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Absentee Shawnee lands in Kansas.” On the bill (S. 650) explanatory of

the resolution entitled “A resolution for the relief of settlers upon the.
Accounts between the United States and the States of Ohio, Indiana,

and Illinois. On the bill to settle certain. Majority report ..(part 1)
Minority report

- (part 2)
Additional report
Adams. On the petition of Charles W.
Adams. On the bill (S. 382) for the relief of William L.
Agricultural and Mechanical Association of Lexington, Kentucky. On

the petition of the
Alesander. On the bill (S. 41) granting a pension to Margaret E
Allen & Co. On the memorial of D. B. (To accompany bill S. 439).
Allen. On the bill (S. 94) for the relief of Isaac H..
American Institute of Homeopathy. On the petition of a committee

from the
Anderson. On the memorial of Susan Dayton. (To accompany bill

S. 418)...
Anderson & Wbite. On the memorial of. (To accompany bill S. 657)
Anderson. On the bill (S. 657) for the relief of John J.
Anthony, Susan B. On the bill (S. 391) for the payment of a fine im-

posed upon.
Appropriations for public buildings not yet commenced. On the resolu-
tion inquiring into the expediency of suspending the expenditure

of all...
Arbitration as a just and practical method for the determination of inter-

pational differences. On the resolution recommending the adoption of.
Armes, George A., an houorable discharge. On the bill (S. 249) directing

the Secretary of war to give to
Army officers to wear certain emblems indicative of honors conferred

upon them. On the bill (H. R. 2420) allowing
Arnold. On the bill (S. 574) for the relief of Willis H
Askins. On the bill (H. R. 2788) for the relief of Henry P. Ingram and

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John K
Assine. On the petition of Abrabam Vau
Atkins. On the petition of Jearum ....


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Babcock. On the memorial of William H
Babcock. On the petition of Peter Kertz and W. S..
Bignall. On the petition of George
Bailey. On the petition of Christiana. (To accompany bill S. 548)
Bailey. On the memorial and papers of Mrs. Rebecca Frances. (To

accompany bill S. 891)
Baker. On the bill (H. R. 1403) granting a pension to John
Baley. On the memorial of Sallie A. E
Ballot-box for the use of polls throughout the United States, in the elec-

tion of President, Vice-President, and members of Congress. On the
bill (S. 506) authorizing the Secretary of the Interior to contract with

the patentee of the safety
Barry. On the bill (S. 602) for the relief of John..
Barry. On the petition of William B..
Batchelder and Alsie F. Thompson. On the memorial of A. G.
Bayfield, in the State of Wisconsin. On the bill (S. 654) to extend the

time for the completion of a railroad from the Saint Croix River, or

Lake, to the west end of Lake Superior, and to...
Beatty. On the petition and papers of Jeremiah
Bell. On the bill (H. R. 20941) granting an increase of pension to Mary C.
Bernard. On the bill (H. R. 1226) granting a pension to Francis..
Bernard, née de Rochefernois. On the petition and papers of Madame

A. Don. (To accompany bill S. 314)
Best, Dr. J. Milton. On the petition of. (To accompany bill S. 519)
Biese. On the bill for the relief of Charles W. (To accompany bill

S. 323)
Biggers. On the petition of Mrs. Elizabeth
Bigler, Young & Co. On tbe bill (S. 228) for the relief of.
Bishop & Co. On the bill (S. 272) for the relief of..
Blackman, Ezra C. and James, and others. On the petition and accom-

panying affidavits of....
Blanton. On the petition of Mary..
Blood. On the bill (H. R. 1948) granting a pension to Mary J
Board of Public Works in relation to the affairs of the District of Colum-
bia. On the investigation of the

..(3 parts)
Boswell. On the petition of James W
Boyd. On the bill (H. R. 1275) granting a pension to William D..
Boudinot. On the bill (H. R. 826) for the relief of Elias C......
Bounty-land to certain officers and soldiers who have been engaged in

the military service of the United States.” On the bill (S. 763) explain-
ing the intent and meaning of the fourth section of the act entitled

An act in addition to certain acts granting ....
Bowlin. On the bill (S. 344) for the relief of William.
Brady. On the bill (H. R. 2215) granting a pension to Elizabeth.
Brady. On the petition of Ebenezer W. (To accompany bill S. 814).
Brashears. On the petition of Serotha. (To accompany bill S. 361).
Bremmer. On the bill (H. R. 2412) for the relief of Sheridan O..
Briggs. On the bill (S. 533) granting a pension to Uriah W
Brivard. On the petition of Josiah. (To accompany bill S. 83)
Brooks. On the petition of Mrs. Sarah
Brooks. On the bill (S. 322) granting a pension to Mrs. Alme D
Bruckner. On the bill (H. R. 2217) granting a pension to Henry
Burke & Gunkle. On the bill (H. R. 2349) for the relief of
Butler, Miller & Co. On the bill (S. 542) for the relief of.



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Caleb. On the petition of John
Callicot. On the bill (S. 128) for the relief of T. C....
Calvert. On the petition for the relief of Dr. Edward H. (To accom-

pany bill s. 395)
Cameron. On tbe petition and papers of James and Emma S.
Carter. On the petition of John
Celaya. On the petition of Simon.



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Chandler, of New Orleans. On the petition of J. B...
Chantry. On the bill (H. R. 3015) granting a pension to Margaret A..
Childs. On the bill (H. R. 1779) for the relief of William E
Chipman. On the petition of Calvin
Chipman. On the bill (H. R. 3177) for the relief of De Witt C.
Clark. On the bill (H. R. 2118) for the relief of Elizabeth
Clark. On the petition and papers of Andrew
Clary, to his original position on the naval list. On the bill to restore

Captain Albert G
Coats. On the bill (H. R. 104) for the relief of James
Colaban. On the petition of John...
Coleman. On the petition of E. A..
Congressional Printer. On the letter of F. & J. Rives & George A.
Bail-y, proprietors of the Globe, contaiving charges against the.
Coppell and Barrett S. Johnson. On the petition of Jesse
Conner. On the petition of Richard H
Connor. On the bill (H. R. 2704) for the relief of Selden.
Cook. On the petition of Henry
Cooley. On tbe petition of Benjamin.
Coonan. On the petition of John
Council. Op the memorial of Joseph
Couzins. On the petition of Jobp E. D. (To accompany bill S. 958)
Crawford. On the bill (H. R. 2800) for the relief of Benjamin
Creek orphans' fund. On the bill (S. 748) to transfer to the Secretary of

the Treasury all stocks and evidences of indebtedness due and held in

trost by the Secretary of the Interior on account of the......
Crittenden. On the bill (H. R. 1297) for the relief of T. T
Crossland. On the petition and papers of Washington. (To accompany

bill S. 807)
Crump and William Williamson. On the joint petition of Fleming.
Curtis. On the petition of Joseph R..
Curtis. On the memorial of C. K.

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Daily, for a pension. On the petition of William.....
Dalles land-district. On the bill (S. 3381) to create an additional land-

district in the State of Oregon, to be called the.
Dalley, Samuel F. On the bill (s. 153) for the relief of Silas I. Field

and the heirs of the late...
Daniel. Op the petition of Mary Ann
Darling. On the petition of Antoinette..
Darling. On the petition of Frank C...
Davis. On the petition of Dr. Samuel.
Daris. On the bill (H. R. 1956) for the relief of Willard.
Davis. On the petition of Elizabeth..
Dawson. On the petition and affidavits of George W. (To accompany

bill S. 819)
Day. On the bill (S. 277) for the relief of Mrs. Nancy
Dayspring. On the bill (H. R. 2679) granting a pension to George
Dean. On the petition of C. B
Dempsey, surviving partner of the firm of Dempsey & O'Toole. On the

petition of William H...
Dennison, of Washington, D. C. On the claim and papers in the case of

E. M...
Denniston. Ou the petition of W. H. (To accompany bill H. R. 1224)..
Denny. On the petition and papers of William N. (To accompany bill

Denton. On the bill (S. 243) for the relief of Charles W..
Detroit, Michigan. On the bill (H. R. 1706) to authorize the opening of

Wight street through the grounds of the United States marine hos-
pital at
Diekids. On the bill (S. 171) for the benefit of the legatees of Asbury.
Dickinson. On the bill (S. 63) for the relief of Perez.
Dickson. On the bill (H. R. 2789) for the relief of John S..
Diggins. On the bill (8. 415) granting a pension to Bartholomew..


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Distribution of the public documents, bills or reports, printed by the

Congressional Printer. On the number and the..
District of Columbia. On the affairs of the

(parts 1,2,3)
District of Columbia.” On the message of the President relative to one

feature of the bill entitled "An act for the government of the...
District of Columbia. On the resolution to inquire whether the officers

or employés of the United States, or any officers or employés of the
District government, have been engaged in any conspiracy to defeat
or binder the investigation ordered by Congress into the affairs of
the District, and particularly in this connection to inquire into all the
circumstances connected with the late robbery of the safe in the office

of the United States attorney for the...
Douglas. On the petition and papers of Robert M. avd Stephen A
Downey. On the bill (H. R. 3010) for the relief of John
Douthard. On the petition of Ira W
Don Bernard, née de Rochefermois. On the petition and papers of

Madame A. (To accompany bill S. 314)
Doerr, and George Gebhart. On the bill (H. R. 2100) for the relief of

Martin Hoff, Casper
Dyer. On the bill (H. R. 498) for the relief of Captain A. B.

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Eldis. On the bill (H. R. 2891) for the relief of Mrs. Lonisa...
Electing the President and Vice-President. On the best and most prac-

ticable mode of..
Election of President, Vice-President, and members of Congress. On

the bill (S 506) to further protect the polls in the
Evaps. On the inemorial of 'L. D. (To accompany bill S. 65)......

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Farley. On the bill (S. 387) granting a pension to Captain Benjamin....
Ferguson. On the petition of Amelia..
Field. On the bill (S. 153) for the relief of Silas I. and the beirs of the

late Samuel F. Dalley..
Fish. On the memorial of Benjamin
Fisher. On the bill (H. R. 1402) granting a pension to John A.
Fitch. On the petition of Mrs. Louisa...
Flesher. On the petition of Nancy
Fletcher. On the bill (S. 792) for the relief of John....
Folger. On the bill (H. R. 1439) granting a pension to Jobn..
Fort Randall military reservation. On the bill (S. 149) for the relief of

certain settlers on the.
Fort Saint Philip Canal and its maintenance as a national public high-

way. On the bill (S. 178) to provide for the construction of the
Foster. On the bill (H. R. 1719) granting a pension to Ezra H....
Frank. On the claim of Julius
Franklin. On the petition of Mary. (To accompany bill S. 257).
French. 'On the petition of Jefferson A. (To accompany bill S. 613).
Fuersteneck. On the bill (S. 324) for tbe relief of M. von Entress..



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Gaines. On the petition of John R. (To accompany bill S. 592).
Garrard and others. On the memorial of T. T. (To accompany bill

S. 496)..
Garrard and others. On the memorial of T. T. (To accompany bill

S. 496)...
Gas consumed at Washington, its illuminating power, and cost. On the

amount of...
Gebhart. On the bill (H. R. 2100) for the relief of Martin Hoff, Casper

Doerr, and George
Geological and other surveys in the several States. On the bill (S. 686)

for the aid of....

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