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9. A treaty of peace concluded between France and Tunis, by which the

commerce of the latter is opened to all nations. A similar treaty was

concluded with Tripoli on the 11th. 14. Died, at Washington, Gen. Philip Stuart, an officer of the revolution, 17. Violent storm along the coast of the Southern and Middle States. 19. The American Institute of Instruction organized at Boston. 23. Louis Philip issues an ordinance restoring their political rights, to those

who were banished from France in 1816, and permitting their return. 25. Insurrection of the Belgians commenced at Brussels. The populace

attacked and destroyed several houses belonging to obnoxious individ

uals, and skirmishes followep between the inhabitants and the troops. 27. Died, at St. Leu, France, Prince Bourbon de Condé; aged 75. 27. A revolution against the government of Colombia - at Bogotá. Battle

between the partizans of the government and its opposers, in which

the latter, commanded by Col. Pincres, are victorious. 29. Insurrection at Antwerp and other towns in the Belgic Provinces. 29. A deputation sent by the citizens of Brussels to lay their grievances

before the King. Van Maanen dismissed from the office of Minister of Justice; but sometime afterwards reäppointed.

SEPTEMBER 4. Died, at Lynn, Mass., Donald McDonald ; aged 108; b. in Scot. in 1722. 5. Combination of the journeyman printers of Paris against the use of en

gine presses. 6. Insurrection at Brunswick; the Duke, Charles Frederick, sq 1 after

flees to England, and is succeeded by his brother William. 13. An extraordinary session of the States General of the Netherlands

opened at the Hague, for the purpose of reconciling the Belgians. 15. The Liverpool and Manchester Rail Road opened; the Rt. Hon. W.

Huskisson killed by the Rocket engine. This work, which was com

menced in 1826, has been completed at the expense of nearly £800,000. 16. Great fire at Gloucester, Mass. Loss estimated at $ 100,000. 17. Celebration of the second Centennial Anniversary of the settlement of

Boston, Mass. Oration by Josiah Quincy, LL.D. 18. Bolivar having been reäppointed, again accepts the office of President of

Colombia. 18. Died, at Richmond, George Hay, judge of the Court of the United

States for the eastern district of Virginia. 20. Died, at Auburn, John H. Hobart, Ď.D., Bishop of New York. 20. Public meeting at Columbia, S. C., on the subject of “ State Rights." 23. The Royal Troops to the number of about 18,000 under the command

of Prince Frederick, enter Brussels, but obliged to retreat on the 27th. 27. Prince de Polignac, late prime minister of Charles X., accused of high

treason by the French Chamber of Deputies, by a vote of 244 to 47. 28. Peyronnet, Chantelauze, Ranville, Haussez, Capelle, and Montbel, ex. ministers of Charles X., also accused of high treason.

OCTOBER 4. The Independence of Belgium declared by the Central Committee, at

Brussels : -" The provinces of Belgium violently separated from Hol.

land, shall constitute an independent state.6. Died, at Reading, Pa., Frederick Smith, one of the judges of the

Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. 14. Died, at Shawneetown, John McLean, senator of the U. S. from Illinois. 20. A convention of literary men meets at New York on the subject of es

tablishing a new university.

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