Cases Argued and Determined in the Supreme Court of the State of Colorado, Volume 64

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A.B. Hirscheld Press, 1920

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Halaman 340 - A statement of the facts constituting the cause of action, in ordinary and concise language; 3.
Halaman 195 - That he took it in good faith and for value; 4. That at the time it was negotiated to him he had no notice of any infirmity in the instrument or defect in the title of the person negotiating it.
Halaman 343 - ... by theft, or by neglect of the insured to use all reasonable means to save and preserve the property at and after a fire or when the property is endangered by fire in neighboring premises; or (unless fire ensues, and, in that event, for the damage by fire only) by explosion of any kind, or lightning; but liability for direct damage by lightning may be assumed by specific agreement hereon.
Halaman 258 - All parties must be fully apprised of the evidence submitted or to be considered, and must be given opportunity to cross-examine witnesses, to inspect documents and to offer evidence in explanation or rebuttal. In no other way can a party maintain its rights or make its defense.
Halaman 525 - On or before eight months after date, for value received I promise to pay to the order of The Western Slope Fruit Growers...
Halaman 81 - ... to what extent, if any, are questions of fact to be determined by the jury, from a consideration of all the evidence.
Halaman 149 - ... of this or any other state, or by deed, grant, sale or gift made or intended to take effect in possession or enjoyment after the death of the grantor or donor...
Halaman 518 - ... that nothing in this section shall deprive any holder of such receipt or bill of lading of any remedy or right of action which he has under existing law.
Halaman 518 - State shall issue a receipt or bill of lading therefor, and shall be liable to the lawful holder thereof for any loss, damage, or injury to such property caused by it or by any common carrier, railroad or transportation company to which such property may be delivered or over whose line or lines such property may pass, and no contract, receipt, rule or regulation shall exempt such common carrier, railroad, or transportation company from the liability hereby imposed.
Halaman 153 - The taxation in that case was on the interest on bonds held out of the state. Bonds and negotiable instruments are more than merely evidences of debt. The debt is inseparable from the paper which declares and constitutes it, by a tradition which comes down from more archaic conditions.

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