Interstate Commerce Commission Reports: Motor carrier cases. Decisions of the Interstate Commerce Commission of the United States, Volume 50

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1947

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Refiners Transport Term Corp PurchaseMarshall 39 M C C
HannonControlHannon Motor Lines Inc 39 M C C 620 87 789
Turner Trucking Corp 39 M C C 834
Carolina Frt Carriers Corp Purchase Edmunds 36 M C C 259 424 691
Hanson and MurrayPurchase Red Star Exp Lines 38 M C C 267 703
Regulations Special or Chartered Party Service 29 M C C 25 302
Consolidated Freight Co Purchase by Bridgeways Inc Bridge John
C Commercial Zone 3 M C C 243 359 782
Richmond Greyhound Lines Inc Control Peninsula 5 M C C 394
Consolidated Truck Lines Ltd ConsolidationTorontoSt Catharines
Santa Fe Trail Stages Inc Control Rio Grande Stages 5 M C C 17
A B C Truck Lines Inc PurchaseManer 38 M C C 507 459
Welch Co PurchaseE J Scannell Inc 25 M C C 558
SuwakControl Trolley Transfer Service Inc 39 M C C 753 164
Evanston Fireproof Whse ControlAllied Van Lines 40 M C C 557 214
Scannell Inc ExtensionAlternate Route 47 M C C 1007 536
All American Bus Lines Inc ControlBurlington Transp 40 M C C
TempleControlBluebird Coach Lines Inc 36 M C C 583 17
Continental Bus System Inc et al Control by Transcontinental
Transcontinental Bus System Inc ControlContinental 50 M C C
Shirks Motor Exp Corp ExtensionNortheast Md 47 M C C 827
American Liberty Pipe Line Co Control and Merger 40 M C C 745 168
MahaffayLeaseKerrville Bus Co Inc 40 M C C 810
Central Wisconsin Motor Transp Co PurchaseWolf 40 M C C 5 681
B E Transp Co Inc PurchaseMerchants Transp Inc 36 M C
McKay Inc PurchaseMathews 45 M C C 697 652
Transport Co ControlArrow Carrier Corp 36 M C C 61 796
Barker Transp Co PurchasePatrykus 5 M C C 497 621
Hunt PurchaseCentral Truck Lines Inc 5 M C C 584 549
Chicago R I P Ry Co Reorganization 267 I C C 867 553
FischbachPurchaseA A Truck Lines Inc 45 M C C 367
Coleman Bros Transfer Co Com Car Applic 10 M C C 97 547
Joseph F Whelan Co PurchaseOW Co Inc 45 M C C 156 605
M C C 361 39 M C C 181 369
Turner Transfer Inc PurchaseMannooch 50 M C C 813 589
Fleet Carrier Corp Lease George F Burnett Co Inc 38 M C C 818
CrichtonPurchaseC Lewis Lavine Inc 35 M C C 661
M C C 822 642
M C C 283 785
Modification of Permits Packing House Products 46 M C C 23
New York N Y Commercial Zone 1 M C C 665 365 417 536 700 730
North American Co v Securities Exchange Comm 327 U S 686 723
GallotPurchase Holst 45 M C C 1
Great Lakes Greyhound Lines Inc of IndianaMerger 45 M C C 833 243
Union Transfer Co Purchase Ash Truck Lines Inc 45 M C C 815 182
Hancock Truck Lines Inc Purchase Davidson 40 M C C 804 510
Breuer Inc of Mich Purchase Wilson Motor Lines 40 M C C 713 172
Cases disposed of without printed report
Southwestern Motor Carriers Corp Merger into MidContinent Coaches
Southwestern New Hampshire Transp Co Inc PurchaseCohen
Continental Motor Coach Lines Inc and Beneficial Industrial Loan
Stackpole William AlbertPurchasePopkin Sidney et al 3443 89
Conway Corp Control Schuylkill Valley Lines Inc Purchase
Index digest
E Investment Co ControlSooner Frt Lines 50 M C C 163 456
Bruce Motor Frt Inc Purchase Bruce 40 M C C 552 40 M C C

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Halaman 542 - ... motor vehicles used in carrying property consisting of ordinary livestock, fish (including shell fish), or agricultural (including horticultural) commodities (not including manufactured products thereof), if such motor vehicles are not used in carrying any other property, or passengers, for compensation...
Halaman 170 - Commission shall not enter such an order unless it finds that the transaction proposed will be consistent with the public interest and will enable such carrier to use service by motor vehicle to public advantage in its operations and will not unduly restrain competition.
Halaman 544 - ... for a person which is not a carrier and which has control of one or more carriers to acquire control of another carrier through ownership of Its stock or otherwise...
Halaman 373 - Contract carriers by water, insofar as they engage in leasing or chartering vessels for the purpose of transporting machinery, materials, supplies, and equipment incidental to, or used in, the construction, development, operation and maintenance of facilities for the discovery, development and production of natural gas and petroleum...
Halaman 19 - The Commission shall make such order only if it finds that such issue or assumption: (a) is for some lawful object within its corporate purposes, and compatible with the public interest, which is necessary or appropriate for or consistent with the proper performance by the carrier of service to the public as a common carrier, and which will not impair its ability to perform that service, and (b) is reasonably necessary and appropriate for such purpose.
Halaman 246 - ... by reason of the relationship of such person to such carrier (whether by reason of the method of, or circumstances surrounding organization or operation, or whether established through common directors, officers, or stockholders, a voting trust or trusts, a holding or investment company or companies, or any other direct or indirect means), it is reasonable to believe that the affairs of any carrier of which control may be acquired by such person will be managed in the interest of such other carrier.
Halaman 550 - ... actual as well as legal control, whether maintained or exercised through or by reason of the method of or circumstances surrounding organization or operation, through or by common directors, officers or stockholders, a voting trust or trusts, a holdIng or Investment company or companies, or through or by any other direct or Indirect means; and to Include the power to exercise control.
Halaman 574 - ... shall bear interest at the rate of 4 percent per annum from the expiration of...
Halaman 163 - ... (b) (1) It shall be unlawful for any person, except as provided in paragraph (a), to accomplish or effectuate, or to participate in accomplishing or effectuating, the control or management in a common interest...
Halaman 386 - General commodities, except those of unusual value, and except dangerous explosives, household goods as defined in Practices of Motor Common Carriers of Household Goods, 17 MCC 467, commodities in bulk, commodities requiring special equipment, and those injurious or contaminating to other lading — Between Port Smith, Ark., and Oklahoma City, Okla.

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