Messages from the Heart of God . . . Thus Saith the Lord!

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People are intelligent beings who are able to make choices concerning their lives. And more than ever before there is a need for people to make wise choices. But because we find it difficult to rid ourselves of traditions, doctrines and myths, many of us do not follow on to have the close, intimate relationship with God, which He desires.

But this is the time of the healing of the Body of Christ even the church. It is a time when God is leading us in a new path, and a new way for He is forming a truly new creation. He is doing a new work, which is bringing a people together through love and He is requiring complete committal from His people.

In God's calendar this is the hour of preparation. We have a challenge before us to become conformed to His image, by the renewing of our minds. We must learn to truly discern His voice, to consecrate our minds, and to not follow predictions but to follow Him.

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