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Halaman 1 - Two loves I have of comfort and despair, Which like two spirits do suggest me still: The better angel is a man right fair, The worser spirit a woman colour'd ill. To win me soon to hell, my female evil Tempteth my better angel from my side, And would corrupt my saint to be a devil, Wooing his purity with her foul pride.
Halaman 112 - Joseph exclaimed, certifying the fact to himself as much as to his friend. He rose and stood beside him. Philip looked at him with grave, tender eyes. " What can I do ? " he said. " What should you do ? " Joseph asked. "This!" Philip exclaimed, laying his hands on Joseph's shoulders, — "this, Joseph !. I can be nearer than a brother. I know that I am in your heart as you are in mine. There is no faith between us that need be limited, there is no truth too secret to be veiled.
Halaman 112 - This!" Philip exclaimed, laying his hands on Joseph's shoulders, — " this, Joseph ! I can be nearer than a brother. I know that I am in your heart as you are in mine. There is no faith between us that need be limited, there is no truth too secret to be veiled. A man's perfect friendship is rarer than a woman's love, and most hearts are content with one or the other : not so with yours and mine ! I read it in your eyes, when you opened them on my knee : I see it in your face now. Don't speak : let...
Halaman 217 - They took each other's hands. The day was fading, the landscape was silent, and only the twitter of nesting birds was heard in the boughs above them. Each gave way to the impulse of his manly love, rarer, alas ! but as tender and true as the love of woman, and they drew nearer and kissed each other.
Halaman 212 - He leaned over and saw a shifting, quivering image of himself projected against the reflected sky, and a fancy, almost as clear as a voice, said: "This is your present self: what will you do with it beyond the gulf, where only the soul superior to circumstances here receives a nobler destiny?" He was still gazing down at the flickering figure, when a step came upon the dead leaves. He turned and saw Philip, moving stealthily towards him, pale, with outstretched hand. They looked at each other for...
Halaman 92 - Wait a moment," said the latter; "I must feel your bones before you try to move. Arms and legs all right, — impossible to tell about the ribs. There! now put your arm around my neck, and lean on me as much as you like, while I lift you." Joseph did as he was bidden, but he was still weak and giddy, and after a few steps, they both sat down together upon a bank. The splintered car lay near them upside down; the passengers had been extricated from it, and were now busy in aiding the few who were...
Halaman 90 - The faces of the younger men, however, were not so easy to decipher. On them life was only beginning its plastic task, and it required an older eye to detect the delicate touches of awakening passions and hopes. But Joseph consoled himself with the thought that his own secret was as little to be discovered as any they might have. If they were still ignorant of the sweet experience of love, he was already their superior ; if they were sharers in it, though strangers, they were near to him. Had he...
Halaman 50 - ... freedom waiting for his grasp — floated through his brain. Hitherto a conscience not born of his own nature, — a very fair and saintly-visaged jailer of thought, but a jailer none the less, — had kept strict guard over every outward movement of his mind, gently touching hope and desire and conjecture when they reached a certain line, and saying, " No ; no farther : it is prohibited.
Halaman 103 - With these words, Elwood turned towards Joseph and looked him squarely in the face. "He'll have charge there in a few months, I hear," he then said, "and I reckon it as a piece of good luck for you. I've found that there are men, all, maybe, as honest and outspoken as they need be; yet two of 'em will talk at different marks and never fully understand each other, and other two will naturally talk right straight at the same mark and never miss. Now, Held is the sort that can hit the thing in the mind...
Halaman 100 - There is none to you," he answered, " and I am not afraid of mine. You will be with us, for Julia couldn't do without you, if she wished. If she were a farmer's daughter, with different ideas of housekeeping, it might bring trouble to both of us. But now you will have the management in your own hands until you have taught Julia, and afterwards she will carry it on in your way.

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