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Riggs printing & Publishing Company, 1896 - 217 halaman

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Halaman 52 - Boniface, bishop, servant of the servants of God, to Philip, king of the Franks. Fear God and keep his commandments. We...
Halaman 24 - It is probable that, among the hundred and twenty thousand soldiers who were marshalled round Neerwinden under all the standards of Western Europe, the two feeblest in body were the hunchbacked dwarf who urged forward the fiery onset of France, and the asthmatic skeleton who covered the slow retreat of England.
Halaman 7 - They occur in inscriptions, manuscripts, and legal documents; and the practice endured in these long after the invention of printing had made it unnecessary in books. An act of Parliament was passed in the reign of George II., forbidding the use of abbreviations in legal documents. Owing to these abbreviations, the deciphering of old writings requires special study and training, and forms a separate science, on which numerous treatises have been written.
Halaman 44 - Devil took sick, The Devil a saint would be ; The Devil got well, The devil a saint was he...
Halaman 31 - Protestants who had been driven from France by the revocation of the Edict of Nantes.
Halaman 19 - ... character of Villiers made concession and conciliation impossible. To James his new adviser seemed the weapon he wanted to smite with trenchant edge the resistance of the realm. He never dreamed that the haughty young favourite, on whose neck he loved to loll, and whose cheek he slobbered with kisses, was to drag down in his fatal career the throne of the Stuarts.
Halaman 40 - Castor and Pollux watered their horses after the battle of Lake Regillus, and the Forum and Capitoline and Palatine and Aventine, all within a moderate walk.
Halaman 200 - Sophia, married Ernest Augustus, Elector of Hanover, and became the mother of George I of Great Britain.
Halaman 213 - Yesterday, p. 43. Wiclif like many another man of genius, had not the minor gift of phrase-making; and the better English of his Bible was owing to his collaborators who possessed that gift. Wiclif with the rest of his knowledge, had self-knowledge; he knew his own defects and how to obviate them.
Halaman 215 - If no change was consequent, it was an ineffective blessing, a blessing that blessed not : if any change was consequent, it was a blessing of the thing in order to what was intended, that is, that it might be eucharistical : and then the following words, " This is my body," " This is the blood of the New Testament...

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