice, in
doing no wrong or Injury to any; and positive, to do Right
to all, Page 213. Of the Sin of Murder, p. 221. sbe

Heinousness of it, the Punisiment of it, and the strange

Discoveries thereof, p. 223, &c. Of Maiming, p. 228. Of

Wounds, Stripes, and Injuries to others, p. 2 30.

Of Justice about the Poffeffions of our Neighbour ; againft
injuring bim as concerning bis Wife, Page 233. Goods,
p. 238. Of Malice, ibid. Covetousness, Injustice, Oppref-

Thion, p. 240. Theft, p. 243. Of paying Debts, ibid. That

we are bound for, that we have promised, ibid.


Of Duty to Parents, Magiftrates, Page 288. Paftors, p. 291. Love and Esteem of them, p. 292. Maintenance, Obedience, p. 294. of the Duty of Children to Parents, Reverence, Love, Obedience, p. 296. Especially in their Marriage, minifiring to their wants, p. 301. Duty to the worft of Parents, p. 304. Of the Duty of Parents to their Children, ibid.


of Duty to our Brethren and Relations, Page 317. To & Husband, Obedience, Fidelity, Love, p. 323. The Faults of the Husband acquit not from

thefe Duties, p. 324. Dues to the Wife, Love, Faithfulness, Maintenance, InJtruction, p. 316, &c. Husbands and Wives mutuaủy to pray for and a lift each other in all Good, p. 328. Virtue the chief Confideration in Marriage, unlawful Marriages, p. 329. Friendship, p. 331. Sorvants Duty, p. 335. Ma fters Duty, p. 338.

SUNDA Y XVI. Other Branches of our Duty to our Neighbour, Page 342 The Duty of Charity to Mens Souls, Bodies, Goods, Credit, &c. p. 343. to the end.


Of Charity, in respect of our Neighbour's Goods, Alms.giv ing,

Page 372, &c. Of Charity, in refpe&t of our Neigbbour? Credit, p. 385. Of Peace making, p. 390. Of going to Law, p. 392. Of Charity to our Enemies, p. 393. Cbri. ftian Duties both possible and pleasant, p. 396. The Danger of delaying our turning to God, P.399.


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Page 405

PRAYERS for Morning.






Prayers for Night.
Collets for several Graces.
A Paraphrase of the Lord's Prayer.
Pious Ejaculations out of the Book of Psalms.
Brief Heads of Examination before the Sacrament.
Prayers before the Sacrament.
Ejaculations at the Lord's Supper, &c..
Prayers after the Sacrament.

Prayers for the Sick.
Ejaculations for the Sick,
Prayers in Time of publick Calamities,
A Prayer for this Church.








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IBLE, large Folio, Imperial with Sculptures, Oxon,
Ditto, Super Royal, Oxon.

Ditto, Elephant, Oxon.
Lately printed at Oxon a large Quarto Bible, compleat,
on a curious Letter, and fine Paper. Also a Folio Bible of
the same-size Letter.

Constitutions and Canons Ecclefiaftical, 4o

The Thirty nine Articles of Religion, agreed upon by the
Archbishops and Bishops of both Provinces, and the whole
Clergy, in the Convocation holden at London in the Year
1562, in 4°

A Collection of Articles, Canons, Injunctions, &c. toge-
ther with several Acts of Parliament concerning Ecclefiaftical
Matters: Some whereof are to be read in Churches, in 80.

A Common Prayer in French and English, 80

A Common Prayer in French, 120 With the Ordination of Bishops, Priefts, and Deacons.

The Five Offices for Publick and Private Baptifm, &c.
for the Conveniency of Ministers..

A Collection of the several Statutes, &c. relating to
High Treason, &c. in 120

The house of Lords Report relating to publick Records,
&c. in 120

All the Treaties of Peace made at Utrecht, 1713, between Queen Anne, the Kings of France, and Spain, &c.

The Works of the learned and pious Author of The Whole Duty of Man, printed in a large Folio, of a very fair Charader.

The Duty of Man.

The Causes of the Decay of Chriftian Piety; or, An im.
partial Survey of the Ruins of Chriftian Religion, under
mined by unchriftian Practice

The Gentleman's Calling.
The Lady's Calling, in two Parts.
The Government of the Tongue.
Art of Contentment.
The Lively Oracles given to us; or, The Chriftian's
Birth-right and Duty, in the Cuftody and Use of the Holy

Scripture. These Seven by the Author of The Whole Duty
of Man, in 8


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The Whole Duty of Man, put into significant Latin, for the Use of Schools.

A Collection of Articles, Injunctions, Canons, Orders, Ordinances, and Conftitutions Ecclefiaftical, and other pub

lick Records of the Church of England: With a learned Preface. By Antbony Sparrow, Lord Bishop of Norwich.

The Book of Homilies; appointed to be read in Churches in the Time of Queen Elizabeth, in Folio.

Lately Reprinted a near Edition ot, A Treatise of English Particles, &c. By W. Walker. Corrected and Amended by A. looke, A. M. Ufher of the Charterhouse-School.

Villare Anglicanum; or, A View of all the Cities, Towns, and Villages, in England and Wales : Alphabetically Composed; so that, naming any Town or Place, you may easily find what Shire, Hundred, Rape, Wapentake, &c. it is in. Also the Number of Bishopricks and Counties under their several Jurisdictions, and the Shire-Towns, Boroughs, and Parishes, in each County. By the Appointment of the eminent Sir Henry Spelman Knt.

Pia Defideria, in Lat, in 240 for the Use of Schools.

Articles of Union, made between England and Scotland, 1706.

Lately Published, A Folio Bible, Royal Paper, Printed at Oxor

Price Il. 165.

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