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Salary. BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS FOR THE John Green, Clerk, $1,150 NAVY.

Salary. Joseph P. McCorkle, do. 1,000 John Rogers,

do. 1,000 Commis-S $3,500 James Hutton, Ch. Stewart,

do. 3,500 | Robert A. Slye,

1,000 sioners. D. T. Patterson,

3,500 B. S. Randolph, do. 1,000 C. W. Goldsborough, Secretary, 2,000 C. Schwartz, Draftsman, 1,000 Wm. G. Ridgely, Chief Clerk, 1,600 | R. Elliott, Messenger, 700

GENERAL Post OFFICE. This Department is under the superintendence of the Post Master General, who has two Assistants.

The Post Master General has the sole appointment of all the Post Masters throughout the United States, the making of all contracts for carrying the mails, and the direction of every thing relating to the Department.

The revenue arising from the General Post Office has been principally expended upon the extension and improvement of the establishment, by which means the regular conveyance, by mail, of letters, newspapers, pamphlets, &c., has been extended to the inhabitants of every part of the Union, even to the remotest territorial settlements. William T. Barry, Post Master General.


Charles Kit Cardner, } Assistant Post Masters General, { : : $2,500




Selah R. Hobbie,

2,500 Salary. O. B. Brown, Chief Clerk, $1,700 Lemuel W. Ruggles, Clerk, 1,000 Thomas B. Dyer, Clerk, 1,400 John W. Overton,

1,000 Joseph W. Hand, do. 1,400 Samuel Gwin,


1,000 John Suter,

do. 1,400 George L. Douglass, do. 1,000 John McLeod.

do. 1,200 | P. L. Loughborough, do. 1,000 -William G. Eliot, do. 1,200 Alexander G. Morgan, do. 1,000 M. T. Simpson, do. 1,200 Francis G. Blackford, do. 800 David Saunders, do. 1,200 John G. Whitwell, do. 800 Richard Dement, do. 1,100 Thomas E. Waggoman, do. 800 Nicholas Tastet, do. 1,100 John A. Collins, do. 800 William Blair,

do, 1,100 Joseph Sherrill, do. 800 William Deming, do. 1,100 John F. Boone,

800 Thomas Arbuckle, 1,000 Edmund F. Brown, do.

800 Josiah F. Caldwell, 1,000 John G. Johnson,


800 Joseph Haskell,


1,000 William French, do. 800 Samuel Fitzhugh,

1.000 John L. Storer,


800 William C. Ellison,

1,000 James H. Doughty, do.

800 William C. Lipscomb, do. 1,000 James Coolidge, do.

800 Matthias Ross, do. 1,000 Charles S. Williams, do.

800 Thomas B. Addison, do. 1,000 John Taylor,

do. 800 David Koones, do. 1,000 Estwick Evans, do.

800 Presley Simpson, do. 1,000 | Richard Emmons,

800 Grafton D. Hanson, do. 1,000 J. Borrows, Messenger,

700 Walter D. Addison, do. 1,000 Nathaniel Herbert, As't. do. 350 Andrew McD. Jackson, do. 1,000 William Jackson, do, do. 350 Arthur Nelson, do. 1,000

NOTE.-The information relating to the Executive government has been derived principally from the “ National Calendar," the “Register of Officers and Agents in the Service of the United States," and the “ Directory of the Twenty-first Congress."




UNITED STATES. THE Congress of the United States consists of a Senate and House of Representatives, and must assemble, at least, once every year, on the first Monday of December, unless it is otherwise provided by law.

The Senate is composed of two members from each state; and of course the present regular number is 48. They are chosen by the legislatures of the several states, for the term of six years, one third of them being elected biennially.

The Vice-President of the United States is the President of the Senate, in which body he has only a casting vote, which is given in case of an equal division of the votes of the senators. In his absence, a President pro tempore is chosen by the Senate.

The House of Representatives is composed of members from the several states, elected by the people for the term of two years. The representatives are apportioned among the different states according to population ; and in accordance with an act of Congress of the 3d of March, 1823, one representative is now returned for every 40,000 persons, computed according to the Constitution. The present number is 216, including 3 delegates.

Since the 4th of March, 1807, the compensation of each member of the Senate and House of Representatives, has been $8 a day, during the period of his attendance in Congress, without deduction in case of sickness; and $8 for every twenty miles' travel, in the usual road, in going to and returning from the seat of government. The compensation of the President of the Senate, pro tempore, and the Speaker of the House of Representatives, is $16 a day.

John C. Calhoun, Vice-President of the United States, and President of

the Senate.
The Senators with the expiration of their respective terms.
Residence. Names.


Rhode Island. John Holmes, 1833, Alfred. N. R. Knight, 1835, Providence. Peleg Sprague, 1835, Hallowell. Asher Robbins, 1833, Newport. New Hampshire.

Connecticut. Samuel Bell, 1835, Chester. Samuel A. Foot, 1833, Cheshire. Levi Woodbury, 1831, Portsmouth. Calvin Willey, 1831, Tolland. Vermont.

New York. Horatio Seymour, 1833, Middlebury. Nathan Sanford, 1833, Albany: Dudley Chase, 1831, Randolph. Charles Ę. Dudley, 1831, Albany. Massachusetts.

New Jersey Nathaniel Silsbee, 1835, Salem. Mahlon Dickerson, 1833, Suckas'y. Daniel Webster, 1833, Boston. Th. Frelinghuysen, 1833, Newark.


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Residence. Names.


Isaac D. Barnard, 1833, W. Chester. Powhatan Ellis, 1833, Winchester.
William Marks, 1831, Pittsburg. George Adams, deceased.

John M. Clayton, 1835, Dover. Josiah S. Johnson, 1831, Alexandria.
Arnold Naudain, 1833, Wilmington. Edward Livingston, 1833, N. Orleans.

E. F. Chambers, 1831, Chestertown. Hugh L. White, 1835, Knoxville.
Samuel Smith, 1833, Baltimore.

Felis Grundy,

1833, Nashville, Virginia.

John Tyler, 1833, Charles City. George M. Bibb, 1835, Yellow Banks.
Litt. W.Tazewell, 1835, Norfolk. John Rowan, 1831, Bardstown.
North Carolina.

James Iredell, 1831, Raleigh. Jacob Burnet, 1831, Cincinnati.
Bedford Brown, 1835, Milton. Benj. Ruggles, 1833, St. Clairsville.
South Carolina.

Robert Y. Hayne, 1835, Charleston. William Hendricks, 1831, Madison.
William Smith, 1831, York. James Noble, 1833, Brookville.

George M. Troup, 1835, Dublin. John K. Kane, 1831, Kaskaskia.
John Forsyth, 1831, Augusta. John McLean, 1833, Shawneetown.

William R. King, 1835, Selma. David Barton, 1831, St. Louis.
John McKinley, 1831, Florence. Thomas H. Benton, 1833, St. Louis.

Officers of the Senate.
Salary. |

Walter Lowrie, Secretary, $3,000 Mountjoy Bailey, Sergeant at
J. G. McDonald, Chief Clerk, 1,800 Arms and Door-keeper, $1,500
Lewis H. Machen, Clerk, 1,500 Henry Tims, Assistant Door-
William Hickey, do. 1,500

keeper, 1,450 M. S. Lowrie, do. 800 Rev. H.Van D.Johns, Chaplain, 500 James Hickey,

do. 700 John L. Club, Messenger, 700



The term of the 21st Congress will expire on the 3d of March, 1831.

Andrew Stephenson, of Virginia, Speaker.
Residence. Names.

Rufus McIntyre,

John Anderson,

Portland. James W. Ripley, Fryeburg.
Samuel Butman,

Dixmont. Joseph F. Wingate, Bath.
George Evans,


One vacancy.

Residence.] Names.

New Hampshire.

Jonas Earll, jun. Onondago. John Brodhead, New Market. Isaac Finch,

Essex. Thomas Chandler, Bedford. Jehiel H. Halsey,

Joseph Hammons, Farmington. George Fisher, Oswego.
Jonathan Harvey, Sutton. Joseph Hawkins, Henderson.
Henry Hubbard, Charlestown. Michael Hoffman, Herkimer.
John W. Weeks,
Lancaster. Perkins King,

James W. Lent, New Town.
John Magee,

Bath. William Cahoon, Lyndon. Henry C. Martindale, Sandy Hill. Horace Everett, Windsor. Thomas Maxwell, Elmira. Jonathan Hunt, Brattleboro'. | Robert Monell, Greene. Rollin C. Mallory, Poultney. Ebenezer F. Norton, Buffalo. Benjamin Swift, St. Alban's. Gershom Powers, Auburn.

Robert S. Rose, Geneva.

Ambrose Spencer, Albany.
John Bailey,


James Strong, Hudson. Isaac C. Bates, Northampton. Henry R. Storrs, Whitestown. B. W. Crowninshield, Salem.

John W. Taylor,

Bal’n Springs John Davis, Worcester. Phineas L. Tracy,

Batavia. Henry W. Dwight, Stockbridge. Gulian C. Verplanck, New York. Edward Everett, Charlestown. Campbell P. White, New York. George Grennell, jun. Greenfield, Benjamin Gorham, Boston.

New Jersey, James L. Hodges, Taunton. Lewis Condict, Morristown. Joseph G. Kendall, Leominster. Richard M. Cooper, Camden. John Reed,

Yarmouth. Thomas H. Hughes, Cape May Joseph Richardson, Hingham.

Isaac Pierson, Orange. John Varnum,

Haverhill. James F. Randolph, N.Brunswick.

Samuel Swan, Boundbrook.
Rhode Island.
Tristam Burges, Providence.

Dutee J. Pearce, Newport. James Buchanan, Lancaster

Thomas H. Crawford, Chambersburg.

Richard Coulter, Greensburg Noyes Barber,

Groton. Harmar Denny, Pittsburg. William W. Ellsworth, Hartford. Joshua Evans, Paoli. Jabez W. Huntington, Litchfield. James Ford,

Tioga. Ralph J. Ingersoll, New Haven. Chauncey Forward, Somerset William L. Storrs,

Middletown. Joseph Fry, Jr. Fryburg.
Ebenezer Young, Killingly. John Gilmore,

Innis Green,

New York.

Joseph Hemphill, Philadelphia. William G. Angel, Burlington. Peter Ihrie, Jr. Easton. Benedict Arnold, Amsterdam. Thomas Irwin, Union Town. Thomas Beckman, Peterboro'. Adam King,

York. Abraham Bockée, Fed. Store. George G. Leiper, Leiperville. Peter I. Borst, Middleburgh. Alem Marr,

Danville. C. C. Cambreling, New York. William McCreery,

B's X Roads. Timothy Childs, Rochester. Daniel H. Miller, Philadelphia. Henry B. Cowles, Carmel. Henry A. Muhlenburg, Reading. Hector Craig,

William Ramsay,

Jacob Crocheron, Richmond, John Scott,

Alexandria, Charles G. Dewitt, Kingston. Thomas H, Sill, Erie. John D. Dickinson, Troy. Samuel Smith, Doylestown.

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Residence. Names.

Residence. Philander Stephens, Montrose.

South Carolina. John B. Sterigere,


Robert W. Barnwell, Beaufort. Joel B. Sutherland, Philadelphia. James Blair, Camden.

John Campbell, Brownsville. Delaware.

Warren R. Davis, Pendleton C.H. Kensey Johns, Jr. Newcastle. William Drayton,


William D. Martin, Barnwell C. H. Maryland.

George McDuffie, Edgefield C. H. Elias Brown,


William T. Nuckolls, Hancocksville. Clement Dorsey, Howard's R. Starling Tucker,

Mount. Shoals. Benjamin C. Howard, Baltimore. George E. Mitchell, Elkton.

Georgia. Benedict I. Semmes, Piscataway. Thomas F. Foster, Greensborough. Richard Spencer, Easton. Charles E. Haynes, Sparta. Michael C. Sprigg, Frostburgh. Henry G. Lamar,

Macon. George C. Washington, Rockville.

Wilson Lumpkin,

Ephraim K. Wilson, Snow Hill.

Wiley Thompson, Elberton.

James M. Wayne, Savannah.

Richard H. Wilde, Augusta.
Mark Alexander, Lombardy Grove
Robert Allen, Mount Jackson.

William S. Archer, Elkhill.

R. E. B. Baylor, Tuscaloosa. William Armstrong Romney. C. C. Clay,

Huntsville. Philip P. Barbour, Gordonsville. Dixon H. Lewis, Montgomery. John S. Barbour, Culpeper C. H.

Thomas T. Bouldin, Charlotte.

Thomas Hinds, Greenville.
Nath. H. Claiborne, Rocky Mount.
Richard Coke, Jr. Williamsburg.

Robert Craig, Montgomery.

Henry H. Gurley, Baton Rouge. Thomas Davenport, Meadsville.

Walter H. Overton, Alexandria. Philip Doddridge, Wheeling.

Edward D. White, Donaldsonville. William F. Gordon, Albemarle. Lewis Maxwell, Weston.

Tennessee. William McCoy, Franklin. John Bell,

Nashville. Charles F. Mercer, Leesburg. John Blair, Jonesborough. Thomas Newton, Norfolk. David Crockett,

Crockett's P.O. John Roane,

Rumford Acad. Robert Desha, Gallatin. A. Smythe, deceased.

Jacob C. Isacks, Winchester. Andrew Stephenson, Richmond. Cave Johnson, Clarksville. John Taliaferro, Fredericksburg. Pryor Lea, Knoxville. James Trezvant,

Jerusalem. James K. Polk, Columbia.

James Standifer, Mount Airy. North Carolina. Willis Alston, Fortune's Fork.

Kentucky. Daniel L. Barringer, Raleigh. Thomas Chilton, Elizabethtown. Samuel P. Carson, Pleas. Garden. James Clarke, Winchester. Henry W. Conner, Sherrillsford. Nic'las D. Coleman, Washington. Edmund Deberry, Lawrenceville. Henry Daniel, Mount Sterling. Edward B. Dudley, Wilmington. Nathan Gaither, Columbia. Thomas H. Hall, Tarborough.

Richard M. Johnson, Great Crossings Robert Potter, Oxford.

John Kincaid, Stanford. Abraham Rencher, Pittsborough. Joseph Lecompte, Newcastle, William B. Shepard, Elizabeth City. Robert P. Letcher, Lancaster. Augus. H. Shepperd, Germantown. Chittenden Lyon, Eddyville. Jesse Speight,

Speightsbridge. Charles A. Wickliffe, Bardstown. Lewis Williams, Panther Creek. Joel Yancey. Glasgow.

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